Success is something we all crave but attaining it can be difficult, frustrating and discouraging. If you really want to attract success, you need to develop the right tools to achieve your goals.

Everyone has a different idea of success. For some, personal fulfillment is their key objective, and they desire a romantic relationship or happy family life. Others have professional ambitions and yearn to succeed in their chosen career. Whatever you wish for, it is vital that you identify your goal and make it a major focus of your life.


The Starting Point


Having a clear idea about your aim is an important starting point. Not everyone is lucky enough to know their real purpose in life, but it is worth giving it some attention. Consider your strengths and special gifts and how you can use them to bring you greater fulfillment. Think about your personality and the situations where you feel most comfortable. If, for example, you have an outgoing nature and you have a desk job with little interpersonal contact, you may want to find another occupation in which you deal with the public.

Put it in Writing

When you have established your goal, it is a good idea to put it in writing and keep it on hand. You may even want to display it somewhere visible like your fridge or bedroom wall. Think of it as a contract with yourself with a set time limit by which it must be completed.

Make A Plan

The next step is to make a plan for reaching your goal. It helps to break it into several mini goals as it makes the project seem more manageable and less overwhelming. For example, if you want to change your job, your plan could include undertaking a training course, updating your CV and listing with employment agencies.

Get To Work

Once your plan has been created, you can get on track and start working towards your goal. At this stage, keeping your motivation levels high is crucial to your eventual success. You need to stay positive even when it it seems that giving up is the easiest option. To do this, eliminate any negative self-talk and focus on your strengths and achievements. If you need inspiration, look for books on healthy thinking, or try prayer, meditation or yoga.

Support, Support

It is also very important that the people around you understand and support what you are doing. Try to reduce contact with anyone who casts doubt and look for help from those who believe in you.

Your Just Rewards

Lastly, keep your motivation high by rewarding yourself, not only at the end but also along the way. Find small, inexpensive treats which will boost your morale and give you something to aim for. A new book, CD, item of clothing or dinner at your favourite restaurant can all help lift your spirits and help keep your eyes on your destination.

Attracting success into your life is less difficult than you may think. Follow these simple steps and you will be well on your way to having the life you really want.



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    • Audrey Ross

      There are instances where one does everything needed but find it hard to persevere due to lack of support. This is one of the realities in life. I would say one should not give up. The support you’re looking for will come in the most appropriate time. Don’t lose faith.

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