fear of failureThe fear of failure is real.  

We can try to pretend it's something else (like procrastination, time crunch) but in the end, most times it comes down to a fear of failing at something.

You don't want to look dumb.

You don't want to make a critical mistake.

And you certainly don't want to lose money!

I get it.

I've been there.

But something happened to me lately that put the fear of failure in perspective and showed me a HUGE life (and business) lesson.

First, let's get some inspiration from some fear of failure quotes.

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2 Questions You Ask Yourself When Facing Death

You may or may not know, but I recently had heart surgery.

It was a bit unexpected and shocking, to say the least.

I really didn't have any major symptoms, but sometimes God has other plans.

Anyway, I had about 4 days to prepare mentally for the surgery.

And there were 2 questions that kept coming back to my mind.

The first:  What will I be remember for if I die??

Tough question, right?

I want to be remembered as a good husband, good father, good friend, and someone always willing to help.

The second question is even tougher, in my opinion.

It's this…

Why didn't I do more?

Watch the short video below.  

It's a Facebook Live I did where I go into detail on this all important second question and what you can do about it NOW:


Watch Me Now

So the surgery went well and I am recovering.

And I am redoubling my efforts to help other Part Timers (and Full Timers) build their business.

I am pushing the Fear of Failure to the curb.

Quite honestly, it's stopped me way too many times in spreading my knowledge and advice to others.

They are missed chances at helping others who are struggling.

No more!

No more missed chances!

Make sure you're getting my email newsletter so you'll get notified of every new training I do.

There will be many.

It's time to change as many lives as possible!

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Your Turn

Have you let the fear of failure stop you in your business?

Have any tricks you use to overcome the fear of failure?

Leave a comment and join in the conversation.

To your success!

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