How Anybody Who Works Full-Time 
(With Only 1-to-2 Available Hours Per Day)
Can STILL Grow a Thriving Home Business!

By Hacking Your Time, Eliminating Procrastination and Overwhelm, and Focusing on ONLY the Most Effective Profit-Producing Activities That Actually Work! 

This is the same no-nonsense business plan a busy doctor used to create a retirement-ready income working only 1-2 hours/day on his business…using a unique method he now calls The Part Time Profit Machine!  

But first a quick question...

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

You come home from a long day (or night) of work, after thinking all day about how you’re going to come home and build your business… but when you sit at your computer pumped and ready to get busy -- you have no clue what to do next. 
You keep bouncing from business opportunity to business opportunity, and marketing strategy to marketing strategy to marketing strategy...always positive that this is gonna be the one! (And with any of them!)   
 You’ve spent far too many long, late nights… nearly in tears from frustration... because nothing is going right? (To top it off, you walk into work the next day completely exhausted because you’ve stayed up far later than you should have!)
 You’re sick and tired of hearing the leaders and gurus lecture you about how you’re just not taking enough ACTION...and that you need to BE MORE SERIOUS about your business (yet they only seem to give you bits and pieces of what you should be doing!)
 Your spouse, kids, and friends are giving you grief because 
you’re always glued to your computer, or on the phone from the moment you get home from…
Worse, as you scroll through social media, it SEEMS like everyone online is already living the lifestyle of full-time incomes and enjoying the time-freedom that you crave so much!  

Are you a busy full-time employee, with a dream of building a successful home business online to create a better life for you and your family?

Have you been pulling your hair out in frustration, because you just can’t seem to find enough time in your insanely busy schedule to build the business you dream of? 

Are you simply too busy working diligently to put food on the table for your family? 

If so, keep reading because there's a good chance this could very well be the day everything begins to change for you!

If any of the above rings true (or maybe even all of it)… here’s what you need to know! 

You're Not Alone...

Not only was I in that same spot just 4 short years ago, but most of the people I come across every single day are in the same boat as well. 
Let’s face it…
With all the talk of “being your own boss”, “working from home”, “enjoying more time freedom” it can be frustrating as hell -- and quite frankly heartbreaking -- when you’re busy busting your butt to support your family…
...All the while your dream of a way out is stuck in your mind! And nobody else seems to understand (especially your family and co-workers!)  
And to rub salt in the wound, even though you want to...you just can’t seem to move forward in your business... Because you’re severely crunched on time, and have no idea what to do next! 

It's Not YOUR Fault!

Here’s the thing…

If you’ve been trying to grow a network marketing organization, then what you’ve likely been told by your upline has to this point been hogwash. And most of them don’t even understand why. 

In fact, you should actually feel sorry for them, because most of them have been stuck in the same exact spot as you!  

And there’s a
 good (though infuriating) reason for it! 

Here’s a Dirty Little Secret of the Network Marketing Industry…

Network marketing companies may just seem stuck in the stone ages of marketing, having just not caught up yet...

But the truth is there’s a method to their madness. 

You see, when you market your business the way THEY want you to, you’re putting in tons of your time, effort, and money to simply build THEIR brand for THEM! 

And with all of that “word of mouth” marketing, and “sharing” you’re told to do, they get to become the authority through exposure! 

And all YOU have to show for it is wasted precious time and money! And if you’re like me, you simply don’t have much time to waste! 

You’re Just Building Their Business for Them for FREE! (for them anyway!) 

However, when you do things correctly, YOU become the authority. 

So much so that if that company shut their doors, or you decided to walk away, you could pick up right where you left off with no problem. 

What If You’re an Affiliate Marketer?


Because the gurus out there trying to sell you their marketing strategies to grow your business and get more commissions know that if they give you everything right up front... they can’t sell you as much stuff, as often. 

So they only give you pieces of a strategy, and then hammer you with offers, upsells, downsells, side-sells to fill those missing pieces! 

And when you’re trying to fit all those pieces together - especially if you have very little time to work on your business like we do - it can leave you ready to throw in the towel every time you sit down at your computer. 

But Here's The Good News

You CAN absolutely create a successful home business working part-time, and even out-pace and out-earn people who have much more time to build a business than you! 

(In fact you can bet your next paycheck that there’s someone out there crushing it right now, with even less time than you have!) 

But it’s going to take 3 simple (but CRUCIAL) things to accomplish this…

You must change your beliefs and mindset about what is possible for you. (Most people will ignore this...and they stay stuck FOREVER!)
You must learn to hack your time, and find the hidden nooks-and-crannies of your day where you no longer look at 15 minutes as not enough.
And finally...you MUST know the strategies that are proven to work best for someone with little time. Business building strategies that will give you the biggest leverage each time you work on your business! 

How do I know? Because I’ve proven it with my own business, and in just a minute...

I Want to Give You the No B.S. Truth of How to Realistically Build a Solid and Profitable Home Business from Home...
Even When You’ve Only Got 2 Hours (or Less) Each Day to Do It!

(And without spending ALL your free time stuck at your computer away from your family!) 

Hi my name is Bob Clarke! 

My friends call me Dr. Bob. That’s because my “day job” has been as a fertility doctor for the past 25 years. Pretty successfully in fact! 

Am I telling you this to brag? 

Not in the least bit (although I am quite proud of my career.) 

It’s because just like you with YOUR day job, I’ve also had to build my home business within very limited pockets of time each day! .

Which meant that I had to create a solid plan that would allow me to do so during the 1 to 2 hours per day that I did have to work on it. 

In fact, as you will too, I found pockets of time I didn’t even realize I had (and chances are you’re wasting these pockets just like I was!) 

And although I was able to create a solid business and income, and finally retire early, it certainly wasn’t always easy. 

In fact at times, it was downright brutal and heartbreaking!

The Truth Is, I Struggled for Over 5 Years Before I Discovered a Better Way!...

Here’s the story...

Even though I love my career as a doctor, about 4 years ago, I did see the writing on the wall... and realized that it was time to create an exit strategy that would allow me to comfortably retire earlier. 

While I was still young enough to enjoy it! 

Unlike what I was seeing happen around me with colleagues who kept the same busy schedule into their late 60’s (and even 70’s!)... That wasn’t the life I was looking forward to at all! 

You probably see the same thing going where you work! 

And truthfully...

I thought it would be a lot easier.

Sound familiar? 

Heck I got through graduate school, I should be able to tackle a home business. How hard could it be right? 

Boy was I wrong! 

All the false information, not having the right mindset, and not understanding how to utilize the time I did have, kept me struggling and frustrated for 5 years. 

It certainly wasn’t from a lack of trying! 

I watched every free weekly webinar (many not free), poured tens of thousands into every new product, spent thousands on coaching, and tried every strategy there is! 

And I’m glad I did, and you’ll be glad I did too! 

Because eventually I was able to put all the scattered pieces together into a rock-solid plan that took my business from chaotic and struggling...to me ranking in several companies, and creating an income that I can now comfortably retire on...

And now I want you to be able to use the same blueprint to do the same! 


The Part-Time Profit Machine 

A Step-By-Step Plan For Building Your Home Business In Under 60-Minutes Per Day

This is the most comprehensive, no-nonsense business plan for busy part time marketers

And as you’ll see it’s completely jam-packed with 6 Full Blown Video Modules revealing ONLY the battle-tested and proven strategies that actually work to build a solid and thriving home business in just a couple hours per day! 

Rewire Your Belief System

Hack your time and productivity

Know precisely what to do each time you sat down to build your business

Think that will make a difference in the potential for you and your family’s future from this day forward? 

Absolutely it will, but don’t just take my word for it…

Here’s a Peek Into Just Some of What You’ll Discover once you delve inside the ‘Part-Time Profit Cash Machine!’...

MODULE #1 Rewiring an Unstoppable Mindset for Long-Term Profits 
($197 value)

The 2 Most Powerful Phrases you can adopt when building your business while you’re squeezed for time...and almost guarantee you succeed!
My Secret A-I-R Method to finally eliminate the horrible negative self-talk that keeps you stuck (find out how to catch these negative thoughts, and what to say to immediately erase them so they have zero effect!)
The MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION you could ask yourself to ensure you're always doing EXACTLY what you need to be doing to grow your business…especially if you only have a couple hours per day! (Hint: you're already doing this at your job!)
The WORST phrase for a part-time marketer to ever utter (say this enough times...and you might as well start loving your J.O.B!)
How to get your business into PROFIT faster! (I'll show you how ONE fear will drag you away from profit so fast your head will spin...and my simple philosophy to instantly crush it!) 

Turning on the Profit Machine in Just 60-Minutes Per Day! 
($197 value)

My A-LIST of high-profit activities that you can do when you’ve got only 15 minute pockets to work in (start stealing back these little blocks of time and profit!) 
How to destroy distractions once and for all (I’ll show you the proven techniques I used as a busy doctor to create laser-target focus every time you sit down to build your business!
​A simple exercise that will show you all the wasted nooks-and-crannies of your day - possibly even HOURS! (This should be required for every part-time business builder!) 
The #1 thing to do when time is not on your side -- and you only have time to do ONE thing for your business (This is the key to boosting your results even when you're ultra busy!) 
The #1 MOST CRUCIAL SKILLSET you can learn as a part-time business owner! (Without this, everything else goes out the window!) 

MODULE #3 Cranking Up the Prospecting Machine! (Endless Prospects in Just 60-Mins/ Day!) 
($197 value)

The most-effective prospecting strategies for part-timers who only have 1-to-2 hours per day or less! (I've done the hard work and testing for you to weed out all the stuff that doesn’t work!)
What You Must NEVER DO Inside Social Media Groups... unless you want to get reported, booted, and looked at as a nuisance spammer (WARNING: Do NOT post in another social media group until you know what these things are!) 
​The #1 Key to engineering a snowball effect of lead generation where you can't even keep up with the never-ending supply of fresh prospects reaching out to YOU day after day (Don’t worry...this is a good thing!) 
How to eliminate the long-winded, drawn out conversations that can waste weeks of back and forth when prospecting... only to be constantly disappointed in the end (I'll show you an example conversation to get right down to business FAST...and never be seen as spammy!) 
How to secretly implant the exact thoughts you want your prospects to have as they go through your posts… to almost force them to anxiously ask YOU about YOUR business! 

MODULE #4 Revving Up the Lead Machine for Full-Time Profits!  
($197 value) 

Why your email list is your most valuable asset in your business no matter how many social media followers you have (And why it's more important now than ever before!)
The only 2 things you need to start building your list today! (I'll break them down in a simple way so you know exactly what to do next!)
The quickest and simplest ways to find out exactly what your prospects want and need so you can create the perfect lead magnet to get them on your list! (BTW, A Lead Magnet = What you give to your prospects to turn them into email leads!)
Winning examples of lead magnets... and capture pages....that consistently rake in endless subscribers (Plus I’ll show you the lead magnets that got it all wrong!)
The ONE fastest way to get leads to your brand new lead magnet (Pay Attention - This can get you your first leads in 24 hours or less)
And SO much more! 

MODULE #5 Building Unbreakable Authority in Just 60-Minutes a Day! ($197 value) 

How to sneak your way directly into your target market's head (and heart) to build nearly-instant rapport... and become the trusted authority with your audience! 
Proven techniques to become a “name” in your niche and become the person that your prospects see virtually everywhere they go online! (NOTHING builds business altering authority faster!)
How to hack the internet and get amazing content ideas sent to your inbox every single day for FREE! (This will eliminate writer's block forever!) 
Why you’re working way too hard trying to come up with original content ideas (Stop doing this now, because it doesn't matter to YOUR prospects in the least bit!) 
My simple method to blast your your content out to the most relevant sites in your niche (And I’ll show you how to automate the whole darn thing!)

MODULE #6 Proven Email Tactics to Turn Leads Into Sales & Sign-Ups!
($197 value)

My favorite way to quickly create a bond with new subscribers so they know, like, and trust you right away! (This will make YOU an authority in their eyes from the first message you send them!) 
The #1 thing that stops most marketers dead in their tracks when it comes to email marketing (I'll show you how to overcome this from day ONE, so you never get stumped or stuck!)
How to hack the internet and get amazing content ideas sent to your inbox every single day for FREE! (This will eliminate writer's block forever!) 
Simple headline formulas that work almost every single time (I'll show you examples that you can ethically steal for your next emails!) 
How to make money with your email list! (I'll give you 5 proven ways to monetize your email list and grow your bank account!)

I’ve covered absolutely EVERYTHING a busy part-time business owner needs to create a rock-solid home business, and grow a thriving home business with only 1 or 2 available hours per day! 

Which means the odds are no longer against you because of a lack of time! 

Everything inside was designed specifically to eliminate all the guesswork. Everything has been tested by me and my students! 

But Wait...Check Out The $3125 in Bonuses I’m Going to Throw In 100% FREE, As Soon As You Lock In Your Investment TODAY... 

BONUS 1:  The Best of The 30-Minute Marketing Hacks $750 VALUE

Every Thursday evening for the past 2 years, I've done a highly targeted, top value live training to help Part-Time Entrepreneurs get results faster.  The recordings of this training have been kept under wraps... until now!  I've hand chosen a dozen of the best of these recordings and bundled them together as a prime bonus for the Part Time Profit Machine.

BONUS 2:  The Beta Coaching Program Recordings ($297 Value)

Dr. Clarke took 11 Founding Members of the Profit Machine and coached them for 5 consecutive weeks in areas of Entrepreneurial Mindset, Time Mastery, Prospecting Part Time, Content Creation On-The-Go, and Finding Exposure Agents to Amplify Your Audience Fast.  

You get the full recordings on these coaching sessions as a bonus to this course.  Over 5 hours of amazing value.

BONUS 3: The Highly-Potent Part-Time Automation Method... with Automation expert Mark Harbert  ($297 VALUE)

Why you MUST be automating parts of your business, especially if you don't have much time. 

Exactly which processes to automate his your business, even if you are just starting out. 

I’m bringing in one of the best in the industry at Business Automation. Mark Harbert literally wrote the book on this, and 
I twisted his arm to show you what he knows about automating key areas of your business to generate leads and sales on autopilot! 

BONUS #4: How to Get Others to Build Your Part Time Profit Machine (Outsourcing Secrets of $6-Figure Earners...Even if YOU Aren't a $6-figure earner!)  $297 VALUE

This is 30 minutes of pure value that will show you everything you need to get others helping you build your business for YOU! 

Here's what you'll find out...

Why you CAN (and SHOULD) start outsourcing NOW… so you can grow your Part-Time Profit Machine FASTER! (I’ll show you how to get started small, even if you don't have a lot of money to spend now!)
The tasks you can hire someone else to do, so you can work on ONLY the activities that make you the most money! (And even avoid the ones you don’t like!) 
The top 5 tested sites to find reliable outsourcers and make sure you're always getting the best workers! (You'll be shocked at how budget friendly this can be!)
Sources to hire people to do your non-business tasks -- so you can actually work on your business in those tiny 1-to-2 hours a day that you're already pressed for! 
And much more! 

BONUS #5: Proven Strategies for Generating Massive Leads When You're Short on Time Using Paid Ads! [$249 VALUE]

Got more money than time? This is definitely where your full-time gig will give you a huge advantage, and shortcut your success! 

Here's what you'll discover...

Why paid advertising (when done right) will help you skyrocket your success when building your ‘Part-Time Profit Machine!’
4 ways to use paid advertising in your business to get the biggest and fastest results possible!
The paid strategy that helped me place surprisingly high in affiliate contests when I was brand new and just starting (How well I did shocked the heck out of even me !)
​And much more! 

BONUS 6: What it Really Takes to Quit Your Job and Build Your Business Full Time! (An Interview with Angela Brooks) [$197 VALUE]

The one thing I’ve done with this page is keep it real with you. Quitting your job to go full-time with a home business is a serious thing. And while it’s an amazing feeling, it’s important to have all your ducks in a row. 

That’s why I’ve interviewed Angela Brooks to show you what it actually takes (without all the hype) so you know exactly what you must do to be ready and go out there and absolutely crush it!

BONUS 7: Prospecting, Follow-Up, Team Building When Your Life Is Super Hectic (An In Depth Interview With Soraya Goddard [$197 VALUE]

Col. Soraya Goddard builds her business while balancing a busy military career.  I sat down with Soraya for an indepth interview where she revealed her best tips and strategies for building an MLM business when time is tight and how she specifically uses Instagram to meet prospects and bring in new team members and customers.

BONUS #8: The #1 Simple (FREE) Tool to Keep Your Profit Machine Running Smoothly! (Full Demo & Tutorial) $97 VALUE

This is a full video Demo & Tutorial on how to use my favorite (not-so-secret) tool to make sure you're always on track while running your business. 

Perfect (and essential) for Part-timers with busy schedules! Most people will skip this, but the most committed will put it in action immediately! 

BONUS #9 Immediate Access to the ‘Part-Time Profit Machine’ Private Facebook Group! [$97 VALUE]

Let’s face it. There’s nothing worse than investing in a course and feeling abandoned and hung-out to dry as soon as you need answers to important questions. 

Inside this special Facebook group you’ll have a place to go, and have access to me, your fellow students, and even successful past students to 
ask questions, get motivation when you’re stuck, and celebrate with other people who understand how important even the smallest wins are! 

You’ll never feel left alone while building your Part-Time Profit Machine ever again! 

BONUS 10: 100% Lifetime Access: On-Demand Access to All Audio and Video Recordings! [$97 VALUE]

I get it. You’re busy with a full-time job and you can’t be in front of your computer all day long (unless you’re working on it to pay the bills.) 

Been there as well. That’s why I’m including full life-time access to the video trainings to watch whenever you want! 

PLUS I’m also giving them to you in audio format. This way you can 
listen to this training and soak it all in while driving, cleaning the house, working out, sitting in a waiting room, you name it! Put your downtime to use to grow your business! 

BONUS #11: Access To My Private Headline Swipe File   $97 VALUE

Private access to my Top 35 email subject headlines with among the best open rates in the industry.

In this KILLER BONUS, you will receive my very best email headlines that had an over 50% open rate (this is crazy unheard of in our industry!).

Use these headlines "as is" or adapt them for your purpose.

BONUS:  A video explaining WHY these headlines worked so well is included with the headline swipe file. 

BONUS #12: My Done-For-You AI Prompt Bonus For Busy Entrepreneurs   $97 VALUE

My "12 Done-For-You AI Prompts" is designed to help you use Artificial Intelligence to build the foundation of your business so YOU can spend more time actually growing your business.

I've included AI Prompts in crucial areas of your business including identifying your target audience and ideal customer, determining the Most Impactful Activities for your business, time management optimization, marketing and outreach strategies, and customer engagement and retention.

BONUS #13:   Fix Your Email Followup with Nick Haubner

In "Fix Your Email Followup," we'll dive into essential strategies to transform your email follow-up game.

Many of us struggle with either non-existent or lackluster follow-up, missing out on potential leads and sales. This training will provide you with the clarity and inspiration to create a robust email follow-up strategy without overwhelming complexity.

That’s $2769 in Bonuses Alone! 

Every bonus was added strategically with the sole purpose to give YOU the best chance possible to build your own Part-Time Profit Machine and grow your business to a full-time income...even if you’re desperately squeezed for time! 

With the 6-Modules of the Part-Time Profit Machine and the Bonuses you almost can’t fail as long as you follow along, and do the activities consistently! 


Here’s How to Get Inside the Part-Time Profit Machine and Start Growing Your Home Business in
Just a Couple of Hours Per Day! 

With everything included you’re probably expecting to pay in excess of $1997.  In fact, the Part Time Profit Machine will regularly sell  for $497.

And I feel absolutely comfortable charging that because of ALL the hard work and knowledge that I’ve poured into this to make it as comprehensive, fluff-free, to give you only the proven strategies so you can quickly begin to…

Rewire your belief system...
Hack your time and productivity (and get more done in 2 hours than most people get done all day!)
​And know precisely what to do each time you sat down to build your business!

BUT the truth is I have a soft spot in my heart for part-timers because I know exactly what you’re going through!

I want YOU to be able to experience the feeling of being able to create a full-time income you can count on (even if you’re not planning on retiring like I was able to do!)...

So for a limited time I’m going to let you inside the Part-Time Profit Machine for Just $297 as an Introductory Price! 

That means you get all the above, as well as the bonuses (a $5159 VALUE) for less than one night at the Holiday Inn!  

But HURRY because this price cannot last forever! 

So hit the button below and get EVERYTHING I know about building a Full-Time Business on a Part-Time Basis (with zero confusion and overwhelm!) 

Real World Value: $4694
Regular Price $497

Today YOU Pay... $297

This Exact System Is WHY I Was Able to Retire Years Ahead of Schedule and Live Life on My Own Terms in Beautiful Sunny Florida Where I’ll Be Closer to My Kids and Grandchildren! 

And remember, as soon as you invest TODAY
you’ll get immediate access to…

6 Jam-Packed Step-by-Step Video Modules showing exactly how to grow your business faster -- working only 1-to-2 hours per day!
My Personal Mindset Secrets to rewire your entire belief system for what you can accomplish, even working only part-time on your business!
Proven Time-Hacks to skyrocket your business in just 60-Minutes a day! 
​Only the Tried and True Prospecting Strategies that actually WORK for part-timers (even when you’re severely pressed for time!) 
Email Marketing Secrets to grow your list and create a cult-like following from your leads!
PLUS $2769 in Highly-Relevant, Strategically Added Bonuses to speed up your results with your Part-Time Profit Machine! (including the 4-week coaching workshop recordings)
And Immediate Access to the Private & Exclusive ‘Part-Time Profit Machine’ Facebook Group - where you can get your questions answered, and always have a supportive team cheering you on throughout your journey! 

Isn’t it time you stop struggling, floundering, and feeling confused and overwhelmed, and instead know exactly what to do each and every time you sit down to build on your business! 

And isn’t time you create a side-income that your family can rely on for more freedom, so you can finally do the things you WANT to do in life, instead of the things you HAVE to to do? 

You should have all of that.  

So NOW Is the Time to Take Advantage of This Offer and Start Growing Your Business Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible! 

Get Inside TODAY! 

To Your Success,
Dr. Bob Clarke

P.S. I truly believe that this is your best chance of creating a reliable full-time side income if you’re severely pressed for time! I’ve packed the Part-Time Profit Machine to the gills with ways to rewire your mind, and tips that only part-time business builders can understand for using the most effective strategies to get results-- within the tiniest nooks-and-crannies of your day! 

P.P.S. You could struggle for years of trial and error, plus go through all the wasted time (and money) that I went through to find a part time strategy that actually works to create profits...OR you can take what I’ve laid out step-by-step in this blueprint, and shortcut your way to a full-time income (and possibly even retire like I was able to do!) 

P.P.P.S. What if you’ve got MORE than just a couple hours a day? Wow! Using only the strategies I’ve filtered out to be the most effective way to find new prospects, generate a never-ending lead flow, and create profits...YOUR business will go through the roof in no time! 
YES! Full-timers can use this strategy as well! 

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