Mobile MarketingI talk a lot about trends… spotting them and being ahead of the spending curve.

First it was the Internet, then it was video marketing.

Here's the next trend I see as something you CAN'T afford to miss…


Mobile Marketing:  Are You Ready?

Soon the whole world will be carrying around smartphones and using them for everything.

Right now, more than half of the US population between the ages of 18 and 45 uses smartphones and that percentage is growing daily in all demographics. As many as 1.2 billion people worldwide stay connected with mobiles.

What does this mean for you?

It means that marketing to mobile phones is critical to your business's success. 


Why Smartphones Are Great for Businesses

Marketing online offers major advantages over offline, but smartphones offer even more.

One of the great things about smartphones is that people are always on them. They carry them everywhere and they're always powered on.

Mobile marketing also has much higher response rates than regular online marketing.

When you market to PCs, you have a single window of time for getting your message across.

With smartphones, you have many more opportunities to reach people at any time of day and any day of the week. 

 Surveys of web surfing habits show that smartphone users are much more focused on what they're doing than PC users, who are generally multitasking.

Smartphone users are looking for more specific information and you've got their full attention if you can provide what they want.


How To Take Advantage Of This New Trend… And Get Paid!

First, make sure that your website/blog is mobile ready.

So many of my fellow marketers have sites that look great on a PC but TERRIBLE on a mobile device.

If this is you, you're at a distinct disadvantage.

Second, there is now a unique opportunity for you to take full advantage of the emerging mobile trend.


Like I always say, when opportunity knocks, be smart enough to open the door! 🙂

    9 replies to "Mobile Marketing: Are You Prepared?"

    • Kevin Davis

      Great post. I’m surprised at how many people neglect mobile. I’ve gone to the competitor multiple times only because I couldn’t find what I was looking for on my smartphone. This year, more people used mobile apps to search the internet than they did desktops. Can’t ignore that.

    • David

      Thank you for sharing, and yes people do take their phones everywhere , i am an web developer and now when i buid a site i take in mind funtionality on phones .

    • Joseph Strait

      Smartphones and tablets have definitely come a long way since their first release. Now, more and more people are using such platforms because of mobility and convenience.

      I, for one, am thinking of taking my site in these media. Thanks for all your insights, I learned a lot from here.

    • Yazmin

      It is very true that now-a-days the use of mobile days is just increasing day by day. Very nice post…found useful information about mobile marketing.

    • Sagar Nandwani

      Consumer view their mobile device as more personal than their email or web browser, so be relevant and respectful. Use location, age, demographic and other information to segment subscribers and to send them relevant and timely content.

    • Fredy

      Hey Bob,
      This is very true and actually we are all using mobile phone from the interior to the exterior of our cities and villages. Now, with the use of smartphones this makes it easy to market on mobile phones. This is because such a gadget has got internet which means if it is sending an email it will be instantly delivered just like a short message. This is one of the best ways to alert people on offers, promotions, meeting invitations and such. Quite effective!

    • Jake

      While mobile marketing could be considered “not so important” right now, it will be impossible to ignore in a couple of years.

      Smartphones and tablets are just in any house, more than a desktop pc. So the opportunities to market a product through mobile are constantly increasing.

    • Tyronne Ratcliff

      Great post Bob. It’s amazing how many people consume content online using their mobile devices (me included). Having mobile optimized lead capture pages/blogs is absolutely crucial to our success as online marketers. Have a good one!

    • Sagar

      Nice and very informative post

      Online marketing has been a trend from quiet some time. The ways and methods of online business marketing are also changing from time to time . As said in the above post, earlier it was internet then it changed to video marketing. Now the latest trend which has just started is mobile marketing.

      Now a days every body have smartphones. As per the count nearly 1.2 billion people stay connected with mobile phones and the count is still growing. So you can imagine the advantages smartphones can produce , it would be definitely more that regular online marketing. According to surveys the response rate given by smartphones users is greater than PC users. The one thing we have to do is setup our website for mobile devices .

      Great post and thank you for sharing.

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