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I just got back from an exclusive mastermind retreat with some of the top marketers in our space.  

We covered a bunch of topics, including content creation, Periscope, Facebook ads and recruiting, but there was one subject that we kept coming back to time and again as being SUPER important to success.

It might surprise you…


More specifically, we talked about the kinds of mindset shifts that must occur if one wants to join the ranks of the ultra-successful marketers.

We talked about vision.

We talked about urgency.

And we talked a lot about leadership.

Essential Mindset Shifts For Part Timers

Perhaps you've heard the old saying, “Success is 90% mindset, 10% skill set“.

For those building their business Part Time, I think it's more like 95:5.

Mindset is that important.

In my own situation, I grew up being taught to go to school, land a good job, advance through the ranks and support your family.

And I've done just that, for over 35 years.  Nothing wrong with it, until you decide you want to start a business and become your own boss.

Then, some MAJOR mindset shifts have to occur to go from thinking like an employee to thinking like an entrepreneur.

And that's been my path… my struggles… my breakdowns…and finally, my ultimate successes.

Enough about me and my journey.

Let's talk about you.

mindset shifts

If you're building your business Part Time, particularly if you're working a traditional job, you're going to have to accomplish some major Mindset Shifts in order to break through and potentially leave your job (if that's your goal).

Mindset Shift #1:  From Mistake Avoidance To Mistake Acceptance

In almost every job, it's all about mistake avoidance…

Avoid making mistakes at ALL costs!

In many jobs (including my own), making a mistake can get you fired!

So we are conditioned to do whatever we can to avoid making a mistake on the job.


When building a business, especially if you are new to it, mistakes are going to happen.

Here's the big shift

Not only should you not avoid making mistakes in your business, you should actually be HAPPY about them.


Why on Earth should you think of mistakes as a positive?

Because it means you're in the game, taking action and implementing what you learn.

If you're constantly looking to avoid mistakes when building your business Part Time, you (and your business) will not grow.

It's that simple.

Go out and make a mistake today!

Mindset Shift #2:  From Hating Your Boss To Being The Boss

You've got to be careful with this one!

So many people out there in the workforce actually HATE their boss, both for who they are and what they represent.

Their boss might put them down, micromanage and/or ask for more additional commitments that can further limit their freedom.

Good reasons to dislike them, for sure.

But when it comes to your home business, YOU now fill the role of the boss.


You now are the one who decides WHEN you'll work on your business.

You control your business hours.

And you decide when the work is of good enough quality to accept.

So if you currently dislike your boss for being too tough on you, you might just find yourself going too easy and less demanding on you, the home business employee.

Here's what I always tell my clients…

“Do you want to grow your home business fast?

Start with being your own WORST boss!”

Be tougher than even your worst boss when it comes to your hours, your commitments and accountability.

It may feel a bit strange at first, but it works!

Mindset Shift #3:  From Thinking Big To Thinking Small

I'm not talking about your goals, your dreams or your vision…

Here, it's great to think big!

Rather, I'm referring to your TIME.

More than one home business has failed because someone waited for big blocks of time to work on their business, blocks that never came.

If you want to succeed Part Time in your business, you MUST think small…

My friend Diane calls it “growing your business in the nooks and crannies of your day.”

And I think that's quite appropriate…

Flip The Switch…

  • The 30 minute commute to and from work.
  • The 20 minute wait at the doctor's office.
  • The 15 minutes waiting outside your kids school at the end of the day.

All are examples of small bites of time that you must make useful if you want to build a thriving business Part Time.

If you struggle with time in your business, then you should have Part Time Abundance.


Mindset if so crucial to the success of your Part Time business, and these 3 essential mindset shifts will help bridge the gap between you, the employee and you, the entrepreneur.

Have any other Mindset and/or Time Challenges in your business?

Please leave a Comment and join in the conversation!

To your success!

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Dr. Bob

Creator of The Part Time Business Blueprint


Skype: drbobclarke

P.S.  If you're building a home business and struggling with limited time, you probably want to watch this video.

Grow Your Business in 30 Minutes/Day or Less

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    • Beth Millman

      Such great points , particularly the part about doing in the nooks and crannies of your life. Those of us with full time careers set ourselves up looking for big blocks of time to do our side businesses as those big blocks never come but looking at small 15 minute increments is so much more doable, and we set ourselves up for success implementing them. Love your blog, Dr. Bob and so happy I found it! I do my business on the way in to work, on the way home (live in LA and the one thing that is constant is TRAFFIC) and in between meetings when I cannot grab a lunch, so I use 10 minutes here, 15 minutes there as my “lunch” so I still work in building my business, without the excuse “I have no time.” These small blocks have been so useful and crucial in rank advancing recently and earning my company cruise. I used to think it was no enough time but it adds up and it totally helps keep the momentum going. Thanks so much for this post!

      • Bob Clarke

        Very cool, Beth… glad you got value. Yes, looking at your time in term of small bite-size chunks can make all the difference when you don’t have much to spare!

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