OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOnline marketing training can get to be expensive — 1 course here, 1 course there over the course of a couple years can add up to some big bucks.

At least that was my experience.

But I knew that the only way I'd be able to learn the new skills I'd need to get to the top was to pay the price.

So I did.

Course after course, webinar after webinar, late night after late night.

And you know what?

After a while, I started sharing what I'd learned with others and they loved it.

And I started to build a following.

It's the beginning of INFLUECE and the beginning of success.

Why Am I Giving Away Over $10K In Online Marketing Training?

Last year, I sent out 30 emails to my list over the course of one month.

Each one contained a lesson, something pivotal that I had learned and wanted to share.

That's 30 lessons in 30 days…

30 valuable online marketing lessons in 30 days.

And they LOVED it!

But I got to thinking about the rest of you who never got to see it…

And I made the decision to offer it again.

I explain more in the video below..


You're welcome!

There's one thing you can do for me…

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That's all I ask.

You are awesome…


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    • Penny Turko

      Thank you so much for sharing BOB!! The Value you offer in second to none! You are appreciated!

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