There's been so much written about “Your Why”. You know, that BIG reason for starting your business that will get you past all the doubts and confusion, and help you over the inevitable obstacles that will stand between you and Network Marketing success.

But just how BIG does “your Why” need to be?

It's a fair question.

When Your Why is big enough, it will catapult you through all the tough times that all new business owners face. It will be your shining star on a dark stormy night that will keep you going when you feel like quitting. That's because with so much at stake, quitting is not an option.

So What Makes a Big Enough “Why?”

This will be different for everyone, but I've noticed that some of the most effective “Whys” are focused on others rather than themselves. Things like wanting to be spend more time with your kids, buying a home for your parents or paying for your wife's crucial operation are all highly effective, emotionally-charged Whys.

They are effective because they evoke strong emotions towards helping others.

When you turn your focus inward on helping yourself, things like “I want to quit my job” or “I want to get rich” your Why tends to hold far less power.

That may be because it's far easier to disappoint yourself than others, especially those near and dear to your heart.

Is YOUR WHY big enough?

How do you know if “Your Why” is big enough? Sometimes it helps to compare Your Why to others.
Let me introduce you to some very special people.

As many of you know, my wife Rosemary and I are Infertility Specialists — we help infertile couples in their quest to have a child.

Our patients are very special people.

Their “Why” is HUGE and they won't let anything stand in their way.

The only way they ever give up is if there are no other options.

Our female patients undergo hormone therapy to produce as many eggs as possible. They trudge into our office day in and day out to get their daily ultrasound scans and endure endless needle sticks to test their blood hormone levels.

They undergo an operation to retrieve their eggs and a later procedure to have their embryos transferred to their womb.

And in certain cases, our male patients even undergo an operation to remove and isolate sperm from their testicular tissue, a procedure that can be long and extremely painful.

These are people who have the BIGGEST WHY I've ever seen — To Have A Child.

And when they succeed, they invariably become the best of parents because they worked so hard and sacrificed so much to reach their “goal” – a healthy, beautiful baby.

Compared to these people, probably very few of us have as big a Why for our business. But you can begin to understand the absolute need to have your Why be emotionally tied to something or someone that is so important to you, you'd never think of giving up.


One of the best books I've read on this subject is called “Start With Why:  How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action.”

You can pick it up at or your local bookstore.

One final word… Your “WHY” is your own.  It's unique to you and as powerful as you make it.

Make Your Why big enough and you'll be sure to succeed.

What's YOUR WHY?  Comment below…..

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    5 replies to "If You’re Not Sure “Your Why” Is Big Enough, Compare It To These People"

    • Audrey Ross

      I totally agree when you said that the most effective ‘Whys’ are often focused on others rather than yourself. Passion will succeed over any type of challenge if it’s geared towards a vision of making a world a better place or enriching other people’s lives, not your own.

      • Bob

        Well said, Audrey!

    • Hans Schoff

      Hey Bob, interesting perspective on WHYs. Reflecting on your view that when others are part of your WHY, they WHY tends to be stronger, I tend to agree with you. There’s always exceptions of course, but that’s an interesting observation. No doubt your clients though have incredibly strong WHYs, can’t imagine what it must be like and what some of them must have to go through as you describe.

      • Bob

        Hi Hans,

        I have observed others that tie their Whys to helping others in some way, and it always seems so powerful. I have been using this in my own life and I’ve found it very powerful indeed.

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