Diane HochmanAttraction Marketing — we've all heard of it.

Many of us claim to be Attraction Marketers.

But when it really comes down to it…

Are you REALLY practicing Attraction Marketing?

Diane Hochman and Bob Discuss The Foundational Principles of Attraction Marketing

This morning, I had the privilege of sitting down with one of the original Attraction Marketers on social media, Diane Hochman.

In this short hangout, Diane and I talk about how Attraction Marketing was intended to be used.

And how it's been changed over time so that it appears to some that…

Attraction Marketing doesn't work!

Here's the bottom line —

If you want to build your business on a strong foundation using the principles of Attraction Marketing,

You NEED to understand and practice the fundamentals first.

Diane and I touch the surface of this discussion in our conversation below:

Once you've watched the video above (or before if you're a Type A personality and can't sit still! :-)…


Since I posted this training, Diane has announced the release of her new course, Attraction Marketing Intensive.

Think what you learned in the above interview x 1000.  


And yes, I have bonuses… check them out here.


    4 replies to "Are You REALLY Practicing Attraction Marketing? [with Diane Hochman]"

    • Megan Lloyd

      Attraction marketing is one thing which is used by all websites owner.For example no wonder how good is taste inside the food can, if cover is not good i guess very less people will intend to buy it. Its world of showing so everyone have to do attraction marketing.

    • Dharmendra Kumar

      hi thanks for sharing it

    • Jake

      Great talk, absolutely important points are considered and discussed.

      Sometimes the fundamentals appear so easy to achieve, but it’s when putting them in practice that you find if you really understood the matter or not.

      thanks for sharing this!

    • Adrienne

      That’s what I admire about Diane as well Bob, she’s a no nonsense marketer and tells it like it is. I’ve been on a lot of her trainings in the past and I learned a lot from her as well.

      Great talk you both had and I wish Diane great continued success and of course, you as well. I have no doubt you’ll continue to go far.

      Thanks for sharing this very important message with us all.


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