My wife Rosemary and I are Baby Boomer Professionals… and we are also successful Entrepreneurs.  Some are surprised at this, but I don’t know why.

To us, it made perfect sense.

Heading into the later stages of our professional careers, we were looking for an exit strategy, a business we could begin building that would sustain our current income when we retire (or much sooner!).   We didn’t have the time or money to start a brick-and-mortar or franchise business.  We needed a business model with low start-up costs and the ability to leverage our limited time.

Online Marketing was a perfect choice.

baby boomer professionals

5 Reasons Why Baby Boomer Professionals Make Great Entrepreneurs

1.  Baby Boomer Professionals Understand Success

Few understand success unless they’ve earned it, and Baby Boomer Professionals often have the life experiences to “get success”.  In today’s entitlement society, many feel that things should be given to them because “they deserve it”.

Baby Boomer Professionals understand that success only comes as a result of hard work, dedication, and consistent effort.  These just happen to be the cornerstones to being a successful Online Marketer.

2.  Baby Boomer Professionals Have Money

It takes money to start and grow any business, even an Online Marketing home business.  Too many people come into Online Marketing with absolutely no money and get discouraged when their business never gets off the ground.  Because of their economic status, Baby Boomer Professionals often have the money necessary to start a business and fund its development.

3.  Baby Boomer Professionals Have Experience Training and Teaching

Becoming a successful Online Marketer is all about teaching and training others to duplicate your success.  Many Baby Boomer Professionals are skilled in all of these areas, giving them a huge advantage when building an Online Marketing business.

4.  Baby Boomer Professionals Have Time to Devote to Their Business

Although their time may be limited due to job demands, Baby Boomer Professionals often have more time at night to work on their business.  Many are empty-nesters.  Earlier in their career,  baby boomers are often faced with excessive time demands from both their job and their family.  Trying to be everything to all people has landed more than one Professional in the hospital!

But for Baby Boomers, the kids have already left the home (I hope!); there are no Little League games or dance recitals to attend at night.  Even the busiest Professional can usually spare 10 hours per week, and when this time is used wisely it is more than enough to grow your budding enterprise!

5.  Baby Boomer Professionals Understand How and When to Delegate and Outsource

Most experienced Professionals understand that you can’t possibly do everything yourself.  In fact, they strongly believe that you play to your strengths — you do what you’re good at and you find someone else to do the rest.  This is a valuable skill set for the Part-Time Marketer.  Understanding the need and value of a good outsourcer — and how to find them — is crucial to building a successful Online Marketing business with limited time.

If you are a Baby Boomer Professional and thinking about life after retirement, or if you’re so stressed out by the demands of your current profession, then you may want to consider Online Marketing/Entrepreneurship as a way to transition yourself from your professional career to the next stage of your life.

And if you’re an Online Marketer looking for ideal prospects to add to your business, look no further than this vibrant, experienced group:  Baby Boomer Professionals make AMAZING Online Marketers!

On October 25, 2019, my wife and I “retired” from our healthcare careers and transitioned into our full-time online marketing business.

Because we had spent time building the skills and experience necessary to go full-time, our dream became our reality, several years ahead of schedule.



Your next step in deciding how to transition from baby boomer professional to Online Marketing Professional is to decide what KIND OF BUSINESS you want to start.  There are several possibilities here… In this post, I've outlined my favorite online business models.

And if you've already started building an online business but your time is limited, I recommend my Stupid Simple Daily Action Guide for Part-Time Entrepreneurs.


It's Your Time to SHINE!


Dr. Bob Clarke


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    20 replies to "5 Reasons Why Baby Boomer Professionals Make Great Part-Time Entrepreneurs"

    • Marcus Baker

      Hi Bob,

      I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post. 🙂

      I often hear some very divergent definitions of the years that qualify one to be a baby boomer. I have always thought the range to be anybody born between the years 1946 and 1964. Do you agree?

      I just make that group so have always thought of myself as one. 🙂

      One of the biggest advantages I think Baby Boomers have over anybody else is the reason why they most want to get involved in network marketing.

      As you suggest they want an exit strategy. This means they have a far greater likelihood of making the effort to understand the meaning of residual income which is what facilitates every network marketer’s exit if successful.

      The vast majority of younger network marketers I come across approach this industry as wanting to be commission based salespeople hoping to make a lot of money.

      No wonder they continually jump from one opportunity to another when they don’t get what they want in the time that they want it. The problem is they never will as the model is not designed for this outcome.

      Oh of course there is the odd so called guru out there who makes a lot of money up front but it’s usually via supporting affiliate marketing programs that make this possible.

      Just how many of their actual network marketing team is successful remains to be seen which is why I was hardly surprised to hear recently that a very well known marketer online is not even with a network marketing company any more.


      • Bob

        Hey Marcus,

        Those dates seem about right, so welcome to the group! 🙂

        I agree with your comment about the reason Boomers get into NM. Mostly its to transition out of the jobs they’ve held for years and want more independence to do the things they’ve always wanted to do before it’s too late. It’s a question of working and working until your health gives out — not a good thing! Boomers want to build a solid business to transition themselves from the workplace to the home office. Then they will have that independence to do things on their “bucket list”.

        I also know of some more established Network Marketers who are solely training on the Internet without any particular affiliation to a company. Maybe that should tell us something!??

        Thanks for your insightful comment, Marcus. Always a pleasure to have you stop by!

    • Lou Barba

      Hi Bob,

      Even though I am a baby boomer, I’m not a professional. A while ago I had to realize that this gave me a disadvantage in network marketing. So, I had to retool as faar as marketing was concerned. Traditional sales methods weren’t going to work for me. The bulk of fast starters in the company I am associated with had been middle to upper management professionals, building networks for years. Lots of disposable income there! So, I had tgo step out of my “comfort zone”. I think you are right about your points. Thanks for sharing and confirming my own thoughts.


      • Bob

        Hi Lou,

        I think in many ways Professionals do have an edge because 1) they’re used to managing teams of people (something useful in Network Marketing) and b) they usually will have some disposable income with which to invest in their business. This is true of Baby Boomers and younger generations alike.

        Thanks for stopping by, Lou. As always, It’s great to get your perspective!

    • Jane

      Hey Bob,

      That is so great of you two. I am sure that you both are on the right track. As you have hit some important points here I reckon that you guys have more relationships and experience compared to the newbies in this field. Ironically, the newbies could be techies but they still can’t beat baby boomers’ experience!


      • Bob

        Hey Jane,

        Well, experience isn’t everything but it can certainly be leveraged to help give you an advantage over your competitors! Baby Boomers often think they can’t compete with the “young studs” who know all the techie stuff. While they may know more about the technical side, they often lack the life experiences that make Boomers shine. That’s why partnerships between Baby Boomers and younger marketers are often so valuable and work so well.

        Thanks for your comment, Jane. Appreciate you stopping by!

    • Diana Simon

      Hi Bob,

      Lucky Baby Boomers! I agree with your list that most baby boomers do have the money to start up a business. Having the funds means that it is easier to outsource and delegate the work.

      One key point is also the experience and the knowledge. I think that is why many baby boomers are now online as their experience and knowledge can easily be shared with the online community. Info-products are based on knowledge. A huge advantage for baby boomers!

      • Bob

        So true, Diana… Baby Boomers can leverage their expertise and experience to enhance their success online and in business. And I agree about the money. Most Baby Boomers who are still working MUST use their available income to outsource those tasks they don’t have the time or inclination to do themselves.

        Thanks for stopping by, Diana!

    • Oliver Tausend

      Hi Bob,

      thanks for your clear words: It takes money to start a serious business. Not large sums, but with little to no money it’s really hard to sustain the business as it takes time, as you note. The trouble is that many people emptied their wallets with useless products they though they needed (or were sold on)

      Even though I am not baby boomer anymore – my birth year marks the beginning of heavily decreasing birth rates in (West)-Germany – I can relate to what you are saying. Their experience can make them or break them – it all depends on how they interpret their experiences: Do they say:”I know that it takes hard work to succeed and I will work hard until I succeed.” or do they say:”I’m fed with up with hard work and I am exhausted, so I look for the quick buck.”

      Thanks for sharing your insights – they are the blueprint of any entrepreneurial endeavour.

      Take care


      • Bob

        Hi Oliver,

        I agree completely — simply by being an experienced Baby Boomer does not imply that you will have what it takes to become a successful Entrepreneur. You must take these experiences and leverage them effectively to make the most of your advantages. That’s the only way that anyone will succeed in business.

        Thanks for your insights, Oliver. I always enjoy your take on my posts!

    • Jeanine Byers Hoag

      Hi Bob! I’m a Generation Xer with a ten-year-old to raise, but I totally see your point about the advantage of being a Baby Boomer. Just being middle-aged affords me some of those advantages so I know from experience what you’re talking about in this post.

      But I find it encouraging and exciting, even, to think of gaining even greater advantage over time.

      • Bob

        Hey Jeanine!

        Yes, Gen Xers like yourself also share some of the same advantages in terms of money, contacts, and experience as baby boomers. The one exception is probably time. I’m sure that taking care of your son takes up alot of it! :-). It’s so inspiring that you are building a business to leave him a legacy of entrepreneurship.

        Congrats on your successes, and thanks for stopping by once again. It’s always great to see you smiling picture!

    • Janet

      What do I think? It’s fantastic! Bob, I am so jealous that I did not think of writing this article. You are right on the mark with each of your points.

      Here are a few other additions for you, Bob. Baby Boomer Professionals are used to changing the status quo to get what they want. You and Rosemary are a perfect example. Even though you are successful in your Professional Careers, you wanted more out of life and a better retirement.

      Because Baby Boomers have experienced so much change and innovation in their lives, they tend to be intrepid or at least willing to do something different. Bob, I would imagine that the changes you have seen are mind boggling. If you want to succeed, you had to learn and to keep up with the “latest and greatest.”

      Finally, you don’t have to be a genius at math to figure out that at the age of Baby Boomers most will have more contacts than “youngsters.”

      Terrific post, Bob. Thx so much for the smiles. Have to confess that when I read it I gave a fist pump and shouted YES!

      Take care, my friend. Until next time, aloha. Janet

      • Bob

        Hi Janet! Glad this post “floated your boat!” 🙂

        I love it when you said that… “Baby Boomer Professionals are used to changing the status quo to get what they want.”
        That is SO true! It’s also true that we have possibly seen more innovation in our lifetimes than any generation and, because of this we have learned to adapt to new technologies. It’s either adapt or perish!

        Thanks for your insights, Janet. I always look forward to your comments — they invariably make me smile!

        Look forward to seeing you here again!

    • Jon


      What keeps playing in my mind is the outsourcing and delegation. I know that we can sometimes allow ego and frugality (or just lack of resources) to force us into taking on the world. There’s no need to try and do it all. Why bother doing so when it’ll result in mediocre output?

      Let specialists do what they do. Pay them right. Use the precious free time you have to play to your strengths and, with any luck, the parts you enjoy most.


      • Bob

        Hey Jon,

        You’ve touched on what is, in my opinion one of the keys to succeeding if you’re going to build a business part time, as most baby boomer professionals do — OUTSOURCING. As you said, you cannot let ego or price get in the way here. When working your business “on the side” you must leverage other people’s skills and concentrate on one or two things that you do best.

        Great comment Jon… thanks for your insights!

    • sandra

      Hi Bob:

      What a great post!

      As a “BBP” myself, and in the medical field, I totally agree. I started in network marketing over 20 years ago as I found it a great way to build residual income around the ties of shifts and on-calls. Today, taking my business online has given me so much more freedom.

      This is the business model for busy Professionals because it’s something that can be started part-time.


      • Bob

        Hi Sandra!

        Yes, NM is a fantastic business model for boomer professionals (or anyone else) who want an “exit strategy” to get out of their job and start enjoying their life! It’s a fantastic way to build a business that you can transition into as it progresses and grows into a huge money maker.

        Thanks for stopping by!

    • David Rothbart

      Dear Bob and Rosemary,
      Healthy Aging Magazine, a new online resource for baby boomers, made its debut today. Healthy Aging magazine features articles on travel, fitness, along with various tips to promote healthy aging. The magazine is initially being offered in digital format with easy to navigate pages and features. A print publication is slated for later this year.
      The main goal of Healthy Aging Magazine is to make a positive difference in the lives of older adults by providing inspirational tips and articles.
      We invite you to visit Healthy Aging Magazine at and let us know your thoughts, feedback and critique. We welcome your input. Below is a preview of the magazine.

      David Rothbart
      iMedia Public Relations
      3 Mapleton Road, Suite 202
      Princeton, NJ 08540
      609.514.2643 – phone

      • Bob

        Hi David,

        Thanks for stopping by. Your magazine looks very interesting, especially to many of my Baby Boomer readers. Glad to pass it on to them.

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