It's one of the cornerstones of building a business Part Time — strategically creating content that your audience will not only find interesting and valuable, but will also provide a solution to an important problem facing your target market…

And doing it in as little time as possible. 

If you do this right, leads will NEVER be a problem for you.

So why don't more marketers create content for their market?

Some are lazy.

Some are scared.

Some are intimidated about “doing it right”.

Some think that no one will listen to them.

5 Common Myths About Content Creation

There are also some common myths that surround content creation that keep people from using this brilliant branding and lead generation strategy.  

Unfortunately, many have bought into these myths and allowed their beliefs to stop them cold.  



Myth #1:  You Must be an Expert

Many believe that you must be an expert before you can create content that will help others.  W-R-O-N-G!

Of course, you should have some knowledge before creating content about something, but the reality is that if you know more than most, you can and should teach it.

Do some research and get to work.

And remember:  There are always people underneath you who will benefit from the content you create!


Myth #2:  You Must Have Incredible Results

Similar to Myth #1, remember there are always those who have NO results, so if you've experienced even a couple of “wins” — your first lead, your first sale, your first of just about anything — talk about it.

Remember — if you're a provider of VALUE (in whatever form that takes), you will help people!


Myth #3:  You Must be Super Technical

You don't have to be technical to create content.  

Knowing a few simple moves will give you all the juice you need for your content creation.

Blogging, social media, and even making a video are super simple once you get used to them.  

And what you can't (or don't want to) do yourself, outsourcing has never been more affordable.

Don't let the technology myth stop you from creating content that will help others!


Myth #4:  Your Content Must be Unique


In fact, there's very little “new” content that's published every week. 

And who says your content has to be New or Unique for it to benefit others?  

If that were true then all trainings would be obsolete as soon as they were finished.

Find something that interests you and that will help out your audience…

And put your spin on it!  

It's that easy!


Myth #5:  You Have to be Creative

Again, NO!

You just have to be YOU and have fun.  

People respond more to stories than anything else.  

If you can tell a good story (a MAGICAL skill!), people will be MOVED by your content… Guaranteed!


My Take

I used to believe ALL of these myths at one time or another, especially #2 and #4.  

I truly felt you had to have incredible results and unique content before you could publish anything.  

These beliefs set me behind months (and maybe years) before I finally got it…

If you know something, teach it.

Somewhere out there there's at least one person WAITING to hear from you!


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It's Your Time to SHINE!


Dr. Bob Clarke


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