In my coaching and training, I talk a lot about building focus in your business.

That's because, for people who don't have a lot of time, FOCUS is their friend.

In fact, I would say that of all the Part-Time entrepreneurs I've coached over the years, almost all of them didn't have a time problem…


In today's post, I want to give you some of my best tips and strategies for building focus in your business.

Some of them might seem like “no-brainers”, but you'd be surprised.

Sometimes we overlook the simplest ways to stay focused.

building focus in your business

7 Strategies For Building Focus In Your Business

Knowing that focus is essential is one thing, but building it is another.

Here are practical ways to enhance your focus and get faster results in your business:

Set Clear Goals:

Start with clear, actionable goals.

What do you want to achieve in the next quarter, next year, or the next five years?

Write them down and refer back to them regularly.

Prioritize Tasks:

Not all tasks are created equal.

Identify activities that drive the most value for your business and allocate your time accordingly.

I call them your Most Impactful Activities.

I go much deeper into this concept and provide specific examples for you in my Free Simple Daily Action Guide for Part-Time Entrepreneurs.

Create a Dedicated Workspace:

Your environment plays a significant role in how well you can focus.

Whether it’s a home office or just a corner of a room, make sure it’s organized and free of distractions.

Limit Distractions:

In an era where digital distractions are just a click away, maintaining focus can be challenging.

Use apps that block distracting sites during work hours.

Recommended Resource:  The Part-Time Productivity Toolbox:   44 Tools and Apps That Will Save Time, Increase Your Productivity, Reduce Distractions, and Maximize Results In Your Business and Life


Practice Mindfulness and Meditation:

Both are excellent for improving concentration.

Regular practice can help you stay centered and keep your mind from wandering.

Regular Reviews and Adjustments:

Set aside time weekly or monthly to review your progress towards your goals.

This not only keeps you focused but also allows you to make necessary adjustments to your strategies.

The Real Secret: Perseverance and Adaptability

While focus is the cornerstone of online success, it's not the sole ingredient.

Perseverance and adaptability walk hand in hand with focus.

You need the perseverance to keep going when things get tough and the adaptability to pivot when necessary.

This combination is what truly sets apart successful online entrepreneurs from the rest.


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It's Your Time to SHINE!


Dr. Bob Clarke


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