car imageHardly a week goes by where I don't encounter someone who is frustrated, angry, confused…

or a combination of all 3!

The reason?

They feel like they are SPINNING THEIR WHEELS in their business.

They try and they try but seem to get nowhere towards their dreams.

And the worst part is…

They don't really know why.

From my years of experience in this Industry, I find that this feeling of “being lost”, not knowing what to do or where to turn comes from 3 possible areas:

  1. A lack of direction
  2. A lack of support
  3. A lack of desire

There's NO worse feeling than working hard on something, trying to break through and failing miserably without any idea where to turn. 

I know — I've been there!

At 9pm ET on Thursday, Dec. 20, 2012,  I will be doing a very special training closing out the current year:


Stop Spinning Your Wheels and Start Seeing Results in Your Home Business



If you are coming to this page after this date, you will be able to grab the recording once it's out.

In this very unusual and special webinar, I will be taking off the gloves and getting deep down and personal with you guys as I've never done before

You'll find out how deep I was in the mud, spinning my wheels before I finally broke free.

And I'll show you EXACTLY how I did it.

We'll talk about Lack and how to turn it around to Abundance and Results.

We'll talk about Direction, Support and Desire in ways you may not have thought of them before.

Here's the Webinar Info again:

Stop Spinning Your Wheels and Start Getting Results in your Home Business

Date:  Thursday, 12/20/12

Time:  9pm Eastern Time for 30 minutes only






We start ON TIME and wait for no one.  I respect your time too much to make you wait.

Why 30 minutes?  Because we're all busy and 30 minutes is about how long I can sit for a webinar! 🙂

Grab your seat

See you on Thursday.


    6 replies to "Spinning Your Wheels into Network Marketing Oblivion"

    • Elaine Q. Christian

      What’s the risk? Twenty bucks and 105 minutes? I’ll tell you what. If for any reason you don’t believe the webinar was worth 50 times your investment, I’ll refund your $20.12 and you can use it for a ticket to a movie that you’ll enjoy for roughly 105 minutes. You might even have a bit left over for some popcorn. Your risk is nothing, your potential for change is staggering.

    • Sandra

      I’m a huge fan here Bob, I can’t help but greatly appreciate the work you do. Wish to join some of your seminars soon. Keep it up!

    • Kelly

      I agree! The first thing that we should always consider in life is our desired direction. Also, we need to maintain enough amount of passion. For me, passion is the least that we should lack in life. Thanks for sharing this with us!

    • Stacey

      For starters, network marketing may be too much. But as time goes by, those who are willing will be able to reap a lot from it.

    • Kristine

      Most of the time, I feel clueless. I would really think about going to this training session just to try my luck and see where this will take me.

    • Aayna

      Hi Bob,
      I often feel that I am going direction less and not indulging in any worthwhile activity. Glad, you are holding a training session. Sadly, I visited your page late. So eagerly waiting for the records. Thanks.

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