mlm business imageI hear this all the time from people trying to build their MLM business…

“I've run out of people to talk to!”


Seriously, many people struggle with finding others to talk to about their business…

especially after they've burned through their Warm Market.

Last Monday, I learned this cool strategy on a training webinar and I

wanted to share it with you.

I call it….

How To Find 30 People Online to Talk to About Your MLM Business… in 30 Mins/Day or Less

Enjoy the training video...

So that's exactly how you can use Facebook, YouTube and Twitter (or any combination of the 3) to find more people to talk to.

Here's the next question I get…

“What Should I Say?”

My best advice is to BE NATURAL.

Find something of mutual interest that you share (check their profiles) and talk about THAT, to start.

Ask questions… and LISTEN.

Be real, be natural… and NEVER EVER send them a link to your business without their permission.

If you can't resist doing this, don't do this strategy…

or your reputation as a SPAMMER will precede you!

If you want more training like this, be sure to get on my list.

Only those on my list get access to my TRAINING VAULT.

It's private… and it's GOOD.

    7 replies to "How to Find 30 People/Day Online to Talk About Your MLM Business…. in 30 Minutes or Less"

    • Tom

      I just tested it out and will look to connect with a few more people. Thx for the video!

    • madhuri

      Hello ,
      Really great topic and post.I agree with the points mentioned here.. I find something cool here.. Great share.

    • Lee

      Hi I am just starting out on my social media side of my business promotion.great video it doesn’t seem to effect your loading time having videos on your site. That’s good because that was or thing that was worrying me. I haven’t even set up face book and twitter for my site yet. Times seems to be running to fast throughout the day. That was next on my list. So your post has been very helpful

      Thanks lee

    • Stephen Hawaryat

      Hey Bob, you hit it right on the head. The method is simple and many don’t realize how easy it is, to contact people. It’s a straight forward legal approach that works over time.

    • Jared

      Hi Bob,

      I have heard this message before but for some reason the way you told it made sense. I agree about leaving a message with the friend request. If I do not get a message then I delete it.

      Thanks for the down to earth message.


    • Adrienne

      Great message Bob and enjoyed the video that you shared.

      I agree, people fail to send an email when connecting with people especially on Facebook. I might get two a month out of hundreds of people who send me requests. I delete them all.

      Great way to connect with people, I agree so thanks for sharing why it’s important.

      Hope you’re doing well, haven’t seen you in awhile.


    • Robert David Strong

      Hey Bob,

      These are some really great strategies, I love how you tell people that if they cannot resist in putting in a link in their message, then they should not use this strategy.

      I get messages almost on a daily basis, and guess what there is a link in every one of the messages, showing me a way to make 10k a week. Shocking!

      I have turned it back on them and asked them how their marketing strategy is working for them….it is kind of funny.

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