FEAR is a huge obstacle for most home business builders, whether they're full time or building a business “on the side”.

— Fear of failure

— Fear of rejection

— Fear of embarrassing yourself

— Fear of letting your family down.

But there's one FEAR that's especially relevant to Part Timers that can stop you COLD!

I call it…


The Fear of Making Mistakes

mistakes training



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    5 replies to "The Fear Of Making Mistakes"

    • Tuhin Parvez

      So far I know, – Fear of failure. It’s the main fear of every marketer.
      But I don’t know why :O I believe one thing that No Risk, No Gain.

    • Nicole

      I totally concur that fear is an immense snag which comes in the middle of us and achievement. Fear really beings because of numerous reasons however the essential one would be of not succeeding and of commuting errors. The main answer for this is to overcome it now.


    • Jrafi Smith

      Great point and a nice article. I believe that if you write about whatever you are passionate about you will receive a lot larger following.People can tell when you write about something of values vs something to simply appease… I just found you blog, and look forward to seeing future updates evern if they aren’t daily posts…
      Thanks for sharing a great article.

    • Worli

      Absolutely! You make many mistakes in life, and you have many absurd ideas but making mistakes is important for learning.

      George Bernard Shaw writes, “A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing”.

    • Sagar

      I completely agree that fear is a huge obstacle which comes in between us and success. Fear actually originates due to many reasons but the primary one would be of not succeeding and of making mistakes. The only solution for this is to overcome it.

      Thank you for sharing.

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