brainWhether  you're looking for the big money in MLM…

Or  just to make a few hundred a month to pay some bills…

It makes no difference.

The path is the same.

  • You've got to learn a few new skills.
  • You've got to find the right people to help you.
  • And your BRAIN must be on board, as well!

WOW!  That last one is a bit weird, right?

What do I mean by that?

Whether you realize it at this stage of your business or not, your MINDSET is THE most important factor to your success, bar none.

Every big time marketer and top earner I know has ROCK SOLID BELIEFS and works on their mindset every single day.

You see…

Everything else can be in place — your skills, your support, your connections.

But if your THOUGHTS are holding you back, you'll be blocked from getting the kind of results you're looking for.


Don't get confused by the difference between excuses and actual blocks.

Excuses are on the surface and usually easily broken through..

  • lack of time
  • lack of money
  • not enough skills

Each of these are excuses that we use to justify not doing something.

But actual BLOCKS are deeper…

They are part of our mental fabric and must be uncovered and exposed if we want to break through.

They can be tougher to identify and break through, but when you do…


Not sure what I mean by blocks?

Watch this short video as I reveal MY deepest blocks to the big money in MLM…



If you didn't get to watch the video all the way through, here were my biggest blocks:

1.  A lack of belief in the Network Marketing industry

2.  Didn't want to be seen as a salesman

3.  The “security” of a traditional paycheck vs. having your own business

4.  Getting over my own ego

These are blocks that I've gotten through or are working through now… it's a work in progress.

What about you?

What are YOUR blocks to finding the success you deserve?

Think about it… deeply.

Go deep inside your brain and think about what stops you.

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    2 replies to "What’s Stopping You From the Big Money In MLM?"

    • Debbie Short

      It’s always what goes on inside your head…

      Self limiting beliefs…big big subject you got there Bob, but for me, it’s one worth covering.
      Great job!

    • Neil Ashworth

      Nice article as always Bob! Love your honesty and integrity. For anyone not yet on your email list I would advise them to opt in and pay attention as you share some great insights that many can learn and benefit from. Keep busy buddy!


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