imagesWhen you hear the word “Ego”, what do you think about?

If you're like most, you may relate Ego to being an Egomaniac

Those people who think REALLY highly of themselves.

I mean, it's great (and essential) to think a lot of yourself and your abilities.

But for some, it's just WAY over the top!

If you know anyone like that, you know that it's hard to be around them.

It's always ME, ME, ME.

It's not a great space to be in if you wanna build a business related to helping others…

Business is supposed to be all about the customer, so if you're only thinking and talking about yourself, your business will likely suffer.

It's a HUGE turn off.


But what about the opposite?

What about having a very WEAK ego?  What can THAT do to your business?

This is the subject of my video training below… take a look:


So what do you think?

Do you agree?

Do you know people like this?

Or does this describe you?

LEAVE A COMMENT and let me know!


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    6 replies to "Is Your Ego Getting In The Way Of Your Business Success?"

    • Monu Alag

      Quite impressive article .Know some new things about ego.We must control our ego. Because unnecessary thing are dangerous.:-)

    • Fredy

      Ego can be very destructive especially when it comes to business. You can lose great connections which can bring millions of money to your business because of it. On the other hand we see a weak person can as well lose because of fear or at times feeling unworthy. What can be effective is balancing the two and considering others as well as focusing on your targets. This can solve the whole issue

    • Jake

      Ego is dangerous. The best way to solve any ego issue is asking ourselves “what can I do?” and not “who am I?”.

      because the last one can lead to misunderstandings. We can misunderstand ourselves, absolutely!

      But if we know what we can do, this is the important fact that must lead our way, everyday.

    • joe arrrigo

      Ego can compromise competence, focusing attention onto ourselves—protecting our beliefs, our image, our need to be right, our need to project something we are not, defending our mistakes, self-deception, obstructing a new idea, etc., because the ego is not inquisitive and not interested in new information that might weaken its reign.

      By taming the ego, we allow our intellect to guide us in personal leadership rather than handing it off to a spoiled child.

    • joe arrrigo

      I agree wholeheartedly. Ego is a very expensive partner, it never pays its way. I\’ve written an article on this very topic titled, “Ego and Competence.” If you\’d care to read the article, enter the title in Google search, and it should come up on the first page.

      • Bob Clarke

        Awesome, thanks Joe. I’ll check it out!

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