mindset shiftIt's another killer episode of Experts Speak!, our panel of 20+ expert bloggers revealing their secrets so that you can prosper in your business.

But first, some great news!

We are thrilled to have 4 incredible additions to our Experts Speak family:  Ray Higdon, Tracey Walker, Michelle Pescosolido, and Heather Stephens.

All are unbelievably successful bloggers and marketers and we're so happy they decided to join us.

You'll hear from Heather and Ray today.  Tracey and Michelle will chime in on our next question.

Welcome, guys!

Okay, back to the show! 🙂

This month's question came as a result of a conversation I had with one of my students a while back.  He was an eager beaver who just wanted to get online and start making money.

I explained to him the importance of working on himself and his mindset, since he'd been an employee for over 10 years.

His response?

“I don't care about all that mindset crap.  Just show me how to place some ads”

So I got to wondering  just how important a role MINDSET played in the success of our experts.

This led to this month's Experts Speak Question of the Month:


“What Mindset Shift had the Most Pronounced Effect on Your Business Success?”

Go inside the business (and the brains) on these top bloggers as they reveal their biggest shifts in mindset on their path to the success they now enjoy.

richard goutal imageRichard Goutal of Fitting The Pieces

“The biggest mindshift for me occurred gradually but crystallized in early November. For the longest time I have looked around the online marketing landscape and wondered about the many people who at least appear to be having a good time, but are making very little money. I see so many that are moving all over the marketing maze in random fashion, not reaching the maze-exit (profit).

I had been accumulating in my mind the reasons for this, like –

a) lack of niche clarity
b) fear and other mindset issues
c) lack of a plan with a basis in business reality
d) distracted by training courses which may or may not be useful
e) distracted by product launches
f) distracted by social media quotes and shares

Indeed, it was in November, as I looked at the launch of another interesting product by some powerful marketers, that it just reached the point of both frustration and realization. I wanted to promote the product (it was really good!), but I felt like I would be contributing to the mental-clutter of so many other marketers. I wanted to try to explain that, so I began to make a video. The more I thought about the message of the video, the more I realized that I didn't want to promote my “”niche”” (collaboration for marketers) in a vacuum either. It was just another distraction for others. I wanted to put collaboration in context with the whole marketing structure. This has led to what I call a product centered strategy; but even that is likely to contribute to the clutter of others. So I will summarize like this:

For me personally, the mindset shift is to focusing on products (making and selling).

But for my list and followers, my shift is to a systematic instruction in the whole marketing process. I'd like to guide others to see that the latest launch product should not take over your thinking. Rather you and I need to take control of our own thinking about marketing or forever be a consumer.

I had to put aside the original video clip that got me started on all this while I worked on a book that explains it. BUT, if you click the link you can get a sneak look at my snarkey video intro.”

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kristi hines imageKristi Hines of Kikolani.com

I think one of the hardest shifts to make for some is that they have something to offer.  You see so many experts out there, and you might feel that there is no room for you to get into the market.

But there is!

There is always something that you know that others don't, or something that you can explain better than others can.  Once you have confidence in your expertise, you will be able to market and brand yourself in a way that will attract business your way.  When I had this shift in the way I thought about myself, I was able to branch out on my own and have stayed steadily busy ever since.

Learn More About Kristi at KristiHines.com  


kim castleberry imageKim Castelberry of Just Ask Kim

For me the biggest shift has been that I can't “save” someone from scammy marketers if they aren't willing to save themselves.

All this results in is me not making a sale and them buying from the spammy person anyways. It's resulted in me now finding a more balanced approach to offering the hot toys while explaining pros and cons. At least if I put my links out there (assuming the product isn't total garbage) I can uphold my ethics with a true review… while enabling the person to buy from me if they want it, rather than totally passing over money that they would have gladly given me.

Its a more sound (and sane) approach to ethical marketing because someone that is in “perpetual buying mode” is going to buy from “someone” it might as well be someone that has helped them! Preferably me (and preferably something they can actually use, when possible!)

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adrienne smith imageAdrienne Smith of AdrienneSmith.net

“I'm not sure if you would exactly call it a “”shift”” or not but I've always been extremely grateful. Every morning before I start my day I thank God for what I have.

Once I started my own business and started diving more into personal development I realized that I should also thank him for what I have although it hasn't quite shown up yet.

I noticed within just a two month period that a lot of what I was thanking him for was showing up. Anything from opportunities being presented to me to people reaching out to me giving me support to results I was getting in my business.

For me, this is when everything really started to fall into place for me personally and for my business.”

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emma tiebens imageEmma Tiebens of The Relational Marketer

“This is a biggie for sure! I have always been in tune with my “”Mindset”” as this is the very first of the “”5 Ms”” that I remind people about… Rarely does one become effective at sharing and Marketing and their Message and rallying others to join their Mission to create Money Miracles in their lives and other people's lives if they don't start with Mindset.

I don't really have just one particular memory of a “”Mindset Shift”” that had the most pronounced effect on my business success as I had several and they gently presented themselves in phases.

First, when I was a newbie marketer, I had to tell myself:

“”Give yourself grace… you are going for mastery and mastery takes time. Become a functionalist, not a perfectionist””

Next as I get to attract highly influential people in my life, I had to “”grow up fast””! Many times when I would feel not good enough, I would say:

“”Stop playing small… it's time to step into the role that I have imagined for myself”” – a quote from my amazing coach, Mark Rabbitt.

Now, as I raise my bar into levels I never thought possible three years ago, I tell myself:

“”The Law of Polarity states that whatever obstacle that we're experiencing right now, the exact positive opposite of that exists at the same time and it's manifestation will depend on how fast or how slow I learn the lesson presented by the obstacle.””

I could go on and on but I guess this will do for now… “”See”” you next time!”

Visit Emma at:  Relational Marketing Secrets


eric walker imageEric Walker of Eric Walker Marketing

The biggest shift in my thinking and success is understanding that it's SERVICES, not products, that make an online start up business the money, the reputation, the referrals and ultimately a PRODUCT that people might actually want. Lead with services and back it up with a product – later.

Find Eric Walker at:  Eric Walker Marketing


oliver tausend imageOliver Tausend of Ask Oliver Tausend.com

The mindset shift I had to make doesn't sound like a huge one, but for me it was.

As a financial consultant by profession and being used to (and kind of addicted as well) huge front-up commissions, my biggest mindset shift was letting go of the mentality of a salesman and the temptation of using sophisticated closing techniques to make a sale.

When I got started in network marketing online, I closed people and I handled objections like I was trained to do.

That, obviously, didn't work out so well, as you can probably imagine.

Of course, I sponsored quite a few people, who couldn't duplicate what I did. That means I had a team of closed non-volunteers “”thanks”” to my closing techniques.

Good luck I found the right mentors who were able to help me realize that network marketing is a relationship business and that we should never ever close a prospect in order to only sponsor the true volunteers.

I also was able to tame my salespersons reflexes, because up to now, I still know what to say “”to close the deal”” or to handle an objection. But I don't do it because I learned to let people say “”No”” and to respect an adult's decision.

In brief, my mindset shift was letting go of the agenda of a salesperson and closing behaviour and learning to embrace my only agenda, which is helping people.

After having fully adapted that mindset, life became definitely easier.

The best part is that this mindset suits my personality type definitely better than the salesman approach because I am not a salesperson by nature.

It was trained, learned behaviour. I did do it successfully, but I have never felt reallly comfortable with it.

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timo kiander imageTimo Kiander of TimoKiander.com

“Earlier I had the mindset “”I can do stuff by myself – I don't need anyone's help””. Now I realize that it is OK to not know everything.

On a practical level this shift lead to the following:

First, I changed my thoughts completely on hiring a coach. The experiences I got were positive (I hired my first coach was hired on a project basis) and because of this,
I was encouraged to hire a coach again for 2012.

Another huge change in my mind was related to outsourcing: Although you may know how to do something, it may still not be reasonable to proceed like that.

It's a real pleasure to find out that there are many talented people out there willing to help you, while you can focus on other meaningful stuff at the same time.

It is OK to ask for help.”

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ken pickard imageKen Pickard of The Network Dad

“Sometimes in your life there is a noticeable turning point where you can look back and say that was it. And other times you look back on your journey and say there was lots of little turning points. They could as simple as a phone call to a mentor or conference call where you heard one little nugget and the light bulb goes on. Or it can be a big as a week long seminar where you tackled all the big things you need to work through to make that transformational quantum leap.

But I bet you dollars to doughnuts (not sure where that one came from) that every turning point that you made had an action tied to it. If you really think about your “”shift””…that one thing that made all the difference…was YOU.

Why am I answering Bob's question with a response like this?

Because my “”mindset shift”” that had the most profound impact on my business was the day I replaced “will do” with “done.”

So many times we get caught up in the to do list…oh it still happens to me as well. And i still have a daily to do list. But here's the trick. How do you feel when you think about or react to your to do list? If it's loaded it can feel like a strain some times. But when you shift your focus and energy on the successes and accomplishments, like on the things that are done, then you have already made the decision to do them. You have already concurred the issues. You just have to step into it and recognize it.

If you want to make a certain amount of money every month. Know that you already make it. If you want to reach a certain goal, then consider that goal squashed. It's already a done deal. Just accept it and it's there for the taking!

Here are my steps to make a goal a reality without the stress of trying to figure it out. Dream, Visualize, Plan, implement.

You might think that the focus should be on implement. But I'm always focusing on the visualization. I can see clearly what my next goals look like completed.

How about you?”

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vanessa duplessie imageVaNessa Duplessie of VanessaDuplessie.com

“After a few years of marketing online and blogging I would have to share that the biggest mindset shift I made is this: “”It is ok to make money if you're helping people transform their lives.”” which translates for me to: “”You don't have to give it all away.”” I have always had a tendency to under price my services. I under price and then over deliver in value. This goes back to deep rooted childhood fears of “”not being good enough””. Which has translated as an adult into: “”It's not ok to charge what I'm really worth because I'm not worthy of that much money.””

I hate hype. I understand marketing and know there's a lot of it and why. I just don't work well that way. Give services and value, get paid. Be compelling, sure. I had to work on my mindset a lot in 2011 to make the shift into what I just told you above. I love audios, videos, books. I have always been a glass is half full, positive girl. I made it even more of a focus in 2011. And the shift has made me a nice sum of money.

Well, I'll tell you what. Because of this mindset focus in early/mid 2011 I came into my own. I started coaching a lot more and I started creating my own products. Two things I love to do. I priced reasonably and people purchased. And so many times I've heard…you should be charging more or you always over deliver and that was worth way more than I paid for. The more I hear that, yes, the more it validates my services and makes me feel great. Then I had an epiphany in late 2011. I realize there are people out there charging WAY more than I am and not delivering as much as I do as well as I do.

I'm not trying to be arrogant or cocky and this is not a blanket statement. There are many many tremendous people who are doing great work and getting paid for it. What I realized was that I can become someone who transforms lives and makes a nice living.There's no reason, with my years of experience in multiple industries and the hours and hours of learning that I have done on my own, that in 2012 I create an even bigger breakthrough year and let the money follow.

My mindset shift now translates to: “”I can make money, and a lot of it, and that is ok because I truly give my all to my students and my teammates from the heart.

I deserve to be paid what I am worth and what the information and services I provide are worth and I don't need to give it away.””

I like to run specials and give deals. It is fun for me and is a part of my marketing strategy. And as we move into 2012 you are going to witness a transformation of my business as I head into year three. I will work with fewer people and make more money. That's my strategy. I will help transform lives of people who want to transform and they will pay a fair sum for my services.

Part of what I've done for you, dear reader, is put into words what many don't want to say aloud. There is personal power is going back in and reading that last paragraph. It is almost like an affirmation to read to myself everyday to bring myself into that state of being. I share this as an illustration you can adapt for yourself.

Whatever industry you are in, strive to be the best you can be and then share and help others with your expertise. Make a life and living doing what you love. And yes, I am nervous about putting it out there for you all to see wondering if you're going to thinking to yourself, “”Who does she think she is? Dang, she's stuck on herself, or whatever – back to those feelings of “”Am I good enough””. It doesn't matter what others really think of you as long as you can sleep at night. I have high values around integrity. If I can sleep at night, I know I am doing ok. When I can't I know something has to shift.

I share this story because I know many have the same tendency to feel this way and I am giving voice to it. We're afraid to charge what we are worth. And granted in the beginning you will charge less while you are learning and getting feedback and growing. That's natural. Then there will come a point where you have to take the leap into your own power. You'll know when that time comes. And if you're working with a coach they can help you make the leap. Sometimes the only one holding ourselves back is us. One of my favorite sayings is my own: “”I like taking leaps of faith. Sometimes the other side is closer than you think.”

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Heather Stephens imageHeather Stephens of Clever Marketer

“I don’t even know how many times I “”started”” my blog/website both in my mind and actually starting, but didn't follow through because I'd didn't feel like what I was doing was good enough.  When I shifted my mind from striving for perfection to just making progress, I started to get results. (Duh!)

Moving forward even though I wasn't always sure of myself, and knowing that some of what I was doing was going to be wrong was difficult.  I battled lots of inner critics, but I stayed focused on activity and imperfect progress.

When I realized that sharing my mistakes, successes, and progress could help others progress, I became addicted to the feeling of being outside my comfort zone and looked for bigger ways to push myself.

The purpose of my business shifted from being all about me, to being about my community, subscribers, clients, and students and how could I help them get the results they were looking for in their lives.

That’s when my business stopped being work and became something I couldn’t wait to work on.”

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ray higdon imageRay Higdon of RayHigdon.com

My biggest mindset shift was coming to grips with my own programming. I had been on auto-pilot all my life and didn't know why I would have success and then lose it. The reason is I was constantly trying to prove myself and the only thing that really got me going was when someone would doubt me.

Everything I did was for someone else and not myself. I don't mean that in a selfless way but I mean it that I was out of control and everyone else was in the drivers seat. If people doubted me, I would go out and accomplish it and then when I proved them wrong, and they then believed in me, I would throw away my work and start with something completely new that people doubted me at. This get sold. It is also a big reason good performers jump from company to company trying to find what was missing in the last company.

Since I have uncovered my programming, I am now able to keep going because I want to. I am able to keep focus because it is what Ray wants to do, not someone else.

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My Turn

bob clarke imageDr. Bob Clarke of Part Time Entrepreneur

Wow, these were some answers from our Experts panel.  I really had to dig deep to understand the importance of mindset in my business success.

I would say that 1 specific mindset shift has made the biggest difference for me:  The understanding that working together is a hundred times more productive (and profitable) than working alone.

I am a bit of a loner and usually do things by myself.

For the first 2 years of my business, I did the same thing — everything alone.

The big “shift” for me came when I started meeting other marketers at live events and in various social media circles.

Relationships and trust started to form, the predecessors of collaboration.

I began working with people like fellow panelist Richard Goutal, Crystal Curtis and Al Carlson.

The seeds were planted.

This Experts Speak blogging expert collaboration is a direct result in that shift in entrepreneurial mindset from being a loner to a person who actively seeks out others to work with.

It's helped my business to become more profitable, I've learned a great deal from my fellow collaborators, and it's been a heckuva lot more fun!

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We Want To Hear From You!

Tell us what shifts in your mindset have made a difference in your business.

Or if you're struggling, what mindset shifts do you need to make?

What's stopping you?

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    13 replies to "Experts Speak! — Who Needs All This Mindset Crap?"

    • Kaye Horton

      Great collection. Thanks for sharing. I always appreciate the advices and lessons from people who are on top of the game. It’s true that even if there are millions of internet marketers around, there is always room for anyone who has the creativity to make new things and innovation to re-invent what’s already there.

    • Mae

      These are awesome tips from successful bloggers and marketers. I always appreciate the advices and lessons from people who are on top of the game. It’s true that even if there are millions of internet marketers around, there is always room for anyone who has the creativity to make new things and innovation to re-invent what’s already there.

    • Mae

      These are awesome tips from the experts. They have the best practices and mindset and it’s no wonder that they have become successful online. The world of internet marketing is ever growing but I agree that there is room for anyone who has the innovation to re-invent what’s already there and creativity to make new things.

    • Nicholle Olores

      Awesome list Bob, all of the mindsets above from great bloggers are serves as my inspiration to set a positive mindset not only in business but also in life. Thank you very much.

    • Cat Alexandra

      Hi Bob,

      This was really something else here! I can usually sum up my “take aways” in a few bulletpoints, but today it looks more like an exhaustive list of transformative ideas and concepts to carry-with!

      I will just pick someone who I haven’t read from prior to now…Richard G. Wow. First, I must just say that his perspective on our industry is not something I’ve heard from others. I respect this “in your face” candor and think that he is bringing to light a truth that many people do not want to hear or face.

      This post was radical, Bob. I’m bookmarking and digging into this deeper because there were just too many goodies to catch em all at once and apply.

      Thank you!!
      Cat Alexandra

    • Catwoman

      Such a nice collection! Thanks for putting this together and sharing this!

    • Stacy

      Hi Bob,

      This is a fantastic series, thank you for putting it together! This is a favorite topic of mine being a personal development blogger! 🙂

      Mindset is so important because it affects EVERYTHING that we do. If we want to be able to have long term success, if we want to be able to accomplish all that we desire without burning out, if we want to be able to connect with people meaningfully then we need to have the right mindset.

      I have found that it is essential to work on mindset training / personal development daily because it builds on the previous days, weeks, months, and years efforts. Also if you don’t use it you lose it, no matter what effort you have put into in the past. It’s like trying to keep your car in top shape without getting the regular oil changes and tune ups.

      Thanks again for putting this series together!

    • Jane

      This is really a wonderful presentation! Thank you so much for the in-depth coverage. As you said working together and building relationships based on mutual trust is very important. The growth will be phenomenal.

    • James

      I’m in a situation similar to Kim Castelberry’s, except I didn’t do anything to improve since I lacked of ideas. Thank you very much for this article and for gathering all these experts.

    • Ken Pickard

      Dr Bob,

      I love this collaboration series. As you know this is a hot button of mine. The collaboration is the tribe model all over again. People coming together for a bigger purpose. And the questions you are bringing up make us dig just that much deeper. I know your readers will get just as much out of this as the panel does. I’m honored to be a part of this group.

      They say that the hardest work we do is on ourselves. When we look back at the turning points or breakthroughs we had we are able to what is really going on inside us. Once we unlock our mysteries we can truly become our best selves.

      Thanks again for putting this panel together and laying the foundation for others to see. And like Adrienne said…welcome Ray, Tracey, Michelle and Heather. I’m also looking forward to hearing you on future topics.

      Ken Pickard
      The Network Dad

    • Oliver Tausend

      Hi Bob,

      wow, thanks a million for putting this list together. Isn’t it interesting that everybody had to learn their individual lesson ? I love that there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution or a quick fix. Congratulations especially to Ray that he realized that we was living someone else’s life by this proving stuff.

      Be blessed and I am already looking forward to the next part.


    • Brian Kinkade

      Wow this is just awesome. Having all these great bloggers come together to give their opinions and to share their experiences will give your readers a chance to get so much useful information. From what I have read it seems like they all think that your mindset will do a lot in making you successful in the online world.

    • Adrienne

      What a great group Bob and I loved some of the answers here.

      I know that we all have had similar breakthroughs, some different than others but we all experience a shift in our way of thinking. As I shared in mine it was concentrating more on bringing into my life what I wanted and needed. Once I started watching it show up I was kind of surprised yet happy at the same time. Some of the others have had like aha moments, realizations that we can’t be everything to everyone.

      The one thing about improving your thoughts is that they will carry you a long way. Keep thinking negative thoughts and you’ll never get anywhere. Listen to what everyone shared here and learn from it. We’ve all had challenges we’ve had to work through but we kept going which is the most important thing of all.

      I’m loving this series so much and am so honored to be a part of this awesome group. And welcome to Ray, Tracey, Michelle and Heather. Looking forward to hearing from everyone in your next series.

      Thanks Bob as always, you continue to delver for us.


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