If you've ever wondered how to become a sought-after speaker, even when you're only Part-Time in your business, this post is for you.

In the world of online marketing and personal development, one of the most effective strategies to accelerate your growth and expand your influence is getting in front of other people's audiences.

I call these Exposure Agents and speaking gigs are a great way to leverage your time.

Today, I want to dive into the power of exposure through public speaking and share some proven strategies to increase your chances of being invited to speak at events, summits, and webinars.

Why Speaking Engagements are a Game Changer

Speaking engagements are more than just an opportunity to share your knowledge.

They are a platform to amplify your message, expand your network, and even boost your business growth.

Here’s why:

Reach a Wider Audience: Every time you step up to speak, you're not just talking to the room; you're reaching every person they influence.

The exposure can be exponential.

Establish Credibility: Speaking at well-regarded events positions you as an authority in your field.

It's like having your expertise stamped with a seal of approval by your peers and industry leaders.

Build Your Brand: Each speaking opportunity is a chance to enhance your personal and business brand.

Your presentation style, content, and the way you interact with the audience all contribute to how you are perceived.

Networking Opportunities: Events bring together like-minded professionals.

By speaking, you become a focal point for conversations, potentially leading to new partnerships, clients, and even friendships.

Direct Feedback: There’s nothing like real-time feedback to help you sharpen your message and delivery.

Audience reactions tell you what works and what needs tweaking.

how to become a sought-after speaker

How To Become A Sought-After Speaker

Getting on the speaking circuit isn't just about waiting for an invitation.

You can proactively increase your chances with the right strategies:

Showcase Your Expertise:

    • Blog Regularly: Write about your niche, sharing insights and how-tos. This content can catch the eye of event organizers looking for knowledgeable speakers.
    • Share Success Stories: Demonstrate how you’ve helped others succeed. Case studies and testimonials are persuasive tools that show your impact.

Network Intentionally:

    • Engage on Social Media: Comment on, share, and post content that resonates with event organizers and your peer community. Be helpful, be insightful, and be present.
    • Attend Industry Events: Even if you're not speaking, being seen and making connections can lead to future invitations. Follow up with people you meet without being pushy.

Create a Speaker Profile:

      • Highlight Your Experience: Develop a speaker profile that includes your bio, topics you’re passionate about, past speaking engagements, and testimonials.
      • Professional Video Reel: Show rather than tell. A video reel of your speaking engagements can be a powerful testament to your presence and style.

Leverage LinkedIn:

    • Optimize Your Profile: Ensure your LinkedIn profile reflects your speaking experience and aspirations. Use keywords that event organizers might search for.
    • Publish on LinkedIn: Similar to blogging, use LinkedIn to post original content or share insights that attract attention and demonstrate your expertise.

Offer to Speak for Free or at a Reduced Rate:

    • Local Organizations and Meetups: Offering to speak for free at smaller local events can help you practice, build your portfolio, and get those crucial first testimonials.
    • Webinars for Non-Profits: These can be a great way to contribute to causes you care about while getting your name out there.

Follow-Up and Feedback:

    • Ask for Feedback: After every speaking engagement, ask for feedback. This shows you're committed to improvement and helps tailor your future presentations.
    • Stay in Touch: Don’t just speak and leave; follow up with organizers and attendees. A simple thank-you note can keep you on their radar for next time.


Becoming a sought-after speaker is about more than just having something to say.

It's about strategically placing yourself where your message can have the most impact and continually refining your approach to ensure you're the speaker that event organizers and audiences remember.

Remember, the goal is to provide value wherever you can.

Whether you're sharing your journey, teaching a skill, or inspiring with your stories, your authenticity and willingness to help others shine through.

That's what people resonate with, and that's what will keep your phone ringing with new opportunities.

Resource:  9 Tips To Improve Your Public Speaking Skills


I have spoken on both virtual and live stages and I can tell you 2 things for certain:

1– You will get nervous

2– That nervousness will disappear the more you do it.

I've found that the more familiar I am with the subject I'm speaking about, the more relaxed I am.

So preparation is the name of the game.

And when you get in front of an influencer's audience, your credibility and visibility will skyrocket!

Final Thoughts

Speaking at events, summits, and webinars isn’t just a marker of success; it’s a powerful pathway to broaden your horizons.

Every audience is a door to new possibilities, and every stage is a platform to amplify your voice.

So, start today—because your next speaking gig could be the opportunity that transforms your business.


It's Your Time to SHINE!


Dr. Bob Clarke

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