clockIt's no secret that finding the time to build a home business can be a challenge, particularly for folks who have a Full Time Job or are otherwise extremely busy.

But here's the reality…

It's the approach you have towards TIME that will make or break your Part Time business.


Right now, do you see time as your enemy or your ally?

Do you use it as an excuse for your poor results, or do you leverage time to your full advantage?

These are super important (and difficult) questions that you need to ask yourself if you're not seeing the results in your business that you dreamed of.

In the short audio training below, I teach you exactly why it's SO important to change your perspective on Time and Your Business.

While it may not be a matter of YOUR life and death, it certainly is all about the life and death of your Business.

Enjoy the audio and then read below:

As I mentioned in the audio, this is a snippet that I took from a much larger webinar training I did called…

How to Run Your Business on 2 Hours a Day or Less

If you want a COPY of the RECORDING, it's easy…

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Doesn't get much simpler than that!

    8 replies to "Is Time Your Enemy or an Ally?"

    • Les

      Given that a one-man show is a sure recipe for newbie overwhelm, I feel that goal-setting and prioritizing one’s tasks are crucial requirements, a lack of which leads to “spinning one’s wheels,” as they say. Perhaps the biggest mistake is the failure to outsource, or “leverage.” So thanks, Bob, for pointing the way, in the face of the massive newbie overwhelm in which solo operators – like myself – are lost.

    • James

      hey Bob, I was on the live webinar, and gotta say it was 100% pure gold! even though I run my business full time, I found a lot of tricks that are helping me improve how I manage my own time. Thanks for the great tips and all the time you put into sharing these ideas with us.

    • Sandra

      Time is very precious. It’s very true that we cannot turn back time. And for us to say whether time is ally or not, it depends on how we balance or manage it. Specially in running a business, you must be very industrious to just make it in 2 hours or less.

    • Calra

      Interesting post. Time being your enemy or ally depends on how you would use it. it also depends on the situation for there are things that we cannot just control. Time management might be right but there are certain things that we can’t hold.

    • Mathew Hammes

      Hey Bob,
      awesome post!
      this post is somewhat an eye- opener to everybody in terms on how they treat TIME, is it an enemy of an Ally.
      for me, Time has its own role in our everyday life. it depends on how we use it. in some cases like we aren’t able to meet the deadlines, we consider time as an enemy but on the hand, in some cases, Time can also be an ally which give us a very favorable benefits.
      so this is absolutely in our hands.
      thank you for this interesting post.

    • Joy

      Hi, Bob! As for me, it will depend on our mood and perspective on a daily basis. When we feel like doing so many things in our day, it became an enemy as we cannot seem to finish everything in a day, which we really cannot and I strongly believe that everyday has its own trouble and those unfinished business might be tomorrow’s trouble. However, when we want to spend the whole day relaxing, it is indeed an ally. Because of the free time, we tend to think slowly and breathe in breathe out properly. But for business concerns, it is both. Time can mold and help you grow but it can also limit you. it is like a woman, it can make or break a man. Thanks for caring for my opinion, Bob! Very good post. More power to you!

    • Aayna

      Hi Bob,
      In my opinion time is both ally as well as foe in the same go. When we have a large number of tasks to accomplish, and face a dearth of time, the time assumes the role of a foe. On the other hand, when we have nothing substantial to do and there is an abundance of time, time assumes the role of an ally. The audio is really nice. Thanks for sharing these great pieces of advices.

    • Donna

      Hi Dr. Bob. Thank you so much for these tips. I have been having problems lately about tackling my time doing my Internet business and other personal projects. Your advice here will surely help me out.

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