power of persistenceConsistency of action” has become one of the buzzword phrases in our Profession, and the importance of being consistent cannot be doubted.

But Persistence, kind of like the ugly 3rd cousin of consistency, doesn't get much attention but is probably MORE important for keeping your business going during those inevitable tough times.

Persistence:  The Definition

According to Webster's Online Dictionary, persistence is defined as:

“Continuing to do something or to try to do something even though it is difficult or other people want you to stop…

Continuing beyond the usual, expected, or normal time : not stopping or going away.”

The Power Of Persistence:  Prepare For Battle!

Building a home business, especially Part-Time is tough.  There's no doubt about it.

But if it was easy, everyone would have a successful business!

There are challenges — many of them — that will either take you down or help you rise up and move forward towards your dreams.

One thing that I can tell you for sure without a doubt in your business.

One thing —  at some point, and probably many times, you're going to feel like quitting.

You're going to feel like giving it up and going back to what you're used to, what's comfortable, and just dropping everything and saying, “That's enough”.

“I've had enough.”

If you're feeling that now, it's okay.  Everybody feels it, so you're going through the natural course of events.

If you haven't yet experienced it, you will. I think everybody who I know in this space, maybe with a couple of exceptions has wanted to quit.

We've all been there.

If you're there now, it's okay.

Don't worry.   I'm going to help you through it today.

Persistence is a habit. Just like consistency, it's a habit.

It can be learned, it can be improved upon.

I'm going to be talking a lot today about the ways that you can strengthen your persistence, that habit of persistence because it's vital if you want to keep going.


Examples Of Persistence

Let me give you some examples of persistence.

We pretty much recognize it all the time in our lives, in everyday life.

— That child who repeatedly asks his mom or his dad for his favorite candy over and over again in the grocery store. You've seen that kid. That kid's persistent.

He doesn't give up until he gets his candy or cries himself to sleep.

He's persistent that kid.


— The guy who has a huge crush on a girl and keeps asking her out even when she's rejected him a dozen times.

That guy's persistent. Doesn't want to give up.

What does that look like in the home business industry?


— It's talking to another person after the first 20 people have said NO.

It's having the courage to get in front of another person or pick up that phone when all you've heard all week is rejection.

That's persistence. That's courage.


— It's doing that webinar when no one shows up.


— It's writing another email when it really seems like nobody is reading your emails. Nobody's opening them.

Going out there and writing another email ANYWAY is persistence.


— It's going back to the drawing board after you've put up an ad on Facebook and you're getting $18 leads.

It's about doing it all over again, going back to the drawing board.

That's persistence, too.


— Having the courage to keep going when someone laughs right in your face about your business and maybe calls your business a scam.

That's definitely persistence.


These are all examples of persistence:  Keeping going, pulling yourself up after you've been knocked down again and again and again, and having the courage, fortitude, and resilience to keep going no matter what.

That guys, is persistence.

It's something that we don't even think about sometimes consciously, but unconsciously it's got to become a habit to keep going no matter what or the option is to go back to what you're used to.


5 Strategies For Strengthening Your Persistence


1.  Expect obstacles. Expect the challenges. Expect to get knocked down

Now, I'm not saying to dwell on these, because then you can kind of bring them on yourself just by your thoughts.

But don't be surprised or don't be blindsided when obstacles hit you.

Get yourself prepared to know that these obstacles, these challenges, are going to strike at some point in your business.

They hit everybody and they usually hit early and they hit often.

To be frank, that's what separates the people who stop and quit from the people who keep going because those obstacles that hit early on STOP most people.


2.  Set Your Intention

This is a simple thing, yet it's really profound.

What do I mean by that, setting your intention?

Here are my intentions for overcoming obstacles:

I will not be stopped.

I will treat every obstacle as a gift that will help me become a better entrepreneur.

I will never be denied and nothing can stop me in pursuit of my dreams.

These are my intentions. Yours might be a little bit different, but there are going to focus on this general theme of never giving up, never stopping.

Have the intention. Set it right from the start.

Make it kind of your mantra.

I will not be stopped!!


3.  Think of the Alternative and Remember Your Vision

As I said, everybody thinks about quitting and it's okay, but when this happens,  when you think about giving up, remind yourself WHY you're doing this in the first place.

Think of the alternative of going back to the life that you had or maybe you're even the one you're still experiencing…

Staying in that life and what that means to you.

Think about your vision and what that looks like.

That will kind of spur you on to keep going, keep going, keep going.


4.  Have a Lifeline

Have a lifeline to help during those really tough times when the challenges are getting the best of you.

That could mean having a family member or friend to talk to.

Maybe it might be a mentor or a coach.

If you're in MLM, it might be your sponsor who you can call and talk to about what's going on in your business and how you're feeling about it.

If you're a Digital Mentor member, it can be their awesome community (or any supportive community, for that matter).

I've seen quite a few people post their challenges in the group and have been uplifted by the people in the community.

That's a great place to keep as a lifeline when times are tough.

This is a really powerful strategy for strengthening your power of persistence.


5.  Outsource Your Obstacles

I love this one and nobody really talks about it:

Outsource your obstacles whenever possible.

If your obstacle is technology, outsource it!

I've been known to spend hours on something that I could have gone over to Fiverr.com and gotten somebody to do it for me in ten minutes, but I didn't outsource my obstacles.

I do now.

Especially if it's technology. It's crazy. So many people out there know how to do all this stuff and will do it for next to nothing.

Yet many of us, including myself, will sit there and try to figure it out for ourselves.

It's insane!  There's no real logical explanation for it except maybe because we like a challenge.

Outsource it. Get rid of it. Take it off your plate.

Throw it on somebody else's plate and keep moving.

Writing or copywriting can be a challenge for many of us who are trying to come up with some good ad copy.

There are people out there who will do that for you. That's what they do for a living. They'll do it for you.

Outsource it.

You don't have to be good at everything right now. You can work on your craft, but for now, if it's something that you need to get done that's stopping you and it's getting you down, outsource it.

Another example is hiring a coach.

Hiring a coach can be one of the best decisions you ever make.

It can get you through so many of the obstacles that you're facing because many of these coaches have gone through the exact challenges that you're going through now and they understand what the issues are.

They can help you get through it.


Lack Of Persistence:  Why Do People Quit?

Why do most people give up?

Number one… they're lazy.

People, in general, are lazy.

I don't think that's an unfair thing to say.

There are people out there who are just looking for something easy to happen to make some money and when it's not easy they move on.

They quit.


Number two… their WHY or VISION isn't strong enough so that when tough times come, they can't look at the alternative.

They can't focus on their vision.

It doesn't mean that much to them and they're not prepared to meet the challenges, the inevitable challenges, that are going to come for your business.

These same challenges are coming to take YOUR vision away.

You know that, right?

They're coming to take your future away.

Your job is to not let that happen.

Hopefully, some of the tools I've given you today will help arm you for the battle.

And there WILL be a battle!


Make sure you're in it to WIN IT!


It's Your Time to SHINE!


Dr. Bob Clarke

Email: Bob@BobandRosemary.com

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