3 Surprisingly Simple Ways NEW REVISEDSo you're out there, working your butt off holding down a job, taking care of the kids and building your part time business whenever you can possibly fit it in and you're just NOT GETTING RESULTS fast enough!

It's not going according to the Big Plan you set up on the day you started your business…

Build up your new business for a year until you're making enough income to QUIT your job and say goodbye to your boss forever.

But the one year plan has turned into two, then three, maybe more, and still…

You're out there trying your hardest and still not generating leads or making enough money in your business to break even!

You need help.

Maybe you've even thought about giving up.

I hear ya…

I've been there.

And I've got some help.

You're in the right place.

What follows are 3 things you can do right now to generate 5-10 leads a day (or more) fast, even if you're building your business Part Time.

Think of them as CPR for your business, to bring it back to life and set you back on your path to achieve your dreams.

Here we go…


Step 1:  Don't Forget The Simplest Things

I'm always amazed at how even the simplest of lead generation tactics are overlooked.  

These include:

  • Putting a PS in your business emails and blog posts with a link to whatever you're selling.
  • Including a Call To Action in every piece of content you produce (with detailed directions on what to do next).
  • Completely filling out your social media profiles, including a link to your website or blog.

email ps

Here are some tips on creating PS lines that will generate leads:

  1.  Make them Curiosity Driven — your goal is to get people to click the link in your PS line.  Making them curious about what happens when they click will go a long way towards accomplishing that goal.
  2.  Make Them Solution Oriented – if your product or service solves a problem, state it directly in your PS line.  Look at the example above in my PS line.  The problem is most people hate prospecting strangers.  The answer (when you click the link) is a training on cold market recruiting.  
  3. Make Them Congruent – your PS line should be something that is congruent with your email or blog post.  For example, if you're writing a post about healthy eating, including a PS line about your travel MLM wouldn't make a lot of sense.  But a PS about a new product related to organic health supplements is perfectly congruent.

The best part about using PS lines in your marketing is they won't cost you a dime!

Be consistent and you'll see the leads flowing in!

Step 2:  Give Away Someone Else's Training (and Build Your Own List)

As a Part Time Marketer, it's hard to find the time to create high quality trainings on a regular basis, especially if you're just starting out.

And we need leads fast, right?

So what can you do?

One option is to “borrow” someone else's training, giving it away in exchange for a person's name and email address.

And to use this information to build your OWN list of highly targeted prospects.

Sound too good to be true?

After all, who would let you borrow one of their trainings to build your own list, right?

Well, you're in luck.

This is EXACTLY what some of the top lead generation systems allow you to do.

They allow you to give away their free trainings and to build your own list in the process.

It's simple to do and you can generate leads fast using this method, because you're giving away top quality information that people desperately want.

It's a sweet deal, really.

There are a few systems out there that are quite good…

This is the one I use and recommend.

Step 3: Ramp It Up With Paid Advertising

The concept of “free” is sexy, especially when it comes to building a business.  

Free leads, free trainings, free coaching… 

We're hit from all angles.  The message is clear…


But when it comes to getting results in your Part Time Business, free is anything but better.

Yes, you ultimately want to build a brand and have people falling over themselves to work with you.

We all want that.

But when you're struggling and you only have a couple of hours (at most) to work on your business, when you're not getting enough (any) leads and sales to turn a profit…

It's time to open the wallet and make things happen.

And before you start objecting about potential costs, understand this…

Many times, FREE is the most expensive option!

paid advertising imageWhat kind of paid advertising is best?  

The kind that generates low cost leads!

And that depends on you and your interest.

Pay-Per-Click, Solo Ads, Classifieds, Pay-Per-View…

They all work.

How well they work depends on your willingness to dive in and become proficient.

The biggest misconception about Paid Advertising?

That you need a big marketing budget.

Not true!  You can start doing paid advertising with a very small budget and ramp it up once you find the sweet spot in your advertising.

BONUS TIP!  If You Can't Master Your Time, None Of This Matters

This may seem like a bold statement, but I believe in it 100%…

If you're Part Time in your business and don't master your time, you won't succeed.

It's the one complaint/excuse I hear most from the Part Time Marketers I've worked with…

There's Not Enough Time!!

And to that, I reply…

You just haven't mastered your time!

What does it mean to “master” your time?

Simple things like:

  • Understanding where your time goes each day and ways you can carve out extra time for your business.
  • Finding your peak productivity times and concentrating your business time to match it.
  • Becoming a habitual pointer and never spending more than 15 minutes with a new prospect.
  • Creating urgency when none exists.
  • Leveraging technology and tools to do some of the heavy lifting for you.
  • Understanding the futility of trying to balance your time… and what to do instead.
  • Why outsourcing shouldn't be reserved for later when you're having success, and how to do it “on the cheap”.

Time mastery is essential, especially if you're building your business “on the side”.  When you master your time, you'll find it becomes your ally rather than an enemy!

If you need help with this aspect of your business, this is the course you should have.


So there you have it… a simple recipe for generating 5-10 leads/day or more, even when you're part time in your business.  

Remembering to do simple things like email and blog PS lines, adding easy-to-find links to your social media profiles, promoting other marketer's trainings (to build your own list), and starting some small paid marketing campaigns can get you into lead generation FAST!

None of these strategies take a lot of time…

So put your head down and get to work for an hour or so each day and you'll soon be generating leads and making sales that will turn your business around! 

To your success!

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Dr. Bob

Creator of The Part Time Business Blueprint

Email: bob@bobandrosemary.com

Skype: drbobclarke

P.S.  An easier way to generate leads for your Part Time business happens when prospects COME TO YOU, asking for information.   Learn how this can happen for you!


    3 replies to "3 Surprisingly Simple Ways To Generate 5-10 Leads/Day Fast (Even When You’re Part Time)"

    • Chuck Holmes

      I’m a big fan of paid advertising because it doesn’t take much time and it can be scaled. Free is good, but free takes your time, and it typically takes a lot of time to build up momentum and get traction. With paid advertising you can start getting leads within a few minutes. Once again, I think it’s the best way to go! Just my two cents.


      • Bob Clarke

        Agreed, Chuck… you can’t scale Free!

    • Tina Schraier

      Love this post , what are some profile suggestions you suggest to optimize
      profiles most effectively ?

      Thanks for your leadership Dr. Bob.

      Tina Schraier

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