If you're going to make a life-changing income in Network Marketing, you'll need to stop hiding behind your computer. Get out there and make the connections in your business that will ultimately be the difference between it's success and failure.

Listen, I LOVE the internet and the multitude of ways I can use it to leverage my time and market my primary business. I can post ads, attract targeted leads, and build email lists.  I can write articles and make videos and share them with people all over the Globe.  It is truly powerful!

But at the end of the day, it's all about connections.

How Did We End Up on the Infield of Yankee Stadium?

Today, Rosemary and I were on the infield of Yankee Stadium before the game.  We met the grounds crew and learned how they care for the field.  We watched manager Joe Girardi play catch with his young son in the outfield.

Heck, Rosemary even met Yankee pitcher A. J. Burnett!

stop hiding behind your computer
Rosemary and Yankee pitcher AJ Burnett

How were we able to this?

It's All About Creating Connections That Matter

Here's how it went down:

  • I am very close with my brother.  We connect often on the phone and do things together whenever possible.  Our families even vacation together on occasion.
  • My brother is the Director of a Top College Turf Grass Program.  One of his former students is a friend of (connected to) the head groundskeeper at Yankee Stadium.
  • Through this connection, my brother brings his college class to the Stadium every 2 years to learn about their field maintenance.
  • Though our connection, my brother knows we love the Yankees and because we are well connected, he invites us to join him.

Note:  NONE of this was done with the aid of a computer.



What Does This Have To Do With Network Marketing?


You see, more often than not it's the connections we make at live events or on the phone that make a network or internet marketing business successful.

Sure, you can meet others on the Net and start to build relationships, but it's solidifying those relationships by meeting people personally or hearing their voice that cements the connection.

It's about meeting people who may join your business.

It's about meeting other business owners who may need your services.

It's about meeting that mentor that can propel you forward in your business.

It's especially about meeting others who may join you in a business venture.

That's the power behind making connections!

3 Painless Ways to Make Connections “Off Line”

You may be thinking that I'm talking about the “old school” Network Marketing tactics of enlisting your family and friends or handing out pamphlets at your local mall.

Don't worry, that's not what I have in mind.  Rather these are simple ways you can meet people “naturally” that will likely result in great connections for your business.

Attend a Live Event

I've preached at length about the numerous benefits of attending a live event, so I won't elaborate here.  Simply know that I have found this to be the one thing that all successful Network Marketers have in common – they all make connections with others at live events.

Join a Local Group

This can be done any number of ways.

Here is one of my favorites –  find (0r start) a Linkedin or Facebook group of network and internet marketers who live within driving distance from your home.

We are members on one such group that meets once a month at a local restaurant.  Everyone talks a little about their business and their skills and business cards are exchanged.

It's a great way to get to know each other and forge mutually beneficial relationships.  It's in these face-to-face meetings that connections (and money) are made.

Attend a Local Chamber of Commerce Meeting

If your city or town has a local Chamber of Commerce (consisting of local businesses), this is a great way to meet other small business owners.  Attend their meetings, introduce yourself and just get to know them.  This is not the time to pitch your business, but to listen to others and gauge their business needs.

When the time seems appropriate, sometimes a simple question like “Are you open to exploring other ways to make money for your business?” can open the door to some very profitable connections.

These are just a few simple ways to make important connections for your Network Marketing business.


Use internet marketing to extend your reach and get your message out to people all over the world.  But don't get too comfortable.

At some point you need to stop hiding behind your computer, get out there and make the connections that will change your business and your life.


What other ways can you think of to make connections for your business?

What's working for you?

Join the discussion and LEAVE A COMMENT!

    33 replies to "Stop Hiding Behind Your Computer"

    • Sally Thompson

      Another excellent blog! Thanks for motivating bloggers to explore the outside it’s office.. Keep up the good work! I really agree with your blog here..

      • Bob

        Hi Sally… it’s true, you will never experience the full growth and potential of your business until you get out and start building those relationships that are crucial to a successful business. You just can’t do that behind your computer, no matter how hard you try!

        Thanks for the comment!

    • Paige

      I agree. Some of my friends are opposed to Facebook and Twitter because it’s eliminating the basic communication skills that we grew up with (and because they don’t feel the need that they need to tell a computer their thoughts). I believe that both offline and online connections are important to market yourself, and also because we’re humans and need that physical interaction. Great blog!

    • Andrew Walker

      Ahoy, Bob. I definitely agree with you. We have to combine both online and offline networking. We can’t just rely on online networking method. It’s very important to go out and connect with the “real” people. Thanks for providing this inspiring article, Bob. Cheers.

      • Bob

        Hey Andrew,

        Thanks for the kind words. It truly is important to work both sides of the fence here. Although I have seen many networkers succeed using exclusively offline methods (the way it was done before computers!), I haven’t encountered one person that’s succeeded only using online marketing methods. Like you said, at some point you need to connect and talk to them!

        Thanks for your comment, Andrew!

    • Tosin

      Hello Bob,

      We sometimes make the mistake of sitting down on the computer all day, and neglecting that this business is really about connecting with people.

      In as much as the internet makes things easy, it could also complicate things a lot faster. We over-rely on technology to the detriment of building strong personal relationship.

      This business cannot be built on automation!

      Thanks for sharing this Bob and glad you enjoyed your outing!

      • Bob

        Hi Tosin, welcome back my friend!

        You know, I partly wrote this post to myself, as a reminder to get off the computer and on to the phone or out to the community. It can be an easy trap to fall into, but it is a crucial mistake if you’re looking to grow a business, particularly one involving networking.

        Thanks for stopping by!

    • Yen

      Hiii Dr. Clarke :
      Can’t touch the life if we always hide behind the computer most of time.
      Wow petty cool, you guys met Yankee pitcher.
      I just subscribed “full time profits with par time effort” 😉
      I started to schedule my time. I notice that is important to do so, I used to not having a fixed schedule constantly.
      Now, I am going to open the second letter of mini courses which I am excited about .

      Have a great day !


      • Bob

        Hi Yen, and welcome!

        Scheduling time is a key reason we are able to balance a full time job and a part time business. It’s so important not only to schedule your time but to be doing the things that matter most to your business!

        Thanks for the comment and yes, it was awesome to meet the Yankee players before the game. It’s great to have connections!

        Thanks for stopping by!

    • Dennis Edell

      Reply link still not working for me…

      I work one on one with lots of bloggers/marketers and I always say, this problem can be handled in 20 emails, several hours on instant messenger or 10 mins via phone, lol, as it’s so much easier to get ones point across.

      I’m astonished at how many choose not to use he phone.

      Perhaps I won’t make that offer once I start charging for consultations. LOL!

    • Diana Simon

      Hi Bob,

      You have brought about something that I believe can help take an online business to the next level – networking offline. I have heard the importance of attending live events and I will make an effort to attend one soon. As most live events are held in the US, making the trip from Europe can be challenging. I had jokingly brought this up with an internet guru that I should host a live event here in Italy. She was all up for it!

      Thanks for this reminder!

      • Bob

        Definitely, Diana! Make it happen! I’m sure if there is enough interest in a live event it will happen. They are definitely worth attending, that’s for sure. That’s assuming you do your homework and attend one that is to your liking.

        I prefer more information and less “rah rah, my company is so wonderful” kind of events. Because of this, I am less likely to attend my company’s event (heresy!) and much more comfortable going to an event with multiple speakers. Just my choice.

        Thanks for your input!


    • Benjamin

      Yes, I agree with this. Recently our business suffered from relying too much on online traffic coming to us, instead of prospecting new contacts ourselves via phone and/or local office visits. It’s ok to bring traffic in through your website, but it takes an outbound effort to contact/prospect people too.

      • Bob

        Couldn’t agree more, Benjamin!

        Thanks for the feedback and thanks for stopping by!

    • Dennis Edell

      Hey Bob,

      You’d be surprised how many people don’t care much for phone use.

      • Bob

        I agree, Dennis… and it true from both sides. Many marketers hate picking up a phone; in fact, it can feel like it ways 2 tons! I find this comes from insecurity and a fear of rejection. On the other hand, people often aren’t too keen to receive calls, either, especially cold calls. That’s why attraction marketing is so important,in my opinion. Placing a strategic phone call is so much easier when the person is expecting (and anticipating) your call!

        Thanks for keeping the discussion alive!

    • Mavis Nong

      Hey Dr Clarke,

      Thanks for sharing this. It looks like you had great fun there 🙂

      I couldn’t agree with you more – it’s all about combining online and offline methods when building a network marketing business. It’s very important to get out and connect with others.

      All the best,

      • Bob

        Hey Mavis,

        We DID have a lot of fun that day, and it was only possible because of the connections we (and my brother) had made. You can definitely build relationships online nowadays, but it’s best not to forget some of the tried and true offline methods that have worked for the ages!

        Thanks for stopping by!

    • Stella

      Bob, I really liked the tips and advice in this post. Very practical.

      You’re right about getting off our PCs to go offline – have fun and get added benefit of attracting potential leads, traffic and businesses.

      I particularly liked that tip about forming a LinkedIn group for people who live within the same locality.

      *Thanks for commenting on my guest post at TechNshare:)

    • Jon

      The Chamber of Commerce strategy is a great one, I should consider revisiting that live event angle. It’s easy to get tunnel vision thinking that our internet businesses are isolated to online effort and networking exclusively.

      Thanks, Bob!


      • Bob

        I agree Jon, its easy to get wrapped up in our online marketing ventures and then, before we know it, weeks or even months have passed before we get out from behind our desk. It’s a problem we call all face. For some, its harder than others.

        Thanks for commenting! Have a great week!

    • Susanna Hess

      Hi Bob,

      I love that line “NONE of this was done with the aid of a computer.”

      It’s so easy to get wrapped up in everything ONline, and forget how powerful OFFline connections can be.

      Thank you for the fun reminder. Looks like you had a wonderful time!


      • Bob

        Hi Susanna,

        We DID have a great time, although it got a little cold at the end. We are both big baseball fans so it was a real treat to be able to walk the field before the game.

        Thanks for the comment!

    • Dennis Edell

      I’d love to get back offline with my direct sales business Bob. Unfortunately I have a leg, 2-knees and a lower back that tell me otherwise. 😉

      FYI: do you realize you have 2 sub to comments tick boxes?

      • Bob

        Haha, Dennis I know the feeling. But to me offline also means the telephone, which isn’t too bad on the knees!

        Thanks for the comment. Have a great week!

    • Oliver Tausend

      Hi Bob,

      you are so right and I also agree with Janet that the bad habit of hiding behind the computer is intertwined with fear of rejection. We can intensify the relationship with people we meet online by offline methods and we can do the same with people we meet offline, by friending them on Facebook for example after a live event.

      Thanks for sharing your insights.

      Take care


      • Bob

        Yes Oliver, it does work both ways. Taking your online connections off line to solidify your relationships works wonders. But it also works the other way. Like you, I befriend people on FB who I meet offline and they seem to really like it.

        Thanks for your comment… great to see you here again!


    • Jayne Kopp

      HI Dr. Bob. I wholeheartedly agree with not hiding behind the computer. Unfortunately I used to, in fact for the first couple of years in business. I didn’t realize the power of a Blog… and the connections so I rat static websites (only)… and never considered the benefits of getting out there and making friends.

      by the way, I think it is so awesome that you and your brother are close. I don’t know if it’s because my children are very close and I feel so warm in my heart when I see how much they love each other, that I really feel the same sensation when I see adults who also love each other the same. Has your relationship always been close knit? What do your parents think? I’ll bet they are pleased.

      anyway, sorry I digress.

      I love the Chamber of Commerce idea, and where we are we have a womens group who meet each year. It’s called Bloom. I did not go this year, it happened before I realized so I am kicking myself but I have considered connecting again with the Chamber. I used to… so I am going to make an effort. YOu just re planted the seed!

      Great post.


      • Bob

        Hi Jayne!

        Yes, blogs are amazingly powerful for attracting the right people into your world and for continuing the conversation. But at the end of the day, nothing quite replaces the power of getting on the phone and talking to people in a non-virtual world.

        Thanks for your comments about my brother and I… we are quite close. Our parents died about 6 years ago and since then we’ve (my brother, sister and I) have drawn even closer. It’s great feeling those powerful family connections!

        Thanks for stopping by!

    • Janet

      Bob, aloha. So glad that you addressed this very important topic. “Hiding behind your computer” is exactly what far too many people. Bob, I believe the reason they do it is because then they can’t be “rejected” and they can fool themselves into believing they are working their business.

      Interestingly enough, Bob, some people have become quite skilled at “chatting” with people online. They let people see the “real” person who is tweeting or posting yet they do not take that same skill set to live events.

      What I am encouraging those folks to do, Bob, is to go to live events and imagine themselves talking to people at the event as if they were typing away on the computer. My point in telling them that is I want them to realize that a conversation is a conversation no matter where it takes place. Happily, it seems to be working for some.

      Going some place on a regular basis at approximately the same, be it a Starbucks or other coffee house, diner type restaurant or even a type of activity, is an excellent way to make connections. Both staff and the other regulars will get to know you. With time, good conversations and relationships can develop.

      Best wishes for a terrific week, Bob. Aloha. Janet

      • Bob

        HI Janet,

        I love that tip — having people attend a live event and converse with people as if they’re online. It takes the fear out of it for many. I do agree that hiding behind the computer has a lot to do with a fear of rejection and like anything else, you only get better at it as you do it more.

        As always, thanks for your insight, Janet!

        See you around soon!


    • JD

      As usual, GREAT STUFF! In some ways the internet makes it easier, but can also make it harder if you never step away from it. Now – Lets Go Phillies! 😉

      • Bob

        Hi JD… welcome back!

        Don’t get me wrong — I LOVE my computer and the using the leveraging power of the Internet to build my business. But once you make that initial connection, it’s time to take it off line and get on the phone or visit in person if local. That’s where the true power of technology is realized.

        Thanks for your comment… and it’s quite likely that we will see the Yankees and Phillies in the Series this year.

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