no excuses 3 imageThe final day of the No Excuses 3 Summit has ended and as I sit in my hotel room typing up the pages of notes I took at the conference, I feel compelled to share the biggest takeaways (or “aha” moments) that I personally came away with from NES3: 


This was a common theme throughout the conference.  It's something I already intuitively knew but it was talked about again and again by many of the speakers.  

This simply means that to be successful, you should study success.  But more than that, it means to keep your eyes and ears open when observing others successful in your industry. Success doesn't come by accident.   

Don't miss the clues. 


This question was asked by Norbert Orlewicz of MLSP and I thought I knew the answer, until Norbert made us take the quiz.  If you haven't set a strong business foundation, have a strategic plan in place and the FOCUS to implement that plan, you may be more of an Opportunity Seeker than an Entrepreneur.

Strong stuff. 


This concept was introduced by Brian Fanale and was something I hadn't considered.   All very successful marketers are able to change the emotional state of their prospect.

Potential triggers to changing emotional states include security, love, wealth, freedom, significance, power, and the challenge.  

When you change the state, you complete the sale. 


This was one of the first things out of Andrew Cass' mouth and with good reason.  It's one of the most important Truisms that affect wealth.  

  • Have you ever missed that golden opportunity because something stopped you from pulling the trigger? 
  • Have you failed to get ahead of an important trend in the industry, either because you didn't recognize it or you were too insecure to be one of the first to take advantage?

Being successful as an entrepreneur depends on your ability, and your willingness to get ahead of trends and take advantage of new opportunites that make sense for you.  

Money favors speed.  


If you are looking for that one skill that can make you a hot commodity in the Industry, its copywriting.  And if you are looking for that “edge” in your business that will put you ahead of your competitors, it's copywriting.

In a nutshell, copywriting is persuasion with the written word.

I believe that copywriting is one skill that can put you among the leaders in the industry faster than any other.   

BONUS TAKEAWAY:  From a Presentation by Jonathan Budd and Dean Kosage:


Why do I say this?  Because after listening to Jonathan and Dean's presentation, I believe that the business of Network Marketing is about to change drastically, and those that are stuck in the past (or the present) and are not willing to accept the change of the future will be LEFT BEHIND.

But this has always been the case.

Adapt or die.


If you want to know what the future holds for Network Marketers and related industries, you'll have to ask me or someone else who attended the NES3 Summit.

After all, I can't spill all the beans!

    4 replies to "My 5 Biggest Takeaways from No Excuses 3"

    • Adrienne

      Okay Bob, I refuse to be left behind…

      I’ve heard also that this industry is changing and within the next five years everyone will be much more familiar with this term and those that get in on the end of things will regret not having paid attention previously.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the conference and shared these takeaways with us. Wish I could have made it but the recent circumstances that occurred in my life last week, I’m now glad I didn’t. I would have been a waling zombie.

      Thanks Bob, great tips.


      • Bob

        Hey Adrienne… sorry you couldn’t make the conference… one of these days we are going to meet face to face!

        I love events like this because they bring the “best of the best” and the newest of the new. The talks on apps and games were amazing, and I see this as the way of the future for marketers. It will be interesting to see how it plays out.

        Thanks for your support, as always Adrienne!

    • Azam

      I think it is one of the great opportunity for all those who are the part of network market and attend all the seminars. The seminars and meetings are very helpful to do self analysis of personal success and future market trend.

    • Maxwell Ivey

      I’m glad you enjoyed the seminar. Its interesting that you talk about taking advantage of opportunities. Over the last two weeks I’ve been trying to locate some used battery powered bumper cars for a repeat customer. I was put in contact with the manufacturer who made the seller a generous offer on a package of them. It doesn’t look like they are what he wants, but me and the manufacturer have been exchanging emails. And it looks like they may make me a distributor for their new and used amusement products. We still have lots to talk about, but my answer was yes; and hopefully this will be a big step forward for me this year. Its a good thing I wasn’t too focussed on the immediate problem or i might have missed out. thanks for all your hard work. take care, max

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