What is the most profitable Network Marketing skill to learn?  Some would say online marketing skills, some would say prospecting.  Still others may say closing is the most profitable skill you can master.  And they would be wrong.

In the video below, I make the case that the most profitable Network Marketing skill you can learn is one that anyone can master with a little practice.  And the best part is…  it won't cost you a dime to learn it.

The funny thing is that all of us already use this skill, but few use to effectively.

What's the skill?

Listen to the video below:




Are You an Effective Listener?

It's funny… most people believe that they are very good listeners.  In reality, most people are really BAD listeners.

We live in a fast paced society with so many distractions that listening… REALLY listening becomes difficult.

But if you want to double or triple your income in Network Marketing, you must become a highly EFFECTIVE listener.  You must really hear from your prospects exactly what their problems are… and how you can offer solutions.

For many, this is the missing piece of the puzzle… the last roadblock to network marketing success.

The OPW Exercise

As I said on the video, I want you to try this exercise… the OPW Exercise.

  • Find someone (a friend, family member, colleague) who has some sort of issue that they'd like to discuss
  • Sit down (or call on the phone) and give them your undivided attention
  • No phone, no computer, no TV… nothing to distract you
  • Listen to every word and ask questions.  Keep the conversation going until they're fully satisfied
  • Ask for feedback (how did your listening make them feel?)

Now, leave a comment and let me know how it went.

Was it awkward?

How did the person feel?

How did you feel?


In the next week or so, I will be giving you some solid tips on how to become a Better Listener, but for now just do the exercise and see where it takes you.

Are you listening to others in your life like they are the Only Person in the World (OPW)?

    7 replies to "The Most Profitable Network Marketing Skill"

    • Tracyann0312

      I will also agree with Kristina L. You know what why, because giving one the full attention can help him to grow up to be more mature enough. As you can see in our industry today, people who don’t have enough attention in their lifestyle become unstable in business and life. It is the same when you want to make profitable network!

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    • Kristina L.

      Hey, Bob,
      no, it is not weird to give full attention to someone. People should really be effective listeners, and nowadays that is harder to be accomplished, as we are all a very speeding society…we like to keep it all quick and clean, almost without emotions. Sure, listening has its benefits as it shows you appreciate the person on the other side.

    • Chante Epps

      Awesome post Bob, and I absolutely positively agree with you! Listening is by far the MOST effective skill that one needs to master in this industry. If people were better listeners they would close more and at a higher rate. If we would just listen to our prospects they will tell us everything we need to know in order for us to connect with them and close them. Thanks for sharing this valuable information.

      • Bob

        Its true, Chante… effective listening skills will greatly improve your business bottom line. But it will also do wonders for your family, your relationship with your friends, neighbors, colleagues at work and anyone else who crosses your path. Effective listening offers an amazing opportunity to create relationships and reap the benefits in all aspects of your life!

        Thanks for your comment! Great to see you here.

    • Val Wilcox

      Hey Bob,
      This is a super skill to expand on! There are three ways of listening:
      1. Listening with the mindset of agreeing. This means you are thinking about what YOU want to say in agreement with the person speaking.
      2. Listening with the mindset of disagreeing. This means you are thinking about what YOU want to say that disagrees with the person speaking.
      3. Listening with an open mind. This means being totally present with the person speaking. Listening and possibly asking questions that allow them to expand on the topic.

      Being still and not allowing your mind to think of what to say next brings all your attention on the speaker. Makes a huge difference! Glad you brought this subject up!
      Val 😉

      • Bob

        Hi Val, thanks for stopping by again!

        I love the way you outlined it… agreeing, disagreeing, open mind. I strive to listen with an open mind at all times. It’s very difficult to help someone when you have preconceived notions of their problems or needs. It’s far better to come at it with an open mind, ready to help with whatever comes your way!

        Appreciate the insightful comment, Val!

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