If you are building a Part Time Network Marketing business and frustrated with your results, if you're looking to jumpstart your Network Marketing business and start seeing the results you expected when you first started, I have 2 words for you:

jumpstart your network marketing business imageStrategic Collaborations

What are specific collaborations?

Glad you asked, because it's become one of my favorite subjects to teach… and one of my “secrets” to success in this industry.

As you'll see, there's nothing secretive about it.

If you look up the word “collaborate” in the dictionary, this is what you'll find:

To COLLABORATE simply means to “work together” and is a close relative to the word COOPERATE, which means to “work jointly for a common purpose or benefit”.

So how can collaborations help you jumpstart your Network Marketing business?

To answer this, just think about how hard it can be and how lonely it can feel trying to build your part time Network Marketing business on your own.

It's damn hard and can make you feel like you're alone on a desert island.

In fact, I would go so far to say that no one can successfully build a business of any kind alone, never mind part time.

But what if you joined forces with someone who could help you move forward?

What if you could find a way to “scratch each others back”, each of you providing something valuable to the other that would help both your businesses?

What if…. you could collaborate?

3 Ways to Use Strategic Collaborations to Jumpstart Your Part Time Network Marketing Business

You notice I've included the qualifier “Strategic” when talking about collaborations.  That's because you need to be smart about who you collaborate with.

Here are 3 examples on how I've observed Strategic Collaborations to work wonderfully in Network and Online Marketing:

1.  The Strength of Skills Collaboration

I was witness to a wonderful collaboration between 2 of my friends who were in the same Network Marketing business opportunity.  One was a master at generating online leads and the other was a great “closer”, excellent on the phone.

When they met and joined forces, it was magic from the start.  Joe took over the responsibility for generating leads for both their businesses, while Jerry agreed to do the phone work, calling both his own and Joe's leads and closing sales.

The result?

They both jumped to the top of the Leader Board in their company and have become leaders and trainers in the Industry.

2.  The Information Sharing Collaboration

If you're like me and using a blog as a tool for building your Part Time Network Marketing business, collaborating with other bloggers is a must.

Cross promotion and content syndication falls into this category.

Two examples are Blog Commenting Tribes and Blog Interviews.

I have joined quite a few blog commenting tribes over the last year and it's been a great way to spread the word about my blog.

Here's the way it works:  A group of bloggers with similar interests get together and agree to visit each other's blogs on  a regular basis, commenting on the posts and sharing with their social media friends and followers.

It's a mutually beneficial collaboration — each blogger gets more traffic coming to their blog and more comments on each post.  Google loves it and each participant gets their share of social proof for their blog.

Blog Interviews are also a great way to collaborate with other Marketers.  The interviewer benefits in that he can expose his readers to new and interesting content that they'll love.

The person getting interviewed benefits because she gains exposure to a whole new set of potential fans and followers.

It's a win-win collaboration.

[Be on the lookout for 2 interviews of highly successful Part Time Bloggers coming in the next couple of weeks!]

3.  The Student-Instructor Collaboration

I've seen this work time and again and it's one of the fastest ways to get noticed and build a reputation online.

It works like this.

A student makes the decision to purchase an online course in an area they wish to improve, one that will help jumpstart their Network Marketing business.

The student attends every class, completes each assignment and immediately begins to implement what he's learned.

With a little trial and error and a whole lot of persistence, the results start coming… and coming and coming.

The student is thrilled with his results and immediately contacts the instructor to thank her.

The instructor asks the student to write a short testimonial to tell about his success, or maybe even asks him to come on to a webinar to spotlight his success.

Another win-win collaboration!

The student wins because he gained a new skill and learned how to implement it to get results (for example, leads and sales for his business).

The teacher wins because there is no better social proof for a product or course than a student who had a positive experience and the results to prove it.

Does This Concept of Strategic Collaborations Make Sense to You?

Want to learn more and hear more examples?collaboration webinar image

You're in luck.

My friend and collaborator Richard Goutel has been hosting a series of great interviews about Collaborations… and he's recorded them all.

Next Thursday (Oct. 20), Richard will be interviewing Yours Truly as part of this Collaboration Webinar Series.

Be sure to register for this webinar — it will be worth your time.  Even if you can't make it to the live webinar, register anyway so you can be notified of the recording.

See you there!

What Do You Think?

Do you have any examples of collaborations you can share with the group?  Does this concept make sense?

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    14 replies to "3 Ways To Jumpstart Your Network Marketing Business using Strategic Collaborations"

    • bilal

      I am amazed you have given very nice tips here in your post, thanks

    • Cat Alexandra

      Hi Bob,

      Fantastic subject! I love how blogging is such a creative process! It’s fun, enriching, educational – and even more of all of those things when we are collaborating with others.

      I think you make some outstanding points here in your suggestions about how to identify opportunities to “up the ante” while creating a synergy with others. Hey, this business is very much a team sport! I’ve been working with others who are in different businesses than myself in capacities I didn’t even think existed for synergy to be created. It’s really all about connecting with others and finding ways to help one another.

      Thanks for the fantastic ideas Bob!

      Cat Alexandra

    • Janet

      Bob, aloha. You are “right on” with your points on working with others and in not attempting to build you NWM business on your own.

      When I first joined this industry a couple of decades ago, I did not understand it at all. Thus, I did attempt to do it all alone. My rationale was excellent, however, was totally incorrect. Since I had already started & built other businesses in different ubydstries, I figured that building a NWM business would be much the same. The other reason I started out doing it all alone was because I felt I had to “prove” to my upline that I was “worthy” of their time.

      A mastermind group or variation thereof comes to mind as a collaborative effort. In the mastermind group, everyone works to help each other move forward in their chosen endeavor. As i happens, I am in a blogging group where we give each other tips, share ideas, resources, pugins, discoveries with each other. It works quite well.

      Thanks so much, Bob. Wishing you, Rosemary and the family a fantastic weekend. Until next time, aloha. Janet

      • Bob

        Hi Janet,

        I love mastermind groups — I have been involved in several over the years and most have resulted in my business moving forward in a much faster manner than if I had tried to do it alone.

        Thanks so much you for insights and contributions here, Janet… as always, much appreciated!

    • Adrienne

      Another great post Bob and congratulations on the upcoming interview. I am not at all surprised of your continuing success my friend. You are a true leader in this industry.

      I also love this post because I learned the hard way that I just can’t do this alone. Silly me, thinking that I could just locate some information, implement what I was taught and off I go. Doesn’t always work out that way though.

      This is what I love about blogging. You run across so many people who have talents in areas you don’t. With their help and support you can soon be learning some great techniques from them or like your friends Joe and Jerry, start working together.

      I also love the blog commenting tribes or sites like triberr that share each others contents. Never would we be able to get the kind of results that we do without the help and support of other people.

      Need I say more, you’ve already clearly given us the benefits of just how important it is to collaborate with others. I really appreciate you sharing this post Bob. I can see others having those light bulb moments like I did.

      Have a wonderful day and a really enjoyable weekend.


      • Bob

        Thanks for the kind words, Adrienne… you are one of the bloggers that I model myself after. You’ve created such a great community over on your blog and it’s all due to your consistent effort and most of all, the inspiring way you’re always trying to help others. I believe that’s the key to a successful blog, is it not?

        Thanks for your insights and congrats on your success as well, Adrienne!

    • Oliver Tausend

      Hi Bob,

      thanks for sharing this. I love that approach. Network marketing is a business and business is team sports. No one can build it really big without a team, be it in the same company or be it people harmoniously working together from different companies. It takes a specific mindset for that and this mindset requires that we bury the competition. I have a specific example: In my mastermind group, people from two dozens network marketing companies are working together in perfect harmony and without agenda.

      Looking forward to the interview.

      Be blessed


      • Bob

        Hello Oliver! Yes, I know of your mastermind group and it is amazing…. I love that marketers from various companies can come together, check their promotion at the door and simply learn from each other. How powerful!

        Thanks for your insights, Oliver. Great to see you here, as always!

    • ashley

      Thank you for sharing this great write up..You made a goo job..It can help a lot to me become a succesfull marketer..

      • Bob

        You’re welcome Ashley. May I suggest you grab a gravatar over at gravatar.com, so that we can see you’re smiling face when you comment!

    • Herbert

      Great write up Sir Bob, I may try to implement this sometime. I just need to sum up everything and fire it up. Hopefully wont be encountering failures 🙂

      • Bob

        That’s the trick, Herbert… take action, my friend.

        Thanks for your loyalty to our blog! We appreciate you!

        • Bob

          Herbert, thank you for the link to our blog! Much appreciated, my friend!

          • Herbert

            Your welcome sir..I learned something from here, it was one way of showing my appreciation 🙂

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