eggs imageI've got a great marketing lesson for you today… 

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Don't put all your eggs in one basket?”

In financial terms, it means to diversify your portfolio in case one of your investments tanks.

In marketing, it means having multiple streams of income and, in my case….

Having Multiple Sources of Leads

It was a hard lesson for me to learn.

Back in 2010, life was good.  My business was growing, income was coming in regularly and it looked like the sky was the limit.

It was so much fun!

I was using a paid marketing strategy called Google Adwords.
You've probably heard about it.

If you haven't, you've seen the ads every time you search on Google — they're the  ads on the right side of the search page.

It's called Pay-Per-Click advertising and it can be costly if not done right… but it can also be extremely lucrative.

I was driving up to 100 leads a day to my business… life was good!

I woke up every day with a feeling of exhilaration as I turned on my computer and checked my leads from the night before.

It was awesome.

My company did a lot of training on different ways to market and advertise, but I didn't want to waste my time on that when I was going so well with Google Adwords.

There was no need.
Or so I thought.

One morning I woke up, turned on my computer and checked for leads, just like I'd done every day for months.

I was a little confused when I saw no new leads from the night before.

That's odd, I thought.

Then I checked my email… and the subject line jumped out at me from all the other emails on the page.

Your Google account has been suspended.

At first I thought it was a scam, someone's idea of a cruel joke.

But when I got on the phone and called my marketing buddies, I realized it was all true.
google slap imageI would later learn that I had experienced the famous “Google Slap”, and it was NO JOKE!

Google had decided to tighten up their advertising policies and making any kind of income claims was now a big NO-NO.

I didn't use income claims in my ads (it's not my style), but to make a long story short, Google decided that it would be easier to suspend all accounts having to do with Network Marketing, affiliate marketing or  business opportunities.

That was crazy!
Surely I thought they'd come to their senses and un-suspend my account.

I'm still waiting.
And it won't happen, at least not any time soon.

Overnight, my entire lead generation strategy had been shattered.
  • No new leads.
  • No new people to talk to.
  • No fresh income coming in.
The recipe for disaster for any business.

I was beyond upset.  I was mad!

Was I mad at Google for changing their Terms of Advertising overnight?
Yeah, a little.

But I was more mad at myself for allowing it to happen.

Anyone guess what I did wrong?

You're all smart, so I'm sure you picked it up.

Here it is —–>

I put all my marketing eggs in one basket.

My marketing strategy had only one source of new leads.

And when that source dried up, I was left with nothing.

I could have folded up my business and closed for good, but that's not me.
I decided to NEVER let this happen again.

Flash forward to today — I've got leads coming in from MULTIPLE sources —
  • Articles, videos, my blog.
  • Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • Solo Ads and Banner ads.
You get the point.

Now, if one source of leads was to disappear overnight, I've got 5-6 other ways to keep generating leads.

That's why it's so important to keep learning and expanding.

Yes, you start with 1-2 ways to market in the beginning.
But when you've got those working and bringing in leads, you don't rest.

You don't stop and rely on just those 1-2 sources of leads.

You expand…. you learn another way to bring in leads and add it to your marketing strategy.

So here is my Marketing Tip of the the Day:

NEVER rely on just ONE Marketing Strategy for Lead Generation

Just as you should have multiple streams of income, you should also have multiple streams of leads.

one image

That way, you will never wake up in the morning and find that your business is near dead.

Believe me, you don't want that feeling.

And guess what?

I've saved the best for last.

I even found an alternative to Google PPC that almost no one is using.
It's starting to get hot and people are getting a ton of leads for their business.

You may not have even heard of it, but I've got you covered.

Here is some free training on this Untapped Lead Source that no one is talking about…. yet.

Get ahead of the curve and your competitors and grab this training now.

Opt in is required, but the training is free.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, this is the System I use that is behind all this great training.

So get out there and develop several sources of leads for your business… don't let your business go away overnight because you relied on one lead source like I did!

    32 replies to "I Got Slapped!…. and I Deserved It"

    • Kurt

      Hey there,

      Yep, I remember well those days when Google Adwords was where it was at with the home business industry and then…entire businesses and downlines crumbled when the faucet got turned off.

      I think the best advice is, like you said, diversity in everything, traffic, lead sources, and of course income streams.



      • Bob

        Ah, yes Kurt.. those days when Google Adwords was the nirvana for all Marketers! Lessons learned, right?

    • Nicky

      I’m completely with you on this one Bob – I had just learned how to use Google adwords by taking one of Jim Yaghi’s courses and was ready to rock and roll, when the big slap came and that was it – over before I had started. I knew then that I would need to learn a few different techniques and this is when I bit the bullet and decided to learn how to use social media (having stuck my head in the sand screaming that this was just for the kids!)

      I believe you should learn at least 3 marketing strategies to drive traffic so that you do not have all your marketing eggs in one basket, but learning them one at a time and learning them well is best.

      Great post Bob,

      • Bob

        It’s a little bit of conflicting advice we give sometimes. I always tell my new team members to pick a method to market and get good at it. Make it work for you, driving leads and getting some sales. Don’t try to be a master of all.

        But that doesn’t mean that you stay with that one method once you master it. It’s important that you move on, pick another and master it, rinse and repeat until you have multiple streams of leads coming in.

    • Sally Thomson

      Thank you for the lesson! It was very useful for me as to google adwords!

      • Bob

        Welcome, Sally!

    • Brian D. Hawkins

      An important lesson a lot of us has learned Dr. Bob. I lost significant niche site income from the first big Panda update last year. It really is tough to invest a lot of time in other areas when we have one great method that seems to be working perfectly. Live and learn I guess.

      • Bob

        Live and learn indeed, Brian. We all got caught, but it was a good lesson for many, including me.

    • Sylviane Nuccio

      Great post Bob!

      What a good lesson for you and for all of us. Never put all our eggs in the same basket is so very true. Talking about eggs, the internet is a bit like WALKING on eggs it can crack in one way or another at any time, so better be safe then sorry!

      Thanks for this useful warning and have a great week end 🙂

      • Bob

        Like thin ice sometimes, right Sylviane? Thanks for the comment!

    • Sonia

      I use to work for Google back in the early 90’s when Google Adwords came out and believe they were even more expensive then. People were doing massive fraud clicking on other people’s ads costing them thousands, but they got smart and fixed that.

      In regards to putting all your eggs in one basket, I have faced that situation a time or too before and it can be a living nightmare if you don’t all bases covered. It’s like batting at base and don’t have a back up 1st baseman in case yours call in sick. You have to really dummy-proof your methods of marketing and have a willingness to try other things.

      When I worked in IT I remembered a company that use to sell a specific brand so much that they tailored their entire network around that brand. Now the brand is about almost out of business and they had to scramble to change their business model and offer other vendors. They ended up getting pigeon-holed as the company that only sold that brand. Eventually a good thing will come to an end.

      Great post Bob!

      • Bob

        Great point about getting pigeon-holed… I’m sure they’re not the only company that has fallen into that trap.

        You tend to fall in love with what’s working and forget to “save for a rainy day”, the day the bottom falls out and you have to start all over again.

        Thanks for the comment, Sonia.

    • Saksham Talwar

      I am on the same boat. I use Google Adwords excessively for promotions and getting leads and generating sales. They have rejected my ads some times, but so far haven’t suspended my account. This post teaches me a lesson, don’t rely on something and only that thing and instead diversify the sources of your traffic! Interesting post I must say!

      • Bob

        Never rely on 1 tool for your lead generation, Saksham. Diversification is the name of the game.. it’s true in marketing, business,and finances.

    • Nichole

      It is really expected that at times, there are ups and downs. Even in my business, I’ve been with tough times where in I could almost burst out in upset.

      I feel sorry about that but at least a lesson learned so that’s still make up the mistake taken.

      • Bob

        As long as we learn from our mistakes, being careful not to repeat them then we can usually recover.

        Thanks, Nichole.

    • Mitch Mitchell

      Great post, and I know what you mean. It’s not that I’ve gotten slapped by Google, but over the years I’ve thought that just using social media means of acquiring business would eventually work. It hasn’t, and now I’ve gone back to some of the traditional ways while not giving up on the social media part. Lessons learned all around.

      • Bob

        Great that you learned these lessons also, Mitch. It’s true in so many aspects of our lives — business, friendships, financial. Just not in marriage — here one is definitely enough!

    • Adrienne

      I tried using them when I first got online Bob but I was one of those that lost a LOT of money because I didn’t know how to do it the right way.

      The next time I invested a LOT of money in a course that was being taught by one of the very successful marketers who was killing it on Google but my ads never got approved. I was so frustrated so I just decided I would concentrate on all free methods. I just got tired of messing with it.

      I KNOW that training is awesome and I hope everyone grabs it while they can. It’s a fabulous way to get ahead of all the rest while you still can.

      Thanks for sharing this tip with us Bob and sorry that happened but it was a lesson learned.

      Hope you’re enjoying your weekend.


      • Bob

        Adwords can eat you alive if you’re not careful.. and it can be addicting.

        Glad you learned from this and now you are diversifying, Adrienne!

    • Latha

      I learnt this lesson too the hard way. Thanks for sharing.

      • Bob

        You’re welcome.

    • Brankica

      Sad to hear that, did they close “just” your Adwords account? and don’t they usually just suspend the ad? Terrible situation definitely.

      • Bob

        Hi Brankica,

        My account was first suspended, then deleted.. then they allowed me back on after much work.. and then suspended it again. I can technically get back on now, but I choose not to!

    • Carol Lynn Rivera

      I can relate in a different way. Some years ago, I had a really big client. That client was responsible for a really big chunk of my income and I also spent a whole lot of time servicing them because of it. One day that client decided to start cutting services to save money and I’m sure you can see where this is going. It took a long time to recover but it was a lesson well learned – I always remember the “eggs in one basket” advice and make sure that I’m spreading my time over many clients so that if one leaves, goes out of business or decides to cut, it won’t bring the whole business crashing.

      Your story was really compelling and it’s good advice for beginners and those of us who have been around for a while. It’s something nobody should forget!

      • Bob

        Exactly, Carol… great example. It’s the very same thing, leaving your income up to one or two main clients who can pull the plug at any time. In my mind, its far better to have many smaller clients, so that if one leaves you don’t feel it as much.

        Thanks for sharing your experience!

    • Ann

      I really liked your story and how you explained what happened. But I was sad that you didn’t tell even a little about your system. I am not in the habit of buying something without knowing more about it. I think you might find that others are that way, too. You need a bit more bait on your hook, so to speak. But thanks for the warning.

    • Dr. Bob Clarke

      Hi Oliver! Interesting comment, my friend.

      I would agree and disagree. I agree that your goal in MLM should be to have tactics that everyone can use to succeed. But in addition to those, the top marketers also use strategies that can bring maximum leads to their business. But yes, certainly your base strategies should me those that can be duplicated easily.

      As for diversification, I know of very few aspects in life where this doesn’t apply, except possibly marriage where it’s best to focus on one! 🙂

      I will never allow myself to get caught with one single lead source again… it just doesn’t make sense. But I agree that focus is important in the beginning. That’s why I tell my team to focus on one lead strategy first and get lead flow going, and then add another.

      Thanks for your insights and stimulating this discussion, Oliver.

    • Oliver Tausend

      Hi Bob,

      sorry to hear that. I have never used Google Adwords because it doesn’t duplicate success because average people will lose money they don’t have. A strategy average people can’t work with is doomed to fail in MLM. If you want me to share a strategy with you that truly duplicates success for average people with the desire to succeed, just shoot me an email. Or to say it with Jim Rohn:”You have all the information you need; the problem is that you are not exposing yourself to it.” I am sure that the solution sits somewhere on your hard drive waiting for you to apply it.

      Not putting all eggs in one basket isn’t a solution either; it’s questionable advice in fact. Warren Buffett said:”Only people who don’t know what they’re doing diversify. People who know what they’re doing focus.” Of course, he referred to investing, but doesn’t it hold true in so many other areas in life as well ?

      I hope I can sparkle the discussion as I am obviously the first one to comment.

      I wish you the best of success !

      Be blessed


      • Bob

        Hey Oliver,

        Don’t agree with you on this one, buddy. To not diversify is a recipe for disaster in my opinion. I can’t see any logic to putting all your hopes into one or even two things, whether we’re talking about marketing , businesses or finances. It just doesn’t make sense to me, regardless of what Mr. Buffet says.

        Of course, with his wealth he can afford to take major hits and still sleep at night.

        Thanks for your opinion, Oliver. It’s great that we can differ and stimulate a spirited discussion!

    • abhinav

      Great resources you share with us. Its very helpful for me thanks for it sharing.

      • Bob

        You’re welcome!

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