Developing Mental Toughness FBOIf you're gonna be successful in your business (whether Full Time or Part Time), you need to be consistently developing mental toughness and neutralizing that negative self talk that pops up every time we stray outside our comfort zone.

It's not a one-shot deal kind of thing…

It requires constant effort to break away from the shackles we impose on ourselves as human beings.

“Break out of your comfort zone” has almost become an automatic response to helping those who are struggling in their business.

Yet, few talk about the nuts and bolts of doing so.

Sometimes “just do it” doesn't cut it.

We have to work our way out of our comfort zone.

Developing Mental Toughness:  3 Steps Towards Neutralizing Negative Self Talk

The problem with most people when it comes to trying something new is one of CONFIDENCE.  They lack the self confidence that allows them to believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that they'll succeed.

The reality:  MOST people suffer from a lack of confidence, especially in doing something new.

Often the fear of what “could” happen is far worse than the actual process of getting it done.

Here is a 3-step process I use when I find my negative inner voice winning out, trying to stop me from taking a chance…

  1.  Awareness – simply recognizing that the negative thought you're experiencing is your negative self talk shooting arrows at your confidence.
  2.  Interruption – when you become aware of a negative thought, shout out “STOP”!!  You can say it aloud or whisper it quietly if you're in a public place, but the point is to actually say it (not just think it).
  3. Replacement – consciously replace that negative thought with a positive one.

Some examples for you:

Negative Thought:  “What if you fail?”

Positive Thought Replacement:  “What happens when I succeed?  What does that look like?”


Negative Thought:  “What if you look stupid making a video and everyone laughs at you?

Positive Thought Replacement:  “My first few videos might suck, that's to be expected.  But after a while, my videos will make me rich!”

You get the idea.

In the audio below, I reveal something very PERSONAL that I'm currently experiencing and it's bringing out the big guns of negative self talk.

I also talk about the habits of mentally tough people and how they deal with negative self talk.

It's short but packs a powerful punch.  

Click the orange arrow at the top to listen…

What did you think?

Some powerful ideas a short, 15-minute audio, don't you think?


More resources for you about Developing Mental Toughness and Negative Self Talk:

Habits of People With Mental Toughness

15 Habits of Mentally Tough People

The key to developing mental toughness and neutralizing negative self talk is to be diligent in your awareness and taking corrective action immediately.

Recognizing the negative inner voice trying to keep you INSIDE your comfort zone is an important part, followed by interruption of the thought and finally, replacing the negative thought with a positive alternative.

Do you think this will work for you?  What else have you tried to silence the negative critic within you?

Please leave a comment and join in the discussion!

To your success!

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