In this article, you'll find some list-building success tips that will help you grow your home business, whether you're in Network Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, or quite frankly, any other kind of home business.

If you've been in business for any amount of time, you’ve undoubtedly heard the phrase…

The money is in the list!

This phrase has become the mantra of all successful marketers, simply because they understand that building a list of loyal followers allows you to sell to them, over and over again.  But building a quality list of prospects for your business can be tricky and time-consuming.

That’s why I’ve put together this compilation of list-building success tips so that you can avoid the mistakes I made when I first got started.

As a network marketer, there is nothing worse than running out of people to talk to about your business.  

Most newbies are told to make a list of family, friends, and anyone else they’ve ever met.  

The idea is to get started quickly with people who already know and trust you.  It’s called the warm market and it can help new network marketers get some quick results.  

But when that list is exhausted, what happens?

The usual recommendation by a network marketer's “upline” is to go back to the people who said NO and ask again.  The trouble is, most people don't want to do that.  They feel embarrassed or worse, so they usually do nothing. 

They have no idea how to actually find people to talk to outside of their warm market, they get frustrated and ultimately quit the business.

By the end of this article, you will understand the basics of building your list after your warm market leads have run out.  

Also, with my list-building success tips, you’ll understand how to develop a list of prospects who see you as a leader and THE person who can help them achieve their goals.

Finally, you will learn how to monetize your list and make sales from people who never even join your business.


Just starting and don't have a list?

Resource:  Simple Formula For Growing Your First Email List


list building success tips

5 List Building Success Tips To Explode Your Home-Based Business

Here are 5 list-building success tips that will help you grow home business and your email list…


1.  Leverage the Power of the Internet

It’s never been easier to build of list of prospects and explode your network marketing business.  With the advent of the Internet, marketers are no longer limited by geographical location.  

With just a click of a mouse, home business owners can get their message out to millions of people around the globe.

In fact, learning how to market on the Internet is one of the most powerful skill sets a network marketer can acquire.

Most people know about social media, but very few know how to use sites like Facebook to find potential prospects for their business

When you learn these invaluable skills, you can easily build a list of people you can talk to about your home business.

2.  Have an Irresistible Offer

Why should someone join your list?  What’s in it for them?

In order to grow your list of prospects, you must develop an offer that makes joining your list a no-brainer.  

Whether it’s an ebook, video, or the infamous “boot camp”, you must show people that you understand their problems and can offer them solutions.  

When you’ve accomplished this, growing your list of prospects will never be a problem again.

There are basically 3 different ways to create an irresistible offer or lead magnet to build your list:

  1. Create your own.  This isn't hard but may be more challenging for people with no or little marketing experience.
  2. Pay someone to create it.  Outsourcing can be a very effective solution if you know how to choose the right person.
  3. Join a system like this one where dozens of lead magnets are already created for you, ready to be given away.


3.  Give Before You Take

This is one of the biggest mistakes that most marketers make – they fail to establish a relationship with their list of prospects before pitching their business opportunity.  

It’s also a surefire way to build up your list of subscribers.  

You must build trust with your prospects before you can hope to make a sale.  

There are many ways to build trust, but here are some of my favorites:

  • Show up consistently – people have to know you're active if you want them to be attracted to you
  • Be honest – in business as in life, your word is everything.  Simply put, do what you say you'd do.
  • Give freely of your knowledge – whether it's as a lead magnet, a blog post, or a video, show people you have value that can help.

Show your list of prospects that you can help solve their problems and achieve their goals, and you will have a list of prospects that will follow you to the ends of the Earth.


4.  Ask Them What They Need

Here’s a novel concept – rather than assuming what you THINK your prospects need, why not ASK them!  

Too many network marketers think they know what their prospects want and need.  But because they never ask, they are way off base most of the time.  

I routinely send out surveys simply asking people on my list what they need.

Resource:  Survey Monkey 

I ask about their biggest fears, frustrations, and problems.  The answers I get give me a clue into the type of information they need.

Once I start offering solutions to their problems, they become bonded and stay around to see what else I have to offer that can help them.


5.  Top List-Building Success Tip for Network Marketers: Serve the 95% Who Don’t Join Your Business

On average, only 5% (or less) of your prospects will ever end up joining your primary Network Marketing business opportunity.  

So what happens to the other 95%?

For most, they end up as deadwood, people on your list who get email after email and never move forward.

What if you had a way to help them grow THEIR business by monetizing the people who say NO to their MLM opportunity?

And even better, what if you were an affiliate for this helpful training, so you received a commission on every sale? 

That’s the killer strategy that the top earners use to explode their online income.  

They monetize their list by making sales from people who never even join their primary business.


Resource:  This is the lead generation system I use to monetize the 95% who say no to my original offer.


These are 5 list-building success tips I’ve used to build a list of subscribers to whom I can reach out to send my latest article, blog post, video, or just something really funny that happened to me that day.

But it’s also the people who will buy a course I’m offering, a killer product one of my colleagues is launching, and some decide to join my Network Marketing opportunity.

The point is… you need to have someone to talk to… a list of raving fans.

And they are only “raving” fans if you give BEFORE you take and provide valuable information that can help them grow their business.


Have other cool list-building strategies?  Share them… leave a comment!


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    14 replies to "5 List Building Success Tips To Explode Your Network Marketing Business"

    • Chuck Bartok

      Great list and suggestions.
      One thing we have NEVER done is offer any incentive to sign up, except the promise of future content the subscriber will definitely want to read.
      And, of course, deliver as promised.
      Lists have grown daily over the years and open rates and click-throughs stay about 75-80% on each mailing.
      Yes, we have small attrition but no problems,
      Conversion have been as planned

      • Bob Clarke

        Hey thanks Chuck. Totally agree… keeping one’s promise is everything. From your success, it’s obvious that you’ve made it a tenet of your business.

    • Gaither

      \”Give Before You Take\\\” is my favorite part. When a good marketer realize that relationships are key the more success way come!!! Great Article!!!

    • Sydney

      Great tips. I’m not particular about network marketing lately but then I’ve read several articles about network marketing and it finds me interesting to try it. Thank you for sharing this wonderful tips.

    • Dewane Mutunga


      Very sound advice here. I’m a firm believer in giving value first. I think it sets the proper tone for the relationship between you and your customers. It’s ultimately a situation of you get back what you give out. It may sound cliche but it’s so true.

      • Bob

        Hi Dewane.. its a formula that always words — lead with value, the rest will follow.

        Thanks for your insights, Dewane… great to have you here!

    • Roiunlimited

      Here i get very effective tips to increase MLM business. These days MLM is very famous concept to earn additional money. MLM is a marketing strategy in which the sales force is compensated not only for sales they personally generate, but also for the sales of others they recruit, creating a down line of distributors and a hierarchy of multiple levels of compensation.

      • Bob

        MLM is a great strategy for building residual income, but I’ve found that it is most effective when others are attracted to you. When this occurs, building your downline becomes 100x easier!

        Thanks for stopping by.

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    • Robert

      Good article Bob, and yes, the other 95% that get products, training and teaching are always a potential resource of good people that may produce future superstars. We never know what amazing results will grow from the garden we water!

    • Ray Higdon

      Solid advice, I liked it you talked about serving the 95% that don’t join, that is great advice

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