find your voiceIt's non-negotiable — if you want to beat out your competition and stand out from the marketing crowd, you'll need to find your voice.

Your voice — that unique blend of personality and experiences that makes you… YOU!

Lots of people struggle with this, because they feel like they have to be someone else in order to get results online.

They try to be like their marketing buddies, their coach, or worst…

Their successful competitors.

The reality is this…

If you're gonna make life changing income in Network/Internet Marketing, you'll need to gain a loyal following of people who “get you” at a very basic level.

The same level where they feel safe, secure, and ready to buy…. from YOU!

Some Great Quotes To Help You Find Your Voice

Here are some great quotes I found to help inspire you to find your voice.



find your voice




Just What Is “Your Voice”?

Your voice is who you are.  It's your essence.

It's a unique blend of :

  • Your thoughts
  • Your experiences
  • Your philosophy
  • Your opinions
  • Your upbringing
  • Your habits
  • Your faith

Most important, your voice is… YOU!

You don't need to find it… it's already inside you.

You just have to let it out!

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Once You Find Your Voice, Be Sure You're Letting It Out!

I recently did a short Periscope training where I talked about this very subject.

In the training, I gave 3 tips to find your voice and be sure you're letting it out for others to hear!


So what did you think of the 3 tips I gave at the 9:45 mark of the training?

Simple as pie, right?

Bottom line is this — you want to attract others to you based on WHO YOU ARE!

You won't be successful trying to be someone you're not.

The discrepancy will show up on your message, your videos and  your marketing.

Others will see right through it, and you'll come off insincere and untrustworthy.

And that, is the worst scenario of all!

Your Turn

Do you have any other tips to find your voice and build You, Inc?

Leave a comment below and share in the discussion.

And please SHARE this post with others who it may help!
To your success!

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    4 replies to "How To Find Your Voice In A World Of Marketing Copycats"

    • Steve Jarman

      Great post Bob! I have been thinking about this topic a lot the last few months and believe it’s so important to ‘find your own voice’. It’s key and will make it easier to follow your passion when understanding and recognizing your own point of view. Thanks again and look forward to more of your valuable content!

      • Bob Clarke

        Hey Steve, thanks for the comment. And you’re absolutely right… in this crowded information age in which we live, you need to find your own voice, your own angle.

        This will draw your audience towards you and if you keep consistent, will result in a large following.

        Looking forward to seeing you here again!

    • Bob, yes, you nailed it! So many new MLM bloggers sound the same, “how to get Leads with Facebook.” Boring! Gotta bring personality to the table, might take practice and balls, but eventually it pays off big! Thanks again.

      • Bob Clarke

        Exactly, Erik… exactly!

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