images-5Have you ever had someone question you about being Part Time in your home business?

Perhaps someone doubted your devotion, your drive, or even accused you of not being “all in?”

I have… and it really used to bother me.

What It Means To Be a Part Time Marketer

So what does it mean that you're building your business Part Time?

Does it mean you're not serious?

Does it mean that you don't have a big enough “WHY?”


I mean, there ARE people out there who are just dipping their toe in the water, to see “if this thing works”.

But there are those Part Timers like Rosemary and I…

Who are building our business for the FUTURE.

There's nothing more AMAZING than someone who is building a future for their family while taking care of LIFE in the present.   ~Bob Clarke

Need some inspiration?

Watch the video below…

NEVER apologize for being Part Time.

You're no less serious or dedicated about your business than anyone else.

Everyone's situation is different…

Embrace the fact that you're on a JOURNEY that will eventually take you out of your present day reality into the future…

The future of your dreams.


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    9 replies to "Don’t EVER Apologize For Being Part Time!"

    • Sana

      It is your hard work that drive you towards success either you are full time or part time. In profession only it is checked that you are good at your work and can do your job excellently.It is appreciable that you do your part time job and show progress.

    • Lisa Lee

      I will say also that it is Just a piece of advise, enjoy what you do and do your best. Hard-work should also be there but be sure that love the things you do and they will love you back in retun, making you successful.

    • Amelie Mark

      Thanks for helping me deal with the guilt Bob. I have all along felt like being a part timer is a big joke but I feel better to know that for as long as achieving my plans, then am right on track.

    • Audra A James

      Part time work doesn’t mean “part time” salary! That’s what people miss. Yes, some people work “part time” while still in their job before they transition over — taking care of the present. But some do this part time so that they have more free time in their lives — and still make excellent money. That’s the beauty of our industry!

    • Veronica

      Sooo true! Not because we could not, does not mean we cannot. There’s just some things in life that we cannot control. :))

    • Kelly

      Just a piece of advise, enjoy what you do and do your best. Hard-work should also be there but be sure that love the things you do and they will love you back in retun, making you successful.

    • Hey Bob,

      Being a part-time for me is not about time. People tend to forget that creating a website or a blog doesn’t really mean that you have to put all your time in the world for it. Some people don’t have the luxury for this. There are those who have regular office jobs that they rely on for buying goods and needed stuffs and does have a blog site made for extra income. Dedication is not measured in the time of work that you put. For me, dedication is rather a productive action made even in shortest time you have.

      • Laura

        Interesting way of putting things. For me, dedication means doing something even if you don’t earn money; you do it because you like it, no matter if part-time means 2 or 4 hours a day, or at 2 days, whatever. You don’t have to go from an extreme to another: if you can “invest” more time, do it. If you can’t, then that’s it, make the most of those hours that you have.

    • Russ Stewart

      Great Article Bob & Rosemary, very powerful tool for those statring out on their journey

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