Unknown-8Multiple income streams…

Makes so much sense, right?

The idea of having income coming into your business from many different sources is the perfect protection in case one of those streams crashes or dries up.

I love the concept and totally practice it in our business.

But there's a problem…

Sometimes what looks and feels like an “income stream” isn't what is seems, and can actually be COSTING you money each month.

I explain in the short training below.

So there you have it…

How to know when an income stream is worth keeping and when it's a good idea to get rid of it and perhaps find something else to place in your affiliate arsenal.

Make sense?

Let me know what you think…

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    7 replies to "Multiple Income Streams Or Builders Of Debt?"

    • Chris

      This is one thing I need to work on. Most of my income comes from only one stream, and if it goes down (which it almost did) I would be in a bad position. But like you said, this has to be done without building debt.

    • Sagar

      Nice and very informative post.

      Depending only upon on source of income now a days is of no use and is also not enough. We should maintain some other sources by which we can gain money. It is best as if we can be secure financially even if any of the income source stops.

      Debt is one such income which can occur in any business. So taking precautions and working hard can at least avoid such problems .

      Great post and thank you for sharing.

    • vella di

      Thanks for this informative post about Multiple Income Streams. It’s really useful for readers. If write quality content in our website or blog there is a big case to be made about the quality of visitor you attract and the type of marketing you use to promote your products. If 500 people can bring you $50 in sales, then 5,000 people should bring in $500 in sales.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts..

    • Fredy

      Having income streaming is what we all would like but it takes efforts and fully dedication before seeing it. Debt is one of the worst spirit you can ever invite in a business. It doesn’t create money but takes money from your business. It is good to avoid it.

    • Jake

      Wonderful post! I totally agree. Anyway, having multiple streams is the basics of any online business. Often overlooked, but it’s impossible to have an online business not considering this.

    • Aayush semwal

      Really loved this post, at last found an informative article on the web

    • Antoinette

      Yeah, everything costs. Well, honestly to have one or more income coming in would give you much but when all the business crashes at the same time, they’re all busted!

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