building trustThere’s a key ingredient that all successful marketers emphasize in their business — building trust with their target market.

After all, as the saying goes…


“People buy from those they Know, Like and Trust!”

As an affiliate marketer who’s participated in many contests, I’ve been witness to the “surprise” showing of marketers with relatively small lists.

Most can’t figure out how the relative unknown beat the big time marketer with the gigantic list.

The “secret” isn’t a secret at all…it mostly comes down to TRUST.

Inevitably, the person making the sales with the loyal following is the same person who has worked hard building trust with their target market.

It’s not fast… it’s not always easy…

But it is essential and EXTREMELY profitable.


This morning, I presented this information to a community of entrepreneurs on their 15 minute daily motivational call.  It was extremely well received and generated a lot of excitement.

The recording is below:

10 Keys To Building Trust

  1. Say what you’re going to do and then do it.  Simply put, keep your word.
  2. Sell without selling out.  Focus on what will help your audience and team rather than the size of the commission.
  3. Value long term relationships more than short term success.  You’re in your business for the long term.  Don’t sabotage it because you came across a shiny object with a big fat payout.
  4. When you screw up, admit it.  Everyone makes mistakes.  The person who owns their mistakes and makes no excuses will gain trustworthiness very quickly.
  5. Be transparent, especially in regards to your results.  If you don’t have results yet, say so.  And if you have been getting some results, make sure it’s understood how you were able to achieve them.
  6. Be personal.  As much as you feel comfortable, reveal some personal details about your life.  This will help others trust you because they can identify with your situation, shortcomings, etc.
  7. Become a coach.  When you guide people and help them become better, you gain a lot of credibility and trust.
  8. Be able to say “I don’t know”.  When someone asks a question you don’t know the answer to, admit it.  Don’t try to be a know-it-all.  Building trust will go faster if you connect them with people who know the answer, rather than giving them an answer that isn’t correct.
  9. Be competent.  Keep increasing your knowledge and improving yourself so you can teach others what you know.  Always remember to give credit to where you learned something.  This also will build trust.
  10. Understand that trust is earned, one step at a time.  You can’t rush the process of building trust.   It happens gradually over time as you prove yourself again and again.

In today’s “I want it now!” society, it can be hard to hear that something takes time before full benefits are seen.  But that’s definitely the case with Building Trust with your prospects.

Trust must be valued.

Trust must be nurtured.

And definitely Trust must be protected.


Trust takes time to earn and a second to lose!

Be very careful that your actions for immediate gratification don’t destroy the trust you’ll need to have a long term profitable business!


Now let’s hear from you!

Has there been a time where YOU lost trust with someone or felt like you did something to lose someone else’s trust?


To your success!

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Dr. Bob

Creator of The Part Time Business Blueprint


Skype: drbobclarke


P.S.  This Free 10-Day Bootcamp will not only help you build trust with your prospects but will actually make MLM Prospecting FUN and Profitable!

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  • Philip

    Well said Bob! Every point is spot on. #7 speaks to me the most.

    • Bob Clarke

      Glad you got value, Phillip!

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