About 6 months after starting a home business, my wife said to me…

“You must have some kind of disease!!”

And she was right.

There's no official name for this disease, but it's a common affliction, nonetheless.

For lack of a better name, I call it…


PLS = Professional Learner Syndrome


There are thousands, maybe even millions afflicted with this disease, and it runs rampant in the Home Business space.

It's symptoms vary but often include…

  • a strong urge to learn new things because we feel insecure in our lack of knowledge.
  • an inability to focus on one thing because we want to learn as much as possible
  • lack of time to actually practice what we learn.  Rather, we thrive on the knowledge, not really the implementation.

You can usually spot a marketer with PLS pretty easily.

If you were to look on their computer, you'd find lots of courses or training on their hard drive, never opened.

And if you looked at their video channel or blog, you'd see posts or videos with a wide range of topics, with no identifiable pattern or theme.  

These people seem to know a little about a lot of things.

But not enough to make money in any specific area.

Any of this sound familiar???


I was speaking with a fellow marketer yesterday and I could immediately tell he was afflicted with PLS…

And it's close cousin, Shiny Object Syndrome.

I asked him how he spends his marketing time.

And he said…

“Mostly on webinars!”

A light went off in my brain.  It triggered a vivid memory.

I remember for YEARS when I started my business, all I wanted to do was learn.

So I would work all day, commute home, have dinner and then…

Jump on the Webinar-Du-Jour.

I was on webinars 6 nights a week!

Learning, Learning, Learning…

I became pretty smart in a lot of things.
But a master of none.

And the reason I was a “master of none” was simple…

I didn't actually DO anything!

It came to a head one night when I came to bed after yet another webinar.

My wife, half-asleep, asked me a question that would strike me like a lightning bolt…

“With all these webinars you're attending, are you making any money?”


I was embarrassed to tell her the truth.

So I mumbled something so she would just go back to sleep.

But I KNEW the answer, and it kept me awake.

I knew that I had become a Professional Learner.
And I knew it had to stop

So I made a big decision…

And it scared me, frankly.

I decided that I would FOCUS on only one area of marketing.

I would embrace the POWER of ONE…

Focus on ONE product/service to sell.
Using ONE marketing method.
Selling to ONE target market.

Since I've done that, my results have increased exponentially.

It's crazy.

Read:  Essentialism:  A Must-Read Book For Part-Time Entrepreneurs


Not that I haven't faltered and gone back to my PLS ways on occasion.  Changing a habit is always one-step forward, two steps back, right?

But over time, I've totally switched from a person who wants to know a little about a lot of things…

To someone who focuses on one area of marketing and masters it through actually DOING it!

Any of this sound familiar?


If you're suffering from PLS or it's related affliction, Shiny Object Syndrome, I'm offering my help.

Just yesterday I helped a guy who was knee-deep in PLS and shiny object.  He didn't have much time for his business, but he was wasting it by being unfocused and unproductive.

We changed that.
He now has a plan.

I can help you to do the same. 

Reach out to me at Bob@BobandRosemary.com for more details.


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It's Your Time to SHINE!


Dr. Bob Clarke

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