There's something really annoying about finally getting time to work on your business, jumping on Facebook to do a little relationship building, and seeing your newsfeed literally littered with CRAP!

You've no doubt experienced it if you go on Facebook even a little.

None of us have the time to wade through the spammy posts, ads, and other crap on our Facebook newsfeed to get to what we want!  

So I went searching for answers, ways that I could clean up my Facebook newsfeed and improve my experience, not to mention save time!

Amazingly, the answer I was looking for was on Facebook the whole time!  

Turns out you can actually train Facebook as to what you want to see!

In this short video, I show you exactly how you can take the CRAP out of your Facebook newsfeed in just a few simple steps.

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It's Your Time to SHINE!


Dr. Bob Clarke


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    1 Response to "Take The CRAP Out Of Your Facebook Newsfeed In A Few Simple Steps"

    • Chuck Holmes

      Great training Bob. I found that just by not liking anything on my feed, I started to get less ads and more updates from friends that I wouldn’t normally hear from on Facebook. Crazy but true.

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