Time for another edition of Truthful Thursdays.

I haven't done one for a while, but I felt the need to put this out there for you to see.  

Because while people SAY they understand this, most truly don't.

Ready?  Sitting down?

Here ya go…

If you're building a home business, you're NOT gonna get rich quick.

I can see you sitting at your computer or holding your phone and shaking your head, like… DUH!

I've heard this before.  Yada, yada, yada.

But I am SHOCKED at how many people still harbor SECRET desires that, if they just change programs or primary businesses, the money will come flying in.

More on that in a minute. 

Here's the thing…

It called BUILDING a business. 

Building implies that something takes TIME. 

houseWhen a contractor is building a house, it doesn‘t magically appear overnight. 

First he lays the foundation, then he frames the structure.

Then comes the roof, the walls, the floors….

Step by step, piece by piece, nail by nail 

drop of sweat by drop of sweat.

And in the end… the magic happens and the new home appears as gorgeous as it was in the contractor's vision and plan.

A home business is NO different. 

Each day you PERSIST is another day closer to your dream.

That's assuming you're doing the right things

[if you're not sure what they are, ask me]

But what about THIS GUY, you ask… 

He appeared out of nowhere in my company and hit the leader boards.

What's HIS deal?

If someone comes out of the blue and has what looks like instant success, I can promise you one thing…

He/She has FAILED many times before somewhere else.

You just don't see it.

Rob Fore, Ray Higdon, David Wood… superstars in the home business industry, right?ray

But they all FAILED miserably SEVERAL TIMES as they were learning.

Heck, Ray Higdon failed in like 8 other MLM companies before he made it big in Numis.


Because he PERSISTED and REFUSED to quit.

Think these guys don't suffer while they're learning?

Rob Fore tells the story of being homeless at age 29, sleepinon a urine soaked mattress.

Same with David Wood, living out of his VAN.

These guys ALL paid the price.

Don't you feel a little silly...

When you get upset because you haven't made money yet in your business, and it's only 6 months in. 

Don't you feel a little silly...

When you get frustrated because no one joins your team in the first 3 months and you wanna quit.

Don't you feel a little silly…

When youfirst ad on Facebook gets no leads and you‘re thinking the training you paid for is garbage. 

Don‘t you feel a little silly?

 I did, because I felt the same exact way. 

But as I learned more, as I laid more of my foundation and started to build my reputation, 

I got CLOSER to the “Gods” who were making it big.

And you know what?

They're just people, like you and me…

With VERY compelling stories of PERSISTENCE and never giving up.

You wanna be that person?

You gotta pay the price… in blood, sweat and tears.

Want some GOOD NEWS now?

Here it is.

You don't have to suffer like these folks did.

Back then, there was no mechanism for making money WHILE you learn your craft and improve your skills.

There was no plug in system that trained you, helped you lay you business foundation, and…

PAID you as you learn.

There is now…

You can still do it the hard way and suffer like David, Rob and Ray did.

It will still get you there.

But today, there's a way to alleviate your suffering WHILE you become the professional you need to be to make the BIG money.

[By the way, this is the same system that Rob, David, and Ray have since joined and made a ton of money, just sayin']. 

I've arranged for you to take a look at this system  for only $2.  

And you can see what I saw and what thousands of other home business owners saw when they looked at it…

An incubator of greatness…

And a way to make money and stay in the game.

Grab your $2 trial, and take a look.

What do you have to lose?

If you decide it's not for you, they'll even give you your $2 back.  

But if you see what I saw a year ago, you won't want your money back 🙂

Okay, off my soapbox and ready to get to work, taking one more step towards my greatness.

What about you?  

    5 replies to "Don’t You Feel Just A Little Bit Silly? [Truthful Thursdays!]"

    • Simona

      I love your perspective on things. I am certain that my knowledge of building a business is a gathering of mainstream and shallow ideas that I have overheard or read in time. Your article is an eye- and mind-opener. Thank you!

    • Dan

      You are right! Building something take some time. It doesn’t magically appear overnight. Therefore, people should have some more realistic expectations when it comes to their businesses. Great article, definitely worth checking out! Cheers!

    • Fatima

      Indeed there are times when one feels like that and in a desperate attempt to achieve success many have fallen for various scams. I truly believe that hard work and persistence can get you anything that you desire. Thanks for the motivational share.

    • Aayna

      Hi Bob,
      A wonderful share!! It is indeed true that nobody can build a castle in a day, he has to pour in some amount of efforts on a regular basis to enjoy the glory of the castle; the same implies for the business. I really liked this post. Thanks for the share.

    • James

      awesome bob. thanks for this eye opening pointed post.

      really get tired of all the get rich quick guys out there, but the reason it works is because people have that driving desire that says “I can do it this time!”

      Sadly, most of the programs that get called down as scams aren’t really, they just overhype what they say.

      I have actually seen some of the Get rich quick stuff out there and the info was good, they just overhyped how quick it would work or how easy it was.

      But, if you actually did all the work, they did pay off.

      My story was rags to less rags, to a little bit of decent success, back to rags, and now moving up again into success. still haven’t found the riches for my rags to riches story…

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