thoughts imageIt's a NEW YEAR… full of excitement and amazing possibilities!

For some of you, this will be THE year that you break away from the pack and establish yourself among the leaders in your Industry.

For others, this will be a time when you take HUGE steps forward on your way up the success ladder.

And sadly…

For some, it will be another year of frustration, confusion, and spinning your wheels.


If you've been spinning your wheels trying to get your business going, watch this training I did at the end of last year.


Sadly, I was in this last group for far too long, frustrated that I couldn't figure out the success puzzle.

I mean, others were obviously having great success…

Why couldn't I?

If you're asking yourself this same question today, read the rest of this post VERY carefully.

Here's the reality…

What's holding you back isn't what you're DOING…

it's what you're THINKING.

The thoughts you're having about yourself and your business,

day after day,

hour after hour

minute after minute

are having a PROFOUND effect on your results.

I'm not kidding.

When I changed my thoughts…


And they can for you, too!

5 Thoughts That Will Set You Back This Year

Here are 5 particularly harmful thoughts that will set you back BIG TIME this year.

1.  “I don't have the time!”


Sure you're busy… we're ALL busy.

Here's what I've learned about time…

It's NOT how much time you have.

It's how you MANAGE YOURSELF through time.

Even on my busiest day, I was able to do at least ONE thing for my business, even if it was only reading a few lines in a Personal Development book.

Think that's not enough?

If you do at least 1 thing for your business EVERY day this year, you'll be SHOCKED at the results.

2.  “I need the money”

Everyone loves the money that comes with making sales and acquiring new team members.

But the minute you put the sale in front of helping someone, your business will be in BIG trouble.

There's a VIBRATION you put out when you're sole purpose is to make money…

it's a negative feel that will subconsciously drive people away.

They'll see it in your eyes…

or hear it in your voice.

And they'll run away FAST.

Replace “I need a sale today” with…

“I need to find someone to help today” and watch the magic happen!

3.  “I'm not ready…”

Understand this…

NO ONE is ever 100% ready for anything!afraid

If you keep thinking that you're not ready, you will become paralyzed with self doubt and fear.

The only cure for “I'm not ready” is…

“Ready or not, here I go!”

Try replacing this thought with it's negative cousin and see what happens this year!

4.  “Who would listen to me?”

Wow, this was one of my favorites!

Who am I to lead anyone?

I don't know enough yet!

Yet here's the reality…

If you don't show up as a leader,

then your prophecy will come true…

NO one will follow you.

You MUST lead, even when you think you're not worthy…

because there will ALWAYS be someone who knows less than you.

There will always be people who need your help.

LEAD…. and success will find you!

5.  “I'd get those results, too if…”

Envy is an ugly monster.

When you start comparing yourself to other marketers,

When you become envious of their results…

NOTHING positive comes out of it.

Your path is unique.

You simply cannot compare yourself to anyone else.

And besides…

You have NO idea what that person went through to get those great results.

Perhaps they've struggled mightily and this is the culmination of their efforts.

We all have our own success path to follow.

Don't be envious of others… be GRATEFUL!

Thank them for being yet another example of how SUCCESS is POSSIBLE!

And know that if you keep doing the right things consistently in your business,

soon YOU will be the one with the results!


    10 replies to "5 Thoughts That Will Set Your Business Back This Year"

    • Arianne

      Insightful post, Dr. Bob. Your post can be really encouraging to a lot of your readers, especially to people who are having difficulties in marketing their business. I couldn’t agree more and you’re very right about amazing possibilities that may come in this new year. It’s all about having the right attitude. thanks for this! 🙂

    • Vianney

      My business is kind of lame this year-end. Thanks for posting this! i really needed this, and I guess to safe to say that many people do need to read this. Awesome post! You’re such a helpful soul! 🙂

    • Nicholle Olores

      A good start for this year and sounds like you have so many plans for this year and I was learning from it. By the way thanks a lot for sharing this. This is indeed impressive!

    • abhishek

      Couldn’t agree more with you on this. I have always believed thinking will never take you anywhere, acting will. So a person should start to act for achieving success rather than just thinking about it. Thanks for sharing.

    • Akos Fintor

      Hey Bob,

      No question, thoughts are powerful and negative one lead to limiting (paralyzing) beliefs.
      To have success we need to welcome it everywhere we see it – so true.

      thanks for the share!

    • Maja

      Hello Dr Bob

      I agree with you that change of thoughts brings success and change is enevitable thing in this world. I have experience of getting progress by changing my thoughts.

    • Robin J Emdon

      Great article Dr Bob! Can so relate to all five! “You simply cannot compare yourself to anyone else” – Absolutely – we all walk our own path and have our own unique gift to offer! ~Robin~

    • Stacey K.

      Again, pretty awesome insight! I agree, as much as possible we should avoid those condition to succeed in business. Hoping that 2013 will be a fruitful year for everybody and especially to those business owners who are in the middle of getting their business rolling.

    • Ravi

      Thank You Dr. Bob.. I was so afraid of criticism , but after reading this post i got a real confidence.. Thank you once again

    • James

      thanks Bob for this great post. learning to manage your thoughts is a key to success in anything in life. In the book, Excuses Begone!, Wayne Dyer says ” Don’t believe everything you think!” and I have made this a mantra in my life, and it is the key to being able to take control of your mind.

      All of the thoughts you mentioned are actually pretty high on the list of the most common excuses people use to allow failure to dominate their lives.

      One thing I have learned is success and failure are both choices you make. you either choose success or choose to make excuses for why its okay to fail. there is no middle ground here.

      When I began to realize that for myself, I was empowered to transform my whole life, not just in my business, but in all areas.

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