influenceI hear this all the time…

“I'm not like you, no one listens to me.”

To that, I say….  HOGWASH!

Anyone can increase their influence with people if they're willing to do one thing —


Okay, I know your next question…

“How do I build trust in people when everyone is so skeptical online?”

Great question.

And the answer is simple.


Building trust is like collecting loose coins and putting them in your Vacation Jar.

You add to that jar little by little, penny by penny until one day you have enough to take that vacation you've been dying to go on.

It's the same with trust.

Everything you do for others builds trust… slowly.

  • Every question you answer builds trust.
  • Every training you do builds trust.
  • Every time you help someone in any way, you build trust.

And you do so while asking NOTHING in return.

Soon, people will begin to see you as TRULY someone who has their back and wants to help.

And they begin to trust.

The process continues…

Every time you give them something else, it's like you're making a deposit into your coin jar.


The sound of a deposit.

Can you hear it?

Listen for it the next time you give some value to others with no strings attached.

You'll hear it loud and clear.


It's the sound of trust, one penny at a time.

Why do others listen to me when I send out an email?

Why do they comment on my blog posts and my Facebook updates?

Why do they buy from me when I tell them it's a good deal?

Because they trust me.

I earned it, one deposit at a time.


Looking for a QUICK way to gain influence and trust of others?

Sorry, you're out of luck.

Doesn't work that way.

The bad news is you have to earn it.

The good news?

It pays off a hundred times over.

Think about it.


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    8 replies to "To Get More Influence, Make A Deposit"

    • Calra

      I agree, collecting trust is like collecting coins. It can be hard and one at a time only, but it can still sum up to a grand, right? 🙂 Thanks!

    • Stacey

      Same question on my mind as well. It’s quite challenging to build trust nowadays. Thanks to you, I can still give it a try! 🙂

    • Veronica

      Trust is such an elude word, but once earned, we can profit from it big time! I love this post! Thanks for sharing it with us! 🙂

    • Jeffrey Kistner

      Hello Bob and Rosemary, This is a fantastic post! The word of the day: INTEGRITY

      I appreciate all you do! Go! Go! Go!

    • Tracey Hausel

      Ah influence. Get people to trust you and it’s amazing how your business will practically build itself.

    • LaToya

      Totally agree, the more “deposits” you make into people, the more you build your circle of influence. I can remember when I first started with a network marketing company a few years back and being really disappointed with the lack of participation after inviting many people to meetings. If only I made deposits into those folks first. Jeez 🙂 Thanks Bob!


    • BG Jenkins

      Hi Bob… I agree that trust is so important, and trust takes time and a willingness to build a relationship…. That “clink, clink” sounds good too!

    • Tom

      Good use of words Bob. Another good post and sends a message marketers need to hear.


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