online authority imageI sent out a message to my list last night about borrowing online authority, and it got such a good response that I wanted to let you in on the lesson, too.

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So what's all this about borrowing online authority, and why is it important?

One of my students asked me a great question the other day.  We were talking about the need to establish your authority online so that others will come to you, rather than you having to hunt them down (which never works).

He asked me this….

“How am I supposed to have authority when I'm
just starting out?”


What a great question.

And it seemingly has no answer.  After all, when someone is just learning something new, they have no authority, right?

Well, yes and no.

While it's true that you need to establish yourself as a leader and a presence in order to have authority and the magnetism you need to
draw prospects to you…..  there is something you can do while you're learning.

You can BORROW online authority!

How can you do that?

There are a couple of ways.

How To Borrow Online Authority When You Don't Have It Yet

There are a couple of ways to borrow the authority of others while you're working on your own…

You can borrow authority by aligning with people who already have it

This can be your sponsor, your mentor or anyone who has “street cred” in the online community.

For example, my mentor and sponsor in MLSP, Diane Hochman has a lot more credibility and authority than me.

I'm no slouch when it comes to authority.  People are drawn to me for my knowledge and results in MLM, but compared to Diane I don't come close.

She has MASSIVE AUTHORITY in the online marketing world, and to be associated with her is like borrowing her authority.

Diane even did a very short video for Rosemary and I, telling  people how we are working on the same team and how great we are to team up with.

You can find that video on this page (it's the second video down the page).

In fact, I do that for all my new team members as well.

It just helps newer folks borrow some authority and be seen as people “with connections.”

You can also BORROW  ONLINE AUTHORITY when you become aligned with a SYSTEM

That may seem weird at first, but think about it.

If you use a marketing system that has built-in training, websites, and affiliate products so that newcomers can come in and make money from Day 1, what a great way to borrow authority.

This is one way I do it.

My online marketing system has a number of training videos that teach others how to generate leads and sales for any business.

I offer these trainings to my prospects and… voila!

I have authority… just by association.

See what I mean?

I don't have to know it all when it comes to marketing… I can leverage my system who can do the training for me.

What a relief!

What a weight off my shoulders knowing that I don't have to teach others all the different ways to market online.

I let my system do it for me.  I borrow their authority.

See how it's done?

So if you're new or if you've struggled getting results in your business, take heart!  

There are ways you can borrow the authority you'll need to attract others to your business until you're ready to do it yourself.

Your Turn

Have you ever borrowed someone else's online authority?

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    22 replies to "How To Borrow Online Authority When You Don’t Have Any of Your Own"

    • Sandra92

      This is the solution for those who are getting bothered on how to start their plan, by means of this method, they are able enough to stand on their own…

      • Bob

        It’s hard for people who are just starting and feel they have nothing to offer. But if you can just borrow the authority of an upline or a mentor until you get your own, this gives you a solid starting point.

    • Ravi Ahuja

      Great post. I have never thought of borrowing Online Authority and your tips can help me a lot. Thank you for this great tip.

      • Bob

        You’re most welcome, Ravi.

    • Lacey12

      Borrowing I think is good if you are still moving for having your own, but do most it won’t provide a good image on your stuff… Just my thought…

      • Bob

        The best is to provide your own authority, Lacey but this is a problem for people just starting out. For them, “borrowing” someone else’s authority (with their permission, of course) can really help them get moving.

    • Timo Kiander


      I think that one way to borrow authority is to interview top experts in your niche.

      In fact, you can learn quite a bit related to a certain topic this way (and getting authority to your blog too).


      • Bob

        Certainly, Timo! We’ve both benefited greatly from that strategy. Thanks for bringing it up.

        Interviewing your mentors or big names in the Industry immediately associates you with them in the eyes of your prospects.

        Great point, Timo.

    • Marshall Davis

      There is definitely no reason to reinvent the wheel if someone else is willing to help you figure out how to do it right. Of course the issue is aligning yourself with the proper person – one that will lead you down the right path and not one that will steer you off course.

      There are so many self-proclaimed ‘gurus’ online that it isn’t funny. Learn how to separate the good from the bad so that you don’t waste too much time exploring the wrong options.

      • Bob

        Absolutely, 100% correct, Marshall. Spending time with the “wrong” mentor can waste more time than having none at all. Good point.

    • Adrienne

      Hi Bob,

      I use to get these questions a lot as well so you are right, just borrow your upline’s story or even better, have them shoot a video recognizing you. What a great idea.

      As you very well know, I just recently partnered with Terry Petrovick who is a top income earner in network marketing and he has been my savior. Working with him, even thought it’s only been a very short time, has been my saving grace. Showing me how duplitcatable this really can be it all seems so easy now when in the beginning I never had been introduced to that.

      I think having a marketing system is so crucial to not only teaching you how to market online but a great way to help the prospects who aren’t interested in what you have.

      Anyone who is just getting started should definitely take your advice and go to their upline, their mentor or coach and use their story. They will soon be creating one of their own.

      Love your message today Bob and it’s one everyone asks at one time of another.


      • Bob

        You walk the walk, Adrienne! Great insights.

        It’s great that you and Terry have joined forces. You are both amazing marketers, very different yet the same in your drive to help others. Congrats!

    • Elizabeth

      Is this really possible? Good thing there’s a kind of this a huge opportunity for those who are planning to built their own but not enough in some factors… Thanks for knowing this one…

      • Bob

        It’s done all the time, Elizabeth… and not just for people starting out. As I progressed in my business, I continued to leverage the story of someone who was just above me. That’s the way to keep moving up until you can stand on your own.

        Let me know how I can help!

    • Maja

      I am very new in online marketing. I have spent two years in doing research in the field of marketing. In June 2012 I will launch my niche blog. Great article and I will consults where I will need.

      • Bob

        Wow, 2 years! You must be very prepared. Glad to hear that you are now moving to action, Maja. Best of luck with your niche site — let us know the URL so we can visit!

    • Michelle

      Is this Borrow online authority a profitable ways to become a great one? It’s seems to be scam because stealing someone integrity seems like that… I don’t think it’s the best way to begin on building your own…

      • Bob

        Hey Michelle… I think you misunderstood my meaning here.

        First, you never go about borrowing someone’s authority or story without asking. That’s just the right thing to do. Usually, this kind of arrangement is with a sponsor or mentor, that sort of thing. Next, you use this person’s authority in a truthful way, as in “OUR team is offering this or doing that.” You are now part of this person’s team and by doing so, you have gained authority through this person. You see the difference?

        You should never use this technique in a way that is not trustworthy. Always arrange with the other person first!

    • Nicky

      It’s funny that you are writing about this Bob because this is something I get asked about a LOT. I was never associated with anyone who could be considered a guru level acquaintance until the beginning of last year and actually although this has worked very well for you working with Diane Hochman, who is an awesome marketer, sometimes working with a “super” mind s not what is required when you are looking for help and guidance. Just because someone has achieved success and you are drawn to them, it does not necessarily mean that you will be able to do what they have done if their method of marketing is too technical for example.

      I have since found a “super” marketer who is much more in-tune with making what she does “duplicatable” which is absolutely key when building a network marketing business, however your second point about borrowing authority from a system is a favourite of mine and we both know that MLSP is by far the best system to use for help with marketing your MLM online.

      Great post Bob,

      Your other point about

      • Bob

        Hey Nicky… we each have to find out own “gurus” to follow and work with. And they change as your business progresses. Glad you found yours and things are working well for you!

    • Sonny Lanorias

      Hey Bob,

      Great post! Thanks for sharing. Your article is so true. When I started marketing online, I used to borrow a system called mlsp and it has greatly helped me especially in blogging. Mlsp is a great way for beginners to start especially if you have no authority yet and its a great way to leverage! Thanks again Bob for posting this. Have a nice day!


      • Bob

        Great point, Sonny. Not only can you borrow someone else’s authority, but you can leverage the authority of a system as well. MLSP lends itself very well for this.

        Thanks for your insights.

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