scam imageEverywhere you turn these days….

You can't help but notice.

  • Every company is a SCAM.
  • Every training platform has HATERS.
  • Every tool is a waste of time.

It's a little scary, right?

We've become a society of skeptics, and for good reason.

There ARE scams out there and it seems they're all around us.

Just today, I got a handful of scam emails telling me I had won a huge prize or inheritance, if only I would give them some personal information.

Yeah, right!

So what about MLM scams?

Have there been MLM scams in the past and do they exist even now?  

Are there training platforms that don't deliver and tools that are a waste of time and money?

Unfortunately, yes.

Of course, you have to do your research before you jump into ANY business or purchase.

But if you were to believe all the claims of MLM scams out there, you'd come away thinking that 95% of the MLM opportunities are scams.

I'm here to tell you…

Very few, I repeat VERY FEW of these claims are real.

But you find them everywhere for one of 3 reasons:

1. Someone is trying to get an article ranked high on Google for a company keyword.

2. Someone is trying to make another company/product look bad to promote their own ahead of it (and benefit from the sale, of course).

3. Someone couldn't make it work and decided not to look in the mirror for the reason why.

Bottom line: These claims are almost always SELF SERVING and not to be trusted.

Here's an example of the search results from one of the most popular MLM companies ever, AMWAY:

mlm scam image

Amazing, right?

And if you were to click on each of these results, I'm betting you'd find that they have “a better company” to offer.

I've seen this happen with EVERY program or company I've been with over the years….


When an MLM Gains Popularity, the SCAM Label is sure to Follow

It's always the same.

Whenever an MLM company gains traction and puts itself on the map, it is soon labeled an MLM scam.

Of course, as I told you above these claims are always self-serving.

For example, one of the new kids on the block is called… 

Network Marketing VT… and it's converting like CRAZY.

They even allow those interested to take a 2-week free trial.

Can you imagine someone having a problem with that?

But you guessed it… a group of people have decided to call it a scam.

Some are looking to piggyback on the traffic and some people are just plain old haters.

But while they're hate mongering all over Facebook, a bunch of people are making some great money promoting it.

Your Take Home Message

Decide on the worth of a company or product based on your OWN research and due diligence.

Don't buy into the haters and people screaming “Scam!” all over the Internet… they are just looking to promote their own resources.

If you take their word for it, you'll NEVER move forward!

    3 replies to "MLM Scams, Haters, and Time Wasters…. What’s up with That?"

    • Adrienne

      I agree with you Bob, some people are just looking for that traffic and were taught the best ways to get attention.

      I actually hate those particular posts because I really am doing some research to find out if it’s legitimate or not and for the most part I run across more information trying to sell me on yet another opportunity.

      It’s just like I always share too, I don’t promote anything that I haven’t used myself or stand behind. So most people really need to do their due diligence before they go telling everyone that a particular business is dishonest. How would they like it if people started saying that about them just to get that “traffic”.

      When the shoe is on the other foot it’s a whole other story.

      Hope you and Rosemary have a wonderful week and a really enjoyable Thanksgiving.


    • Wade

      Great post Bob. I love the naysayers who spout their garbage about MLM scams. Anyone reading this post who cannot discern between a scam and a legitimate opportunity does not have the right to own a computer. Personally, I believe people run around calling MLM a scam so that they can feel good about not having to work. It’s a cop out for lazy people.

    • David Harman

      Great post Bob!

      Most MLM opportunities are to develop a business. Many people seem to think that running your own business means sitting back and watching the money roll in. Unfortunately this doesn’t happen in the real world. Any successful business requires that four-lettered word – WORK!

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