Unknown-1It's been a while since I posted here, and there's a reason.

A few weeks ago, we began having troubles with our blog hosting company.  They kept shutting down our site for “using too many resources.”

As it turns out, that pretty much means that we were getting too big for our britches and they wanted us to use a dedicated server.

I knew that wasn't necessary, as several of my friends with much bigger blogs than mine are still using shared servers, so I tried to work with Host Gator to resolve the problem.

Long story short… after 2 weeks of them assuring me everything was okay and then having them block the Google bots from crawling my site (the way that Google finds new content on your blog), I had enough.

I went searching for an alternative and I found one here.

Lo and behold… one person I can talk to about issues, not a host of outsourcers over in some other country.

AND… the cost is the same or even cheaper, depending on your package.

The person I'm working with over at our new hosting company helped me get rid of lots of extraneous, unnecessary stuff on our blog database, so our blog is now and lean, mean, fast loading machine!

We've been kicking it a few times last week to make sure everything was stable, and now it's time to blast off.

So watch out!  🙂

Our Blog Is Not The Only Thing That Is Leaner Around Here

I'd like to report that we lost weight as well, although that's not the case.

But our BUSINESS is lighter than ever and we feel GREAT about it.

In this video below, I explain what I mean…


So we got rid of a couple of affiliates that we were promoting.

One because we just weren't using the tools that we were promoting and felt out of integrity.

The other because we felt there were some questionable practices that didn't feel in line with our values.

When you stay in situations like that and you feel “out of integrity”, it begins to weigh on you.

So when we left these business relationships, it was like a weight was lifted.

We felt GREAT!

But What About The Lost Income?

When you drop 2 sources of income from your business, your income can take a hit.

Truth be told, we haven't been drawing much income from these 2 sources.  Like I said, when you feel out of integrity with what you're promoting, things tend NOT to happen (like signing up new reps, etc.).

At least if you have a conscience.

So how do you replace that income?

By focusing on the income streams you still have in place and by looking for others that are a good fit for you.

Not a good fit, a GREAT fit.

Products, leadership, training, duplication, compensation and MESSAGE… all in line with your needs and values.

We've been doing our due diligence and have already found this and this.

The future around here is VERY bright.


Be sure the income streams you have in place still make sense.

Periodically review your business, not only in terms of money made vs. money spent (of course this is important),

But also whether or not what you're promoting still aligns with your values and principles.

If not, your business will almost always suffer.


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