online marketing success imageOnline Marketing Success is NOT hard but people tend to make it more difficult than it has to be.

I don't know why…

Maybe they don't know how easy it came be.

In fact, when you know what to do it's SO easy…

Even a caveman can do it (to borrow a successful TV and radio marketing campaign).

Online Marketing Success — Why Does It Seems So Hard?

I think it's human nature to over complicate things.

I'm no pop psychologist, but I'll bet it has something to do with hero worship.

Most people think, “I could never do what THEY do, they're “gurus!”


Stop it.

I mean, just stop it.

People who are online marketing success stories are people just like you and me…

They have the same problems as others, they have the same obstacles.

But here's the difference.

They've learned a few things along the road…

1.  It's not hard to have online marketing success if you know what to do

2.  Most people have no idea what to do.

3.  When you find someone who knows, you LATCH onto them and learn.

That's what Rosemary and I have done.

We've been lucky enough (or smart enough) to find some VERY savvy marketers who have boiled down Online Marketing Success to just a few tasks done every single day.

And they have nothing to do with the latest, greatest tool or service…

These are distractions!

Keeping focussed on the few things each day that will ALWAYS grow your business is what will make YOU the next Online Marketing Success Story!

Online Marketing Success – Dumbing it Downonline marketing success

I'm not being obnoxious when I say this, but most people NEED things to be simplified for them.

And it's not really their fault.

There are SO many distractions and shiny objects that we all get hit with day in and day out.

But you gotta have a filter.

Here's your filter…

Do these 3 things every day in your business and you will FLY…

Maybe not today or tomorrow,

Maybe not next week,

And maybe not even next month.

But eventually, you WILL score.

As my mentor told me (and she got it from someone else…

“Focus on Building a Business Rather Than a Quick Hit Sale”

Do These 3 Things Every Day For Online Marketing Success

1.  Meet 10 new people every single day

Okay, breathe.

You're probably saying something like, “I don't have time for that, and besides… I'm shy!”

No worries, I got you covered.

Here's where leveraging the power of social media will save you a ton of time, energy and stress.

Check this out –> How To Find 30 People to Talk to Online in 30 Minutes a Day or Less

The key is NOT to sell or present your business, the important thing is to just MEET them, start a conversation and CONNECT.

The other stuff will come with time.

2.  Create on Piece of Content

Creating a piece of content each day serves a BIG purpose…

It will help you be EVERYWHERE and NOWHERE at the same time.


Content is everlasting…

And people will see if for days, months and even years to come.

If you create 1 piece of content every day, you will soon appear to be everywhere,

even when you're on vacation with your family or catching up on your sleep.

If you need help creating content, try these resources:

Making Videos that Suck in Leads All Day Long

Creating Content and Getting Leads/Sales Through Blogging

Posting Content on Purpose for Leads and Profit

And if productivity is your problem, 

If you just can't seem to get things done and are always short on time…

Grab this free training:  How to Run Your Business in 2 Hours a Day or Less

 3.  Communicate With Your List

As you meet more and more people, and you create more and more content,

You'll want to COLLECT their information…

and build your list.

And as you're doing this, you want to COMMUNICATE with them, to help them and to…

Allow them to TRUST you.

If you need help getting started with this,

Check out this post –>

What if you don't have a list to communicate with?

This is the fastest way I've seen to get a head start on building your list.

So, that's it!

Not all that complicated, right?

— Connect with 10 people

— Create one piece of content daily

— Communicate with your list.

It's the FORMULA for Online Marketing Success! 


    5 replies to "Online Marketing Success for Cavemen"

    • Kevin

      Hi Bob

      Great article on keeping things simple instead of complicating it. I think most people think that it’s hard because it is online. They encounter terms that are not familiar with them so they tend to make it harder for themselves. If they actually just take a moment and try to learn online marketing one by one, I am sure it will just be a piece of cake for them.

    • Saif

      Thank you so much. The strategies are no doubt invaluable, but I personally want to know more about ONLINE MARKETING 🙂

    • Wade

      Great post Bob. I agree, keep it simple and repeat the basics day in and day out.

    • Ammar Ali

      Thankx For This Articles i appreciate your work 🙂 <3
      just aweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesomeeeeee work brother <3

    • Sandra Barker

      Nice post! I absolutely agree with you. People just make things complicated for them to be challenged. Being an internet marketer is easy when you know what the right things to do. Thank you for this post. I really enjoyed reading it. The caveman is exaggerating I supposed.

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