daegan smith maximum leverage programIf you are on my email list, you know that I've been providing a lot of information about

Daegan Smith and his Maximum Leverage Program.

If you don't know what that is, read my review here.

Daegan recently related to me a question he got from one of his Maximum Leverage members and I asked if he would mind if I posted it on my blog for our readers to learn from.

He agreed and I have included it in it's entirety below.


Message from Daegan Smith

I just got a great question in from Shannon, that I think you may be
interested in the answer to:

“I've just been advised that my MLM company won't allow any website-outside their provided template-that customers can link back to for product information and enrollment.

These are my products.

Am I dead in the water or do I just get really creative?”

My Response:


Fantastic questions and by no means are you dead in the water. You just have to think a little bit differently about how you introduce people to your opportunity.

In all honesty, just sending people to your companies website to learn about your product line

isn't going to win you many sales anyway, so it's really more of an non issue than you may think.

I've said it before and I'll say it again.

People don't join opportunities,they join people.

Therefore nothing that you do on the front end of your business even needs to ever mention your company.

Let me explain . . .

Your best prospects will always be the doers like you. The people striving for success.

What do doers look for?

Information and guidance.

This is all your business on the front end should provide.

People will join you because they “know” and you've proven you can help them, not because your moon juice is cooler than the next companies.

So on the front end, do what I do.

Create your own newsletter. Your own lead capture page.

Communicate daily.

If you get adventurous create a front end product that solves on of your prospects major concerns.

1. Getting more leads

2. Making more money

3. Recruiting without rejection

Allow them to purchase it from you and then . . .

Once all your marketing costs are paid for by your profits, on the back-end give you your customers a call.

Ask how you can be of further service, naturally they'll be inquisitive as to what else you're up to.

There, right there, is the time you bring up your back end company.

You may say, but “Daegan I can't create a product.

I have two answers for you.

Yes you can and you don't even need a product to recruit online.

It just makes it easier.

Even if you were just to create your own list online.

Share stories and marketing strategies daily, and as a call to action at the end of your message you said something like:

“If you'd like some personal help give me a call between 4pm and 8pm tonight at XXX-XXXX I'll be in the office to help”

You'll have people ringing your phone off the hook all day and night.

Trust me on that one.

See how we never even bring up our company online following this methodology?

Well, that's exactly why you're in no way shape or form dead in the water.

If you'd like to learn how to either generate a boat load of leads, create your first front end product, or create a daily flow of profits, there is no better place to learn these skills than as a part of our family.

Watch this short presentation to learn how to make that happen:

==> http://bit.ly/pD5Eoy

End Daegan's Message

Pretty great answer from a question that many of you may be facing, don't you think?
Coming tomorrow, my very personal memories of 9-11, 10 years later.  You won't want to miss it.


    12 replies to "What To Do If Your Company Won’t Let You Promote Online"

    • jewel

      Promoting a product or a company online is the most strategic method now.You had a great idea thank you for sharing it!Keep it up…

      • Bob

        You’re welcome!

    • Julie Hayes

      I very helpful way indeed to boost income online. Helping people to understand your goals can definitely help you get their approval.

      • Bob

        Thanks for the comment, Julie!

    • Jaclyn Castro

      Seriously, Daegan has an answer for the most pressing questions. I love how he said “Yes you can and you don’t even need a product to recruit online.” I just mentioned that to someone I coached last week.

      Thank you so much for sharing this with us Bob and Rosemary. So many people will benefit reading this post. And the Maximum Leverage group is an amazing family!

      -Jaclyn Castro

      • Bob

        I was excited to join Maximum Leverage because I had studied Daegan for a long time. And I wasn’t disappointed. He is a master marketer who is so down to Earth and easy to approach. Glad to be part of the Max Leverage family as well!

    • Mika Castro

      I agree on Herbert. This is a strategic way to increase general wages for online workers.

    • Melodie Kantner

      I remember when my first company wouldn’t allow anything online. No web sites or anything. Finally they decided to make replicated websites available. These days most everyone is online. I’m glad my current company makes it easy to work online.

    • Hi Bob: This is a great post. I absolutely love Daegan. I like his response to the lady. I totally believe in the power of attraction marketing. Constantly promoting a generic website will not take any business any far. People have to learn how to differentiate themselves from the masses and stand out. People do business with people they know, like and trust and a generic website does not allow you to build relationships with potential customers or team members. It does not tell them who you are. Having your own website or blog is the only way to go. Once people get to know you, your leadership skills etc. then it gets easier for them to join your business or buy from you. I do not believe in leading with an mlm products or opportunity, I believe in leading with “You Inc”.

    • Roshanda Gilmore

      WOW! I’m glad you shared this!

      I love his answer! I think she will get so much more in the form of results and will be branding herself as a leader in the process!

      I personally don’t focus on recruiting but rather building relationships, sound marketing, and educating. The rest tends to take care of itself. 🙂

      Love your blog! I’ll be back!

      Crazy Sexy Branding

    • Herbert

      Promoting a product or a company online is the most strategic method now. My client’s business has manage to generate sales through online promotion. Thank you for this interesting topic Sir Bob.

    • Adrienne

      Great tips and ones I’ve learned early on in this industry thank goodness..

      The more people understand what this business is all about, the better off they will be. I think most people are just in too much of a hurry Bob. They want to see results now instead of setting themselves up for success.

      Great job with the email message. Daegan definitely knows his stuff and I’m so happy you are enjoying his program.

      Hope you are also enjoying your weekend.


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