As a Part Time Entrepreneur with a Full Time job, I know better than most the struggles and frustrations of trying to build a Part Time MLM business “on the side”.  

I've heard every excuse in the book; in fact, I used many of them many times myself when explaining the lack of progress in my business:

  • I don't have the time to devote to my business.
  • I'm just too tired after a full day of work.
  • My employee mindset keeps getting in the way.

Enough already with the excuses.


full time job imageYou see, the truth is that your Full Time Job can be one of your biggest ASSETS of your Part Time MLM business.

How can this be?  Bear with me.

How Your Full Time Job is an Asset to your Part Time MLM Business

It's true, if you take the time to think about it.

Sure, there are limitations to having a job AND trying to build a business.  We all know what they are.

But there are ADVANTAGES as well.

1.  You Can Pay Your Bills

Building a business is a PROCESS…. it takes time.  And if you're worried about your next mortgage payment or paying the electric bill next month, you simply won't have the time to let the process take place.

2.  You Won't Appear Desperate For the Salehigh pressure sales image

Nothing will make a potential prospect run faster than the feeling of being pressured into a purchase.  

But that's exactly what happens when you feel like you “need to make a sale” on this next call or next presentation.  

When you don't face this desperation, you can relax, be yourself and build your business on the foundation of helping others first.  

It's really the only way to build a successful MLM business anyway.

3.  You Can Fund Your Marketing

Free marketing is great, don't get me wrong.  But when you can mix in some paid marketing like placing ads on Facebook or buying ad space on a website, your business will grow that much faster.

Having a Full Time job will allow you to do just that.

4.  You Can Pay for Outsourcing

Let's face it, there's just so many hours in the day.  Sometimes we need to find others to do some of the work for us.

Outsourcing on sites like is a great way to use your time most productively, spending it on things that you are most talented.

5.   You Will Have Money to Attend Live Events

Attending a live event is one of the most important things you can do for your Part Time MLM business — not so much for what you'll learn, but more for who you'll meet.

You'll get to see with your own eyes that there are real success stories, many of whom will be just like you.  

And you'll meet people and begin to form relationships with others that may turn out to be future collaborators in your business.

You won't believe how many times I've heard people say, “I just can't afford to travel to a Live Event”.

With a Full Time Job, that excuse goes out the window.

Controversial or Realistic

I recognize that, to many this post is controversial, if not downright heresy.

“Fire Your Boss” has become the mantra of the MLM industry.  You hear it everywhere, in ads throughout the Internet.

But I say this… NOT SO FAST!  Sometimes the voice of reason must be heard!

That boss you want to fire is also the one who pays you.

And until you are ready to spread your wings and be a Full Time Entrepreneur, your Full Time job can be one of your biggest assets.

So What Do You Think?

This is a bit controversial, so speak out!  What do you think?

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    13 replies to "Recognize That Your J-O-B Can Be an Asset to your Part Time MLM Business"

    • filomena

      nice comments, by the way I love what I do (wedding flowers) but I am always looking for new ways to get more income,I have been a part-time entrepreneur for almost 32 years I love it,I invite you to read my blog

    • Jamella

      Hello Bob,

      I found your blog on a list posted by Adrienne Smith. I greatly enjoyed this post. I have a full time job and am working my business “on the side.” You raise very valid points. Without my full time job, I would not be able to fund my business as I like. As you said, free is good, but sometimes we have to pay for things to run our businesses properly. Totally agree with you on your last point. Attending live events with like minded people is incredibly energizing. There’s nothing like it!

    • Timo Kiander

      So true!

      I have blogged about this topic myself couple of times.

      In fact, I was reminded by my wife, that my day job bills my training bills 🙂


    • Donna Merrill

      Hi Bob, I enjoyed this blog post. When I coach people I tell them to keep their J-O-B until they are making enough money to quit. I call it their “back door” Everyone needs a “Back Door” in this economy. So, that being said, one can make the time to work on their business effectively as you told us above. I favor outsourcing. You cannot believe how much you can get done with or a local add on Craigslist. I’ve done it many times to give myself more time to focus on my business. There is so many hours in one day and if you want to multitask, you will burn out quickly.
      There is also a free way to do it. I’ve contacted local high schools and junior colleges and had students come and teach me a program. They do this for credits. Check it out.
      When I was in the MLM business, I attended events. I usually split it with an upline and we both prospered. Just think Creatively and your business will overtake your J-O-B.
      Great Post.

    • Michelle

      Your first and last points really resonated with me.

    • Please keep up the great work. I would recommend this blog to anyone!

    • Cori Rizzo

      So true Bob! We can be controversial together.

    • Adrienne

      I agree Bob, brilliant post.

      When I read the headline I was thinking the same thing VaNessa said that Jim Rohn taught. “I’m working fulltime on my job, and part time on my fortune.” Now that’s a story that will get heads to turning. Sure, it takes a lot of work especially if you have a full-time job along with a family but isn’t that why you do this in the first place? To be able to provide for your family so that you can quit the full-time job?

      I’m fortunate enough that this is my full-time job but for those working toward this, I’m sure that all the reasons you listed here should be plenty of reasons to keep moving forward. In the end, it’s so worth all the hard work you put in.

      Bravo my friend,


    • Ted


      Your advice about a person’s full time job is applicable whether they are involved in MLM or some other business opportunity. I think people are crazy for giving up a full time job before they have built up their new business enough first. I think building a part time business is much smarter to start off. You will be able to take your time to really learn what you are doing without the added pressure of worrying about paying your monthly bills.

    • VaNessa Duplessie

      Brilliant Post Bob. I have coached many client who is working full-time yet wants to work their business full time. I love what Oliver said about keeping your job until you’re making twice as much in your business.

      Jim Rohn said it best: “I’m working fulltime on my job, and part time on my fortune”

      I recommend to many, especially if they are struggling – to get a J-O-B. There is nothing wrong with that. It helps keep the lights on and the stress away while you are building your business.

      There’s nothing that stops one in their tracks more than stress, overwhelm and financial worry.

      If you have a job, keep it as long as you can until you are ready with a cushion in the bank. If you’ve lost your job, work on finding another one or do some freelance work while you are building your business. This allows you do feel less stress around having to make it all happen fast.

      Great post Bob and I could go on more but I’ll be quiet now!

    • Oliver Tausend

      Hi Bob,

      interesting article, thanks for sharing your insights. The best thing to build wealth is building a business part-time and keeping the job until we make twice as much in our business. If we quit our job as soon as our business income matches our job income, we’ll get into trouble when we make less – and if it’s only a 100 $ – than our working income from time to time. I wonder how many people will read your post and yet not follow its teachings.Something that always amazes me with people – myself included – is that they have all the information right in front of them…and just don’t recognize its value.

      Be blessed


      • Herbert

        Truly Sir Oliver 😀 There are just people who doesn’t know how to weigh things out 😀

    • Tory

      Plus, in many cases you’ll have health benefits with a full-time job, dental, matching 401k, ESOP plan, etc. It would take a hefty sum of money to replace all that, which a lot of people tend to overlook when chasing the dot com lifestyle.

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