online marketing tipsOf all the online marketing tips I can give you, this is the most powerful.

Using it will devastate your competitors and make them cry as you legally steal their leads and sales right out from under them!

And guess what?

It's simple to do.

You don't need a lot of experience to pull it off.

And it can work for both Network Marketing and Affiliate Marketing.

Have I piqued your interest yet?

Introducing the 2-Step Method For Marketing Online Products

Watch the video below and I'll take you through the 2 Step Method of marketing any online product:


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Online Marketing Tips:  The 2-Step Method In Action

I learned this strategy from one of my high level coaches, and as online marketing tips go, this one is sweet!

Not only can anyone do it, but it works for any product from any company in any industry.

It simply involves putting YOURSELF between your LINK and the OFFER.

Here's what it looks like in action…

STEP ONE:  On my blog, I have a tab for an Online System I use called Elite Marketing Pro.

You can see it in the picture below…

EMP link on blog


You know what most marketers do at this point?

They link this tab so that anyone who clicks it goes DIRECTLY to the Elite Marketing Pro lead capture page.

It's fast.

It's easy.

And it BLENDS IN with everyone else out there doing the same thing.

Oh… and it's LAZY MARKETING.

STEP TWO:  Insert yourself between the link and the lead capture page.

I created a short video where I discussed what I've found to be the biggest ADVANTAGES of using Elite Marketing Pro to build your business.

And I stuck the video on another page on my blog simply called WHY I RECOMMEND ELITE MARKETING PRO…

why i recommend EMP blog page


So when someone clicks on the Elite Marketing Pro link on my blog, they come to the above page, Why I Recommend Elite Marketing Pro.

After they've listened to my video and they feel compelled to click on the Red Click Now button, they're sent to the Elite Marketing Pro lead capture page that looks like this…

EMP Landing Page

You see how simple that is?

Simply by injecting yourself between the link and the landing page, you've STOOD OUT from 97% of your competitors, those marketing the same products that you are.

Because they're lazy…

You are NOT!

You can kill it in any program you're in if you just follow the devastating 2-Step Method for marketing your products.

Take It One Step Further…

Let's take it another step.

What if you were to create multiple videos about your product, each telling a story about a different benefit?

What do you think would happen?

Over time, these videos would act as lead-generating soldiers for you, providing prospects while you sleep.

Wouldn't it be great to wake up to multiple lead notifications in your inbox?

That's the POWER of this strategy if you use it consistently!


Did you like that?

Have you used this strategy before?

Can you see yourself using it now?

LEAVE A COMMENT and join in the discussion.

To your success!

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    • Sonny Lanorias

      Hi Dr. Bob,

      Great post! Thanks for the tip. By doing this 2 step method, you are gonna separate yourself from the lazy ones lol, right on the spot. Be unique, be valuable plus it builds up your brand. You’re awesome! Thanks again. Cheers!


      • Bob Clarke

        You got it, buddy!

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