There’s something really annoying about finally getting time to work on your business, jumping on Facebook to do a little relationship building, and seeing your newsfeed literally littered with CRAP!

You’ve no doubt experienced it if you go on Facebook even a little.

None of us have the time to wade through the spammy posts, ads, and other crap on our Facebook newsfeed to get to what we want!  So I went searching for answers, ways that I could clean up my Facebook newsfeed and improve my experience, not to mention save time!

Amazingly, the answer I was looking for was within Facebook the whole time!  

Turns out you can actually train Facebook as to what you want to see!

In this short video, I show you exactly how you can take the CRAP out of your Facebook newsfeed in just a few simple steps.

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Bob Clarke
Dr. Bob Clarke teaches Part Time Marketers how to better leverage their time, effort, money, skills, and other people's knowledge in maximizing their business success. Don't forget to grab your Free Training Grow a Thriving Business in 30 Minutes/Day or Less -- an essential resource for anyone struggling to build their business Part Time.
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  • Chuck Holmes

    Great training Bob. I found that just by not liking anything on my feed, I started to get less ads and more updates from friends that I wouldn’t normally hear from on Facebook. Crazy but true.

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