Unknown-2If you're struggling in the Home Business industry and you've ever found yourself asking, “What's Wrong With Me?”, this post is for you.

You watch as others post their commission checks or their email inbox full of commission notifications and just shake your head.

  • They're so much younger than you.
  • They don't seem any smarter than you.
  • Heck, they don't seem to have struggled at all?

So what's wrong with you?


Check out my short video training below, where I'll tell you EXACTLY what's going on and how to find that pot of gold at the end of your rainbow!



As I explained in the video, simply finding the right trainers (I use this system) is a great start at being sure you're taking the proper steps in building your business.

Stop looking at what everyone else is doing.

Those people who seem to “come out of nowhere” and make it look so easy to grab those commissions are not what they seem, and should be of no interest to you.

Put on your blinders.

Do the daily action steps I talk about without fail.

Make your dreams happen!

    11 replies to "There’s Nothing Wrong With You!"

    • Gibes

      Finding a good mentor is invaluable?
      They seem to think that they can sit in their living rooms and wait for people to knock on their doors

    • Chuck Holmes

      I do what I can to always have a mentor in my life and business. Sometimes I outgrow my mentors and sometimes I stay with the same mentor for a long time. The best mentors I’ve ever found were from books. I also have some real life, face to face mentors, that I meet with on a regular basis. I really liked your post. Keep up the good work. Happy 2014!


    • Antoinette Roder

      FFB – Fortunes Favors the Bold

    • James

      Mentors can be a great help to us. This is because they tell us what pitfalls are there and how to overcome them. Some people avoid mentors as they not want to take help from a mentor.

    • Anik

      Thanks for this video Bob. It`s exactly what I needed to hear right now!

    • andrew

      Great post and thanks for the great advice, now i know what is wrong with me and I’m trying to do right things from now. Thanks again Bob!

    • Steve Sbraccia

      Awesome post and inspiring one…

    • Ben

      Great post Bob and just proof that so much about this business lark is about attitude.

    • Abhishek

      Everyone could really benefit from having a good mentor. It’s a sad fact that a lot of people overlook the importance of this aspect either because they have no idea how a mentor can help or perhaps they are just simply too proud to ask help. Mentors can save us from a lot of trouble by telling us what pitfalls to avoid and what steps are worth taking in the process. Thanks for sharing.

    • KellyClark

      Wow, This is amazing. Yes, I have seen a considerable amount of internet users tries to start their own internet marketing campaign. But, They don’t have a clear idea about what should they have to start. The article telles the story.

    • Richard Brokenshire

      Hi Bob,

      Great post! I think that most people who get involved in the network marketing industry have no idea how to run a business. They seem to think that they can sit in their living rooms and wait for people to knock on their doors. Unfortunately for them, there is a fair amount of work involved. Finding a good mentor is invaluable! The sad part of the business is that most sponsors have no idea how to run a business either. We wind up with the blind leading the blind. That’s never a recipe for success.

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