jim rohn quotesWhenever I need some inspiration for my business, I get out my book of Jim Rohn quotes and thumb through some of my favorites.

Jim was a master at simplifying complex ideas and relating them in very specific, inspirational messages.

I'm pretty sure I have Jim's entire library of products, including books, DVDs and CDs.  In fact, The Challenge To Succeed was the very first personal development CD I ever purchased, and my wife and I wore that thing out.  

We must have listened over 100 times going back and forth to work, and it helped change our philosophy and mindset from that of an employee to an entrepreneur.

Like many, it pains me to know that Jim will never produce more inspirational material, but I thank him for transforming my mindset and inspiring me to move to new heights in business and life.

5 Inspirational Jim Rohn Quotes

What follow are 5 of my very favorite Jim Rohn quotes.  These are quotes that “spoke to me” in various ways and had a tremendous impact on my life.

In no particular order, I give you my 5 favorite Jim Rohn quotes:

Success is something you ATTRACT by the person you BECOME.

When I understood this, everything changed in my business.  Before that, I was always looking to “get” people to join my business.  I was focused on prospecting everyone I could think of and every person I met.

As a result, I was fairly miserable and not enjoying my business.

When I switched my focus to adding value to attract others, the whole dynamic of prospecting changed from “getting” to “attracting”.

Don't wish things were easier, wish YOU were better!

It's so tempting to blame outside sources for your struggles.  Lack of time, lack of money, the federal government, taxes, whatever!

When you understand that your results are dictated by how much VALUE you bring to the marketplace, then you can work on having more skills to help you make more money.

DISCIPLINE is the bridge between Goals and Accomplishments!

Anyone can set goals.  In fact, as I write this the year is coming to a close and the New Years Resolutions will dominate conversations at holiday parties.

But only those with the discipline to follow through on the necessary tasks to achieve these goals will actually attain them.

Great quote!

MOTIVATION is what gets you started.  HABITS are what keep you going!

It's not that hard to motivate someone.  There are so many motivational speakers who make a living doing this, and they're amazing.

But when the person leaves the webinar or turns off the CD, what then?

It's the daily habits and routines that keep you going forward, long after the motivation has worn off.

Poor people have big TV's.  Rich people have big libraries!

Wow!  Isn't this the truth!

Most people work hard to buy nice things, including the biggest screen TV they can afford.

But rich people understand the importance of educating yourself through books.  Every successful person I've ever met is an avid reader.

As the saying goes, “leaders are readers”.  

Enough said.

If you dig this and want more of my favorite Jim Rohn quotes (including his amazing Girl Scout Story and the day the turned his life around), listen to the following motivational call I did for our company recently: 


Did you get value from that?

Do you have other motivational quotes that you dig?

Comment below and let's make a master list!
To your success!

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