list building tipsToday, I'm going to give you some of my best List Building Secrets and Tips.


One of the things you hear all the time about building a list is…

You Gotta Build a BIG List If You Want To Make A Lot of Money!


While it's true that people with big lists can make the big bucks, it's not a necessity.

My mentor Diane is an example.

Diane has a relatively small list among other top earners, yet she regularly beats them out in affiliate contests.

She can write one letter to her list and generate THOUSANDS in sales.


Because Diane has mastered the power of INFLUENCE.

What Is Influence and How Do You Get It?

Influence essentially means that someone trusts you and feels safe with you.  They seriously listen to what you have to say.

In a list building sense, it means building trust and rapport with people through providing value…

And when you've built up enough trust and influence, you have on your hands a whole lot of raving fans who love what you do and…

Will buy from you when you present an offer.

We call it an Influence List and it's super important to build one if you want to make a living on the Internet.

Here's some more important points about List Building and a very special announcement…

So, as I said at the end of the video, you probably have questions right about now…

“How do I build an influence list?”

“How do you gain people's trust?”

“Where do I even start?”


I answer these questions and more in my List Building Short Course.

All next week, we'll be tackling these questions on my Newsletter, which you can sign up for here.

If you're reading this after next week, you can grab all my notes here.


One final thought…

If you don't have a list, you don't have a business.

Companies can come and go, but your list is YOURS forever.

Treating them right, giving them what they want and need, and putting them first will REWARD you many times over.

It's the AMAZING power of TRUST and INFLUENCE.




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    • Joy

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts and this blog. Hope this helps a lot of people. Thank you once again and please post more! Keep it up and God bless!

    • Penny Turko

      Another Fantastic Post Bob! Thank you!

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