In my last post, I told you a story about this know-it-all student of mine who wanted to skip all the “mindset crap” and get right to the good stuff — making money.

And you found out what a huge mistake that would be.

You can read it here —>  Experts Speak!  What's With All This Mindset Crap?

Today, I’m gonna give you another really important lesson if you want to succeed as an online marketer.  Actually this one applies to just about anything you’re attempting.

It’s also one of the fastest shortcuts to success that I know of.

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The right mentor showed me how to finally hit a curveball

It’s all about finding someone to “show you the ropes”, someone who has already accomplished what you’re trying to do…. and is willing to share his secrets with you.

I’m talking about finding a mentor.

But before we go into this in more detail….

My Real-Life Story

Let me tell you how a 5’10”, 150 pound beanpole of a high school baseball player who couldn’t hit a curveball if his life depended on it….. became an all-league first baseman who got courted by scouts to play college ball.

It’s true… that kid was me and you wouldn’t know it by looking at me now, but I was a just a skinny beanpole of a kid growing up… a strong wind threatened to pull me off my feet, that’s how skinny I was.

I was an average baseball player in high school… could hit a fast ball like nobody’s business, but the first time I faced a pitcher with a good curveball, my knees buckled and knees knocked… and  after strikeout after strikeout I soon found myself sitting on the bench.

If you’ve never faced a curve ball pitcher before, it’s a ball that looks like it’s coming right at your head but at the last minute it magically darts back in over the plate, making most inexperienced batters (including me) look like fools.

I mean, I was lost.  My high school coach knew nothing about hitting and was no help.

My Dad came to every game to cheer me on, but he never played the game himself.

So I sat on the bench, frustrated beyond belief.  No matter how hard I tried, how much I practiced I just could not hit that damn pitch.

I was no lazy kid, but I could have worked on this for 1000 hours and still not gotten any better at hitting a curve ball… until I found someone who could help.

I remember one day at the local batting cages, jumping into the cage with the only machine that threw curve balls, and there I was once again, flailing away at pitch after pitch, never hitting the ball.

Then I heard a voice behind me, saying the words that changed my baseball career forever….

“You’re doing it all wrong…. let me show you.”

The voice was that of a local college coach and hitting instructor named John.  To me, it was like an angel got sent from heaven.

For some reason (maybe he felt sorry for me), he took me under his wing.

Actually, he later told me that he’d seen me at the batting cages day after day, struggling and getting frustrated… but he could see how hard I was trying.

Over the next few sessions, Coach John taught me the secrets to hitting a curveball — not committing too soon, recognizing the pitch coming out of the pitchers hand and even seeing the spin on the ball as it’s coming in.

Don’t get me wrong — even with this knowledge I still didn’t hit a curveball like a Hall of Famer, but I did hit SOME.

And with practice, I hit a lot of curveballs.

Soon, I was back starting for my high school team, and in my senior year I hit .402 (that’s damn good if you don’t know) and was named First Team All League.

I even got calls from some college baseball scouts to play for their team the following year.

So why did I tell you this long story?

Because it’s the best way I know to illustrate to you the incredible IMPORTANCE OF FINDING A MENTOR in whatever you do.

So finding a mentor is the first hurdle.  It was no mistake that I found mine at the batting cages… that’s where lots of baseball coaches hang out, working with their players.

[HINT:  ask yourself WHERE your mentors would be likely to hang out online?]

Here’s a place to start finding your mentor.  It was written first for Network Marketers, but the advice holds true for any type of marketer.

Here’s the next thing — even when you find a mentor and he/she teaches you what you need to know, success won’t come unless you continue to work your butt off.

After all, wisdom without action is wasted.

Your Next Steps

  1. Think about where you can find the mentor you need right now.
  2. If you need some help, go check out this post for more tips.

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    18 replies to "Your Fastest Shortcut To Success in Online Marketing"

    • Sylviane Nuccio

      Hey Bob,

      What a great story which illustrates your point so well. Unless you have some kind of natural talents for internet marketing, you are going to need some help. Most of us can’t do it alone:) Then, once someone has shown you the way it’s you turn to act, as you mentioned.

      Sometimes I run into people who ask me to tell them what to do, but they also would like for me to do it for them. Usually I end up telling those people that making money online might not be for them.

      Thanks for this. I really enjoyed it!

    • Mavis Nong

      Hey Bob,

      What an inspiring story! Thanks for sharing with us 🙂

      Agreed, with the right mentor, the sky is the limit. I have witnessed this myself. You cannot do it alone. All successful people had or have mentors.

      All the best,

      • Bob

        That is one thing that surprised me, Mavis… even the best of the best out there have coaches and mentors. It just goes to show you, no matter how much success you have, there is always room to grow and there are always people out there who know more and can help.

        Lesson learned! Congrats on all your recent successes, Mavis… you are a rockstar!

    • Linda

      Really an interesting article….you have really given it with good example and awesome tips is really refreshing to read your article

      • Bob

        Glad you enjoyed it, Linda… welcome to the blog.

        Don’t make yourself a stranger! 🙂

      • Bob

        Glad you found it useful, Linda.

        So what was your biggest takeaway from this post?

    • John Domingo

      Success in online marketing can be hard to achieve as it requires hard work and determination on your part. It entails continuous education and learning. In the end, I believe that success will come at the right time.

    • Jennifer

      Great story Bob, even as a kid, you showed a lot of determination and hard work. I agree how rewarding having a good mentor can be. Time and effort won’t be put to waste especially if we know what to strengthen and improve. Thanks for the additional tips on finding a good mentor.

    • Nicky

      Choosing a mentor or a coach is very important and I have no doubt whatsoever that my online journey would have been a whole heap quicker had I chosen the right one.

      I recognized fairly early on that after mastering the basics I needed some help to take me to the next level. I joined a great guy, but he was not on a par with what I wanted to do – i.e he was incredibly technical and I was not so I carried on without one – sometimes floundering and feeling exasperated with my small steps progress.

      Having said that my journey has given me such a wealth of knowledge, that I now feel I have tremendous value to share with any students to help them avoid the same mistakes as I did, but I have just hopped over to your other very useful post on how to know when you have found the right coach and mentor and I agree.

      Thank you for a very informative post,

    • Mae

      Thanks for sharing your story, Bob. Anyone can learn a lot from it. A mentor is indeed a guiding light and great source of inspiration. No man is an island, and this saying fits in every endeavor that we make. It’s always good to know that someone is there to educate and guide the way for you. In the world of online marketing, I’ve been struggling to learn things on my own and I just hope I can find a friend who can teach me the best strategies.

    • Charles Holmes

      What a great post. It’s a shame so many people don’t have mentors. Without a doubt, the fastest way to success (in any industry) is to find someone who has already achieved success doing what you are trying to do. That applies to this industry, parenting, quilt making, cooking or anything else.

      Playing the lone wolf is a dead end road that normally leads to failure or heartache. Why go it alone when you can have someone help you?

      As always, great article.


    • Cat Alexandra

      Hi Bob,

      What a great personal story about how you upped your game! I love sports-stories and movies because most people can relate to the personal struggles and overcomings, as well as the teamwork aspect to successes.

      There’s a good deal of precision to learning an effective swing in any sport that uses one, especially when you add the dynamic of a curve ball being hurled toward you at a fast speed. It makes sense to me that it would require an outsider witnessing the mechanics to help another person improve their swing. I’ve always found that when we’re “too close” to a subject, it’s easy to lose perspective of it because we are inside of it. It takes being removed from whatever it is to be able to see it from a vantage point where it may be better evaluated.

      One of my greatest mentors came in the form of a group which I joined in 1997. I used to have a stutter that was brought on by social anxiety. In the Summer of 1997 I got my first taste of the network marketing/direct sales world and just knew that I had found something that could help me develop as a person, as well as something which could help me to finance my life and dreams. I joined a Toastmasters group in order to get some assistance with my fear of speaking in groups and this made a tremendous difference in my life.

      I think that each of us who are driven to improve in life and business do owe it to ourselves to find a mentor to help us grow as we desire!

      Cat Alexandra

    • Martha Giffen

      Finding a mentor is SO important in becoming successful online. My mentor is Pat O’Bryan and his mentor is Dr. Joe Vitale. I feel like I get the benefits of the “trickle down” mentoring! There’s no way I would be a best-selling author or any other of the online successes I’ve had without the mentoring.Thanks for an inspiring story!

    • Adrienne

      I didn’t know you were a baseball player Bob. What an inspirational story you shared. I have no doubt that you were really good even if you were the skinny kid. I can relate. My brother was the same way growing up. We use to call him toothpick.

      This really is the perfect example of how a mentor can really help. I was the same way when I was young but it was with dancing. Yes, I was a C&W dancer but it wasn’t until a top instructor took me under his wing that I really learned how to dance. He had the patience with me because he saw how passionate I was so he worked with me until I was dancing like no ones business. But it took a lot of practice so we can use both of these examples with learning the same traits but just online.

      I enjoyed this inspirational story Bob. It’s always great to hear some examples of why mentors are so beneficial for us. What better way to learn then from someone who is where we want to be. 🙂

    • Oliver Tausend

      Hi Bob,

      thanks for sharing this inspiring story. I couldn’t agree more: Working harmoniously with a loving, giving and caring mentor is critical for success.

      And I love your closing words:”Wisdom without action is wasted.”

      Take care


    • James

      I’m sorry I’ve commented twice, it gave me an error (I can’t say exactly, I think it was something with msql).

    • James

      Good story and awesome tip (finding a mentor), but how do you know you chose the right mentor? You were lucky the mentor found you!

    • James

      Good story and awesome tip (finding a mentor), but how do you know you choose the right mentor? You were lucky the mentor found you!

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