So you've started a part-time home business and you couldn't be more stoked.  You have visions of barging into your boss's office without knocking and handing him your resignation letter with a BIG, FAT SMILE!

But pretty soon, reality sets in, and you realize it's not quite as easy as they said it would be.  It's work — and lots of it!  

Time pressures start to mount as you try to balance your job, your family, and your new business.

The stress ratchets up a few notches when it seems like everyone is trying to grab a piece of your time…

Your boss wants you to work weekends.

Your kids get involved in sports or other activities and you want to support them.

And your spouse isn't happy because your free time is being sucked up by your part-time home business.

You figured you could devote at least 2 hours/day to your business. But the reality of your life right now is that you barely have even an hour to spend on your part-time home business…

And sometimes only 15 minutes or less.

Your 15 Minute Part Time Home Business

I've been there…

I know how it feels to be so dang busy that it seems like you only have 15 minutes for your business.

So the 1 Million Dollar question is…

What should you do for your business if you have only 15 minutes?

What tasks or action steps will have the most impact on your business?


Part-Time Home Business:  Do High Impact Tasks First

Sometimes 15 minutes is all you have for your business.

I had a 35-year career in healthcare, and sometimes I would get home from a 12-14 hour day at the hospital and I literally only have 15 minutes to my business.

That's all I got. That's all my body would allow me to do.

Maybe you guys feel the same way?  Maybe sometimes you feel like 15, 30 minutes, that's all you've got.

So how do you do it?

What do you do for your business when all you have is 15 minutes?

Now, what's really tempting to do is check your email or put up a Facebook quote or a Facebook image.

Something to get some attention to yourself.

That's okay.

But is that enough?


The question you need to ask, is “what can I do in 15 minutes that's going to give me the biggest impact on my day?”

What's the 15 minutes task I could do that has the potential for making me money?

Because when it comes down to it,  you want to give all the value, you want to help people, of course, but you've got to make money. You got to make money, in the end of the day, or you're not going to have a business.

What is something you can do in 15 minutes that's going to make you some money or have the potential to make you some money?

The answer to that is going to be individualized. My answer may not be the same as your answer and you need to sit down and think about that, but I'll give you a general guideline.

If you're MLM is your primary focus, then the best way you can spend 15 minutes is to talk to somebody. To go out there and prospect somebody.

Even if just 15 minutes, you can start a conversation to get to know somebody a little bit better, and see if you can get them on a presentation.

Or an even better use of  15 minutes is to follow up with somebody who saw a presentation. That is a money-making activity. That you can do in 15 minutes.


If you're in MLM, I strongly suggest you prospect in those 15 minutes. That could be offline, that could be online, that could any way that you want, but talk to people.

Connect with people for 15 minutes.

If you do that, even for 15 minutes a day, you're way ahead of so many people in MLM,

I'm telling you.

Most people don't want to talk to anybody. They've grabbed onto this online thing thinking that they don't have to call anybody, they don't have to talk to anybody, they don't have to even meet anybody and they're going to build their business and it doesn't happen.

Not surprising.

Bottom line:  If you're an MLM and you only have 15 minutes for your part-time home business, I would prospect for those 15 minutes.

fruit sale

If you're an affiliate marketer, the best 15 minutes you can do for your business is to make an offer.

Make an offer. The offer can be to your list, it could be on Facebook, it could be on Twitter, whatever you want, but make an offer.

The offer can be for free training to get on your list, that's okay, but a better offer is for something for them to buy. Maybe a $7.00 product, something like that, just to get people to open up their wallet, and take out their credit card for you.

Make an offer.

Here's the thing…

Everybody wants to be nice. Everybody wants to be seen as that valuable person who pumps out all this great stuff for people for free and everybody loves them. They want to be the person who's liked, and the person whose respected for giving out all this valuable free information to people and making everybody's lives better.

There's nothing wrong with that, but it doesn't pay the bills. It just doesn't pay the bills, so you need to make offers, and if I only have 15 minutes I'm going to make an offer to somebody.

I'm going to make an offer, usually to my list, but if you don't have a list make an offer on social media.   It doesn't have to be blatantly sales-pitchy. You can stay within your values of being a respected marketer, but you just want to be able to make some money at the end of the day.

If you're a content marketer, make some content.

Here's a great thing now and this is different than it used to be, but you can pull out an iPhone or just about any kind of phone and hit the record button and you can make a video in 5 minutes. You can go edit it in 10 minutes and you can have a video up, ready to go, in 15 minutes.

That's the best way to build your Part-Time home business with content creation when time is really tight.

Highly Recommended Free Resource:  The Stupid Simple Daily Action Guide For Part-Time Entrepreneurs

Will 15 Minutes/Day Be Enough?

In reality, the answer is no long-term but it's better than doing nothing.  It's better than throwing in the towel when you don't get a solid 1-2 hours for your part-time home business and calling it a day.

Using your 15 minutes in the way I've outlined above will keep you in the game and making money until those time crunches in your life loosen up a little.

When you're building a Part-Time Home business, sometimes just surviving another day is what you need to do.


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It's Your Time to SHINE!


Dr. Bob Clarke


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    5 replies to "Part Time Home Business: Only Have 15 Minutes/Day?"

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    • Inge Breider

      Maybe the first question to ask yourself is, will it be possible to extend these 15 minutes of spare time a day to half an hour or maybe even one hour, just be skipping some habits – like watching TV or drinking beer/wine. With one hour a day available you’ll be able to deliver great content (good writing is the result of some talent but mainly the result of a lot of training and perseverance). If properly focused, you’ll have a great money making website after only one or two years.

      • Bob Clarke

        Good point, Inge… dropping habits that don’t serve you can gain you a bunch of time during your day.

    • Sonny Lanorias

      Hi Dr. Bob,

      Great post and I can truly relate to it. Thanks for sharing. I just love these lines: “if you’re in an mlm then prospect. If you’re an affiliate marketer then make an offer.” Very nice!!! 🙂 And yes FOLLOW UP is the key. Thanks again for sharing this meaningful post. Also retweeted it to my 8+ followers. Cheers!

      ~ Sonny

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